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Zhi Li
Li, Zhi
Li, Z.


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130-Sep-2019[6]Cyclo-para-phenylmethine: An Analog of Benzene Showing Global Aromaticity and Open-shell Diradical CharacterZ. Li ; T. Y. Gopalakrishna ; Y. Han ; Y. Gu ; L. Yuan ; W. Zeng ; D. Casