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12010A new pandemic influenza A(H1N1) genetic variant predominated in the winter 2010 influenza season in Australia, New Zealand and SingaporeBarr, I.G; Cui, L; Komadina, N; Lee, R.T; Lin, R.T ; Deng, Y; Caldwell, N; Shaw, R; Maurer-Stroh, S 
22013A new piece in the puzzle of the novel avian-origin influenza A (H7N9) virusLee, R.T.C; Gunalan, V; Van, T.D; Le, L.T; Eisenhaber, F ; Maurer-Stroh, S 
32020A Novel FRET Approach Quantifies the Interaction Strength of Peroxisomal Targeting Signals and Their Receptor in Living CellsHochreiter, B.; Chong, C.-S.; Hartig, A.; Maurer-Stroh, S. ; Berger, J.; Schmid, J.A.; Kunze, M.
42009Accurate prediction of DnaK-peptide binding via homology modelling and experimental dataVan Durme J.; Maurer-Stroh S. ; Gallardo R.; Wilkinson H.; Rousseau F.; Schymkowitz J.
52010All that glitters is not gold - Founder effects complicate associations of flu mutations to disease severityLee, R.T; Santos, C.L; Maria De Paiva, T; Cui, L; Sirota, F.L; Eisenhaber, F ; Maurer-Stroh, S 
610-Feb-2021An epidemiological surveillance of hand foot and mouth disease in paediatric patients and in community: A singapore retrospective cohort study, 2013–2018Min, Nyo ; Ong, Yasmin Hui Binn; Han, Alvin X.; Ho, Si Xian ; Yen, Emmerie Wong Phaik; Ban, Kenneth Hon Kim ; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian ; Chong, Chia Yin ; Chu, Justin Jang Hann 
72013Antigenic Drift of the Pandemic 2009 A(H1N1) Influenza Virus in a Ferret ModelGuarnaccia T.; Carolan L.A.; Maurer-Stroh S. ; Lee R.T.C.; Job E.; Reading P.C.; Petrie S.; McCaw J.M.; McVernon J.; Hurt A.C.; Kelso A.; Mosse J.; Barr I.G.; Laurie K.L.
82017Benchmarking selected computational gene network growing tools in context of virus-host interactionsTaye, B; Vaz, C; Tanavde, V; Kuznetsov, V.A; Eisenhaber, F ; Sugrue, R.J; Maurer-Stroh, S 
917-Feb-2021Bioinformatics-aided identification, characterization and applications of mushroom linalool synthasesZhang, Congqiang; Chen, Xixian; Lee, Raphael Tze Chuen; Rehka, T.; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian ; Rühl, Martin
102017Cross-reactive dengue human monoclonal antibody prevents severe pathologies and death from Zika virus infectionsKam, Y.-W; Lee, C.Y.-P; Teo, T.-H; Howland, S.W; Amrun, S.N; Lum, F.-M; See, P; Kng, N.Q.-R; Huber, R.G; Xu, M.-H; Tan, H.-L; Choo, A ; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Ginhoux, F ; Fink, K; Wang, C.-I; Ng, L.F ; R‚nia, L 
1121-Jan-2022Decreased memory B cell frequencies in COVID-19 delta variant vaccine breakthrough infectionTay, Matthew Zirui; Rouers, Angeline; Fong, Siew-Wai ; Goh, Yun Shan; Chan, Yi-Hao; Chang, Zi Wei; Xu, Weili; Tan, Chee Wah ; Chia, Wan Ni ; Torres-Ruesta, Anthony; Amrun, Siti Naqiah; Huang, Yuling; Hor, Pei Xiang; Loh, Chiew Yee ; Yeo, Nicholas Kim-Wah; Wang, Bei ; Ngoh, Eve Zi Xian; Salleh, Siti Nazihah Mohd; Chavatte, Jean-Marc; Lim, Alicia Jieling; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian ; Wang, Lin-Fa ; Lin, Raymond Valentine Tzer Pin ; Wang, Cheng-I; Tan, Seow-Yen; Young, Barnaby Edward; Leo, Yee-Sin ; Lye, David C ; Renia, Laurent ; Ng, Lisa FP
