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12013An evaluation of association between a novel hippocampal biology related SNP (rs7294919) and schizophreniaLiu J.; Numata S.; Ikeda M.; Watanabe Y.; Zheng X.-B.; Luo X.; Kinoshita M.; Nunokawa A.; Someya T.; Ohmori T.; Bei J.-X.; Chong S.-A.; Lee J. ; Li Z.; Liu J.; Iwata N.; Shi Y.; Li M.; Su B.
22014Analysis of non-synonymous-coding variants of parkinson's disease-related pathogenic and susceptibility genes in East Asian populationsFoo J.N.; Tan L.C. ; Liany H.; Koh T.H.; Irwan I.D.; Ng Y.Y.; Ahmad-Annuar A.; Au W.-L. ; Aung T. ; Chan A.Y.Y.; Chong S.-A.; Chung S.J.; Jung Y.; Khor C.C. ; Kim J.; Lee J. ; Lim S.-Y.; Mok V.; Prakash K.-M. ; Song K.; Tai E.-S. ; Vithana E.N. ; Wong T.-Y. ; Tan E.-K. ; Liu J. 
3Feb-2014Body mass index, obesity, and psychopathology in patients with schizophreniaSubramaniam, M.; Lam, M.; Guo, M.E.; He, V.Y.F.; Lee, J. ; Verma, S.; Chong, S.A.
4Dec-2017Can Peripheral Blood-Derived Gene Expressions Characterize Individuals at Ultra-high Risk for Psychosis?Goh, Wilson Wen Bin; Sng, Judy Chia-Ghee ; Yee, Jie Yin; See, Yuen Mei; Lee, Tih-Shih ; Wong, Limsoon; Lee, Jimmy 
51-Dec-2022DNA methylation levels of RELN promoter region in ultra-high risk, first episode and chronic schizophrenia cohorts of schizophreniaKho, SH; Yee, JY; Puang, SJ; Han, L; Chiang, C; Rapisarda, A ; Goh, WWB ; Lee, J ; Sng, JCG 
62017GAD1 gene expression in blood of patients with first-episode psychosisYee J.Y.; Nurjono M. ; Teo S.R. ; Lee T.-S. ; Lee J. 
7Mar-2011Gender differences in Singaporean Chinese patients with schizophreniaLee, J. ; Jiang, J.; Sim, K.; Tay, J.; Subramaniam, M.; Chong, S.-A.
82017Genome-wide association study of Parkinson's disease in East AsiansFoo J.N.; Tan L.C. ; Irwan I.D.; Au W.-L. ; Low H.Q.; Prakash K.-M. ; Ahmad-Annuar A.; Bei J.; Chan A.Y.; Chen C.M.; Chen Y.-C.; Chung S.J.; Deng H.; Lim S.-Y.; Mok V.; Pang H.; Pei Z.; Peng R.; Shang H.-F.; Song K.; Tan A.H.; Wu Y.-R.; Aung T. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Chew F.T. ; Chew S.-H.; Chong S.-A. ; Ebstein R.P. ; Lee J. ; Saw S.-M. ; Seow A. ; Subramaniam M. ; Tai E.-S. ; Vithana E.N. ; Wong T.-Y. ; Heng K.K.; Meah W.-Y. ; Khor C.C. ; Liu H.; Zhang F.; Liu J. ; Tan E.-K. 
91-Aug-2022Haptoglobin in ultra-high risk of psychosis – Findings from the longitudinal youth at risk study (LYRIKS)Yee, JY; Chow, SQ; Lim, K; Goh, W; Sng, J ; Lee, TS; Lee, J 
103-Nov-2020Heat Stress and Thermal Perceptions Amongst Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Developed and Developing CountriesLee, Jimmy ; Venugopal, Vidhya; Latha, PK; Alhadad, Sharifah ; Leow, Clarence ; Goh, NYD ; Tan, E; Kjellstrom, Tord; Morabito, M; Lee, Jason Kai Wei 
112013Investigation of Cigarette Smoking among Male Schizophrenia PatientsJiang J.; See Y.M.; Subramaniam M. ; Lee J. 
122016Large 3-Mb deletions at 22q11.2 locus in Parkinson's disease and schizophreniaFoo J.N.; Lee J. ; Tan L.C. ; Liu J. ; Tan E.-K. 
132016Linking a genome-wide association study signal to a LRRK2 coding variant in Parkinson's diseaseFoo J.N.; Chung S.J.; Tan L.C.; Liany H.; Ryu H.-S.; Hong M.; Koh T.H.; Irwan I.D.; Au W.-L.; Prakash K.-M.; Aung T. ; Cheng C.-Y. ; Chong S.-A. ; Khor C.C. ; Lee J. ; Tai E.-S. ; Vithana E.N. ; Wong T.-Y. ; Song K.; Liu J. ; Tan E.-K. 
14Aug-2014Mean platelet volume in schizophrenia unaltered after 1 year of clozapine exposureLee, J. ; Powell, V.; Remington, G.
15May-2010Molecular biomarkers in schizophrenia - implications for clinical practiceLee, J. ; Chong, S.-A.
16Jul-2013Structural changes in dengue virus when exposed to a temperature of 37°CFibriansah, G. ; Ng, T.-S. ; Kostyuchenko, V.A. ; Lee, J. ; Lee, S.; Wang, J.; Lok, S.-M. 
17Jul-2014The Continuous Performance Test, Identical Pairs: norms, reliability and performance in healthy controls and patients with schizophrenia in SingaporeRapisarda, A. ; Kraus, M.; Tan, Y.W.; Lam, M.; Eng, G.K.; Lee, J. ; Subramaniam, M.; Collinson, S.L. ; Chong, S.A.; Keefe, R.S.E. 
1819-Jan-2023The Singapore National Precision Medicine StrategyWong E; Bertin N; Hebrard M; Tirado-Magallanes R ; Bellis C; Lim WK ; Chua CY ; Tong PML; Chua R ; Mak K; Lim TM ; Cheong WY; Thien KE; Goh KT; Chai JF ; Lee J ; Sung JJ; Wong TY ; Chin CWL ; Gluckman PD ; Goh LL; Ban KHK ; Tan TW ; Sim X ; Cheng CY ; Davila S ; Karnani N ; Leong KP; Liu J ; Prabhakar S; Maurer-Stroh S ; Verma CS ; Krishnaswamy P; Goh RSM ; Chia I; Ho C; Low D; Virabhak S ; Yong J ; Zheng W ; Seow SW ; Seck YK; Koh M; Chambers JC; Tai ES ; Tan P. ; SG10K_Health Consortium