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Lim Soon Wong
Wong, L.
Wong, L.-S.
Limsoon, W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A consensus linkage map of oil palm and a major QTL for stem heightLee, M; Xia, J.H; Zou, Z; Ye, J; Rahmadsyah, R AndD Department, Wilmar International Plantation, Palembang, Indonesia; Alfiko, Y; Jin, J ; Lieando, J.V; Purnamasari, M.I; Lim, C.H; Suwanto, A; Wong, L ; Chua, N.-H ; Yue, G.H 
22012A database of annotated promoters of genes associated with common respiratory and related diseasesChowdhary, R.; Tan, S.L.; Pavesi, G.; Jin, G.; Dong, D. ; Mathur, S.K.; Burkart, A.; Narang, V.; Glurich, I.; Raby, B.A.; Weiss, S.T.; Wong, L. ; Liu, J.S.; Bajic, V.B.
32013A dichotomy in the intensional expressive power of nested relational calculi augmented with aggregate functions and a powerset operatorWong, L. 
42012A network-based maximum link approach towards MS identifies potentially important roles for undetected ARRB1/2 and ACTB in liver cancer progressionGoh, W.W.B.; Lee, Y.H.; Ramdzan, Z.M.; Chung, M.C.M.; Wong, L. ; Sergot, M.J.
52008A new concise representation of frequent itemsets using generators and a positive borderLiu, G. ; Li, J.; Wong, L. 
62009A preliminary study on the effects of fear factors in disease propagationWang, Y.; Hu, J.; Xiao, G.; Wong, L. ; Ma, S.; Cheng, T.H.
72009A probabilistic graph-theoretic approach to integrate multiple predictions for the protein-protein subnetwork prediction challengeChua, H.N.; Hugo, W. ; Liu, G. ; Li, X.; Wong, L. ; Ng, S.-K.
8Aug-2013Accurate prediction of hot spot residues through physicochemical characteristics of amino acid sequencesChen, P.; Li, J.; Wong, L. ; Kuwahara, H.; Huang, J.Z.; Gao, X.
92007Adventures of a logician-engineer: A journey through logic, engineering, medicine, biology, and statisticsWong, L. 
102012An approach to identifying drug resistance associated mutations in bacterial strains.Wozniak M.; Tiuryn J.; Wong L. 
112007An efficient strategy for extensive integration of diverse biological data for protein function predictionChua, H.N.; Sung, W.-K. ; Wong, L. 
122011An empirical comparison of several recent epistatic interaction detection methodsWang, Y. ; Liu, G. ; Feng, M.; Wong, L. 
132011Antibody-specified B-cell epitope prediction in line with the principle of context-awarenessZhao, L.; Wong, L. ; Li, J. 
142008Assessing and predicting protein interactions using both local and global network topological metrics.Liu, G. ; Li, J. ; Wong, L. 
1525-Oct-2018Author Correction: Transcriptome and functional analysis reveals hybrid vigor for oil biosynthesis in oil palm (vol 7, 439, 2017)Jin, Jingjing ; Sun, Yanwei; Qu, Jing; Syah, Rahmad; Lim, Chin-Huat; Alfiko, Yuzer; Rahman, Nur Estya Bte; Suwanto, Antonius; Yue, Genhua; Wong, Limsoon ; Chua, Nam-Hai; Ye, Jian
168-May-2020Avoid Oversimplifications in Machine Learning: Going beyond the Class-Prediction AccuracyHo, Sung Yang; Wong, Limsoon ; Bin Goh, Wilson Wen 
172012B-cell epitope prediction through a graph modelZhao L.; Wong L. ; Lu L.; Hoi S.C.H.; Li J. 
182017Bidirectional modulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity by Dopaminergic D4-receptors in the CA1 area of hippocampusTeh, D.B.L ; Prasad, A ; Jiang, W ; Ariffin, M.Z ; Khanna, S ; Belorkar, A; Wong, L ; Liu, X ; All, A.H 
192010CAMBer: An approach to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strainsWozniak, M.; Wong, L. ; Tiuryn, J.
202011Cambervis: Visualization software to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strainsWoźniak, M. ; Wong, L. ; Tiuryn, J.