122018Discovering novel SNPs that are correlated with patient outcome in a Singaporean cancer patient cohort treated with gemcitabine-based chemotherapyLimviphuvadh, V; Tan, C.S; Konishi, F; Jenjaroenpun, P; Xiang, J.S; Kremenska, Y; Mu, Y.S; Syn, N; Lee, S.C; Soo, R.A ; Eisenhaber, F ; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Yong, W.P 
132020Discovery and genomic characterization of a 382-nucleotide deletion in ORF7B and orf8 during the early evolution of SARS-CoV-2Su, Y.C.F.; Anderson, D.E.; Young, B.E.; Linster, M.; Zhu, F.; Jayakumar, J.; Zhuang, Y.; Kalimuddin, S.; Low, J.G.H.; Tan, C.W.; Chia, W.N.; Mak, T.M.; Octavia, S.; Chavatte, J.-M.; Lee, R.T.C.; Pada, S.; Tan, S.Y.; Sun, L.; Yan, G.Z.; Maurer-Stroh, S. ; Mendenhall, I.H.; Leo, Y.-S. ; Lye, D.C. ; Wang, L.-F.; Smith, G.J.D.
142016Discovery of Influenza A Virus Sequence Pairs and Their Combinations for Simultaneous Heterosubtypic Targeting that Hedge against Antiviral ResistanceWee K.B.; Lee R.T.C.; Lin J.; Pramono Z.A.D.; Maurer-Stroh S. 
152020Early transmission patterns of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in travellers from Wuhan to Thailand, January 2020Okada, P.; Buathong, R.; Phuygun, S.; Thanadachakul, T.; Parnmen, S.; Wongboot, W.; Waicharoen, S.; Wacharapluesadee, S.; Uttayamakul, S.; Vachiraphan, A.; Chittaganpitch, M.; Mekha, N.; Janejai, N.; Iamsirithaworn, S.; Lee, R.T.C.; Maurer-Stroh, S. 
162014Estimating the Fitness Advantage Conferred by Permissive Neuraminidase Mutations in Recent Oseltamivir-Resistant A(H1N1)pdm09 Influenza VirusesButler J.; Hooper K.A.; Petrie S.; Lee R.; Maurer-Stroh S. ; Reh L.; Guarnaccia T.; Baas C.; Xue L.; Vitesnik S.; Leang S.-K.; McVernon J.; Kelso A.; Barr I.G.; McCaw J.M.; Bloom J.D.; Hurt A.C.
1727-Jul-2021Factors influencing SARS-CoV-2 transmission and outbreak control measures in densely populated settingsPung, Rachael; Lin, Bernard; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian ; Sirota, Fernanda L.; Mak, Tze Minn; Octavia, Sophie; Pang, Junxiong ; Tan, Iain Beehuat ; Tan, Clive ; Ong, Biauw Chi ; Cook, Alex R. ; Tan, Doreen; Chua, Qin Xuan; Chong, Samuel Zeng Rong; Koh, Han Fang; Yap, Elena; Sia, Priscilla; Tan, Ze Ren; Lee, Fong Sin; Goh, Jun Kang Enan; Suor, Peou Socheata Monica; Ang, Julian Xiao Li; Lee, Vernon J. 
182006Farnesylation or geranylgeranylation? Efficient assays for testing protein prenylation in vitro and in vivoBenetka, W; Koranda, M; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Pittner, F; Eisenhaber, F
192020Flavivirus cross-reactivity to dengue nonstructural protein 1 antigen detection assaysTan, L.K.; Wong, W.Y.; Yang, H.T.; Huber, R.G.; Bond, P.J. ; Ng, L.C.; Maurer-Stroh, S. ; Hapuarachchi, H.C.
202-Aug-2021Functional Classification of Super-Large Families of Enzymes Based on Substrate Binding Pocket Residues for Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering ApplicationsSirota, Fernanda L.; Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian ; Li, Zhi ; Eisenhaber, Frank; Eisenhaber, Birgit