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Judy Sng Chia Ghee
Sng, J.C.G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015All-optical mapping of barrel cortex circuits based on simultaneous voltage-sensitive dye imaging and channelrhodopsin-mediated photostimulationLo, S.Q ; Koh, D.X.P; Sng, J.C.G ; Augustine, G.J 
22015Analysing extremely small sized ratio datasetsRicchiuto, P.; Sng, J.C.G. ; Goh, W.W.B. 
32017Changes in hepatic TRβ protein expression, lipogenic gene expression, and long-chain acylcarnitine levels during chronic hyperthyroidism and triiodothyronine withdrawal in a mouse modelOhba K. ; Sinha R.A. ; Singh B.K. ; Iannucci L.F.; Zhou J. ; Kovalik J.-P. ; Liao X.-H.; Refetoff S.; Sng J.C.G. ; Leow M.K.-S. ; Yen P.M. 
42013Contemporary Network proteomics and its requirementsGoh W.W.B. ; Wong L. ; Sng J.C.G. 
52017Defining a critical period for inhibitory circuits within the somatosensory cortexLo, S.Q ; Sng, J.C.G ; Augustine, G.J 
62016Desensitization and incomplete recovery of hepatic target genes after chronic thyroid hormone treatment and withdrawal in male adult miceOhba K. ; Leow M.K.-S. ; Singh B.K. ; Sinha R.A. ; Lesmana R.; Liao X.-H.; Ghosh S. ; Refetoff S.; Sng J.C.G. ; Yen P.M.
72017Molecular mechanisms of experience-dependent maturation in cortical GABAergic inhibitionBegum, M.R ; Sng, J.C.G 
82015Remodeling of retrotransposon elements during epigenetic induction of adult visual cortical plasticity by HDAC inhibitorsLennartsson, A; Arner, E; Fagiolini, M; Saxena, A; Andersson, R; Takahashi, H; Noro, Y; Sng, J ; Sandelin, A; Hensch, T.K; Carninci, P