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Goh Wen Bin,Wilson
Goh, W.W.B.
Goh, W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Analysing extremely small sized ratio datasetsRicchiuto, P.; Sng, J.C.G. ; Goh, W.W.B. 
25-Mar-2013Comparative network-based recovery analysis and proteomic profiling of neurological changes in valproic acid-treated miceGoh, W.W.B. ; Sergot, M.J.; Sng, J.C.; Wong, L. 
32014Computational proteomics: Designing a comprehensive analytical strategyGoh, W.W.B. ; Wong, L.
42013Contemporary Network proteomics and its requirementsGoh W.W.B. ; Wong L. ; Sng J.C.G. 
52012Effect of serum amyloid A1 treatment on global gene expression in THP-1-derived macrophagesLeow, K.-Y.; Goh, W.W.B. ; Heng, C.-K.
62011Network-based pipeline for analyzing MS data: An application toward liver cancerGoh, W.W.B. ; Lee, Y.H.; Zubaidah, R.M.; Jin, J.; Dong, D. ; Lin, Q. ; Chung, M.C.M.; Wong, L. 
7Dec-2013Networks in proteomics analysis of cancerGoh, W.W.B. ; Wong, L. 
82017Protein complex-based analysis is resistant to the obfuscating consequences of batch effects --- a case study in clinical proteomicsGOH WEN BIN,WILSON ; Wong L. 
922-Oct-2013Random forests on Hadoop for genome-wide association studies of multivariate neuroimaging phenotypesWang, Y. ; Goh, W. ; Wong, L. ; Montana, G.
102013Variant screening of the serum amyloid A1 gene and functional study of the p.Gly90Asp variant for its role in atherosclerosisLeow, K.-Y.; Goh, W.W.B. ; Tan, S.-Z.; Lim, J.; Ng, K.; Oh, V.M.S.; Low, A.F.H.; Heng, C.-K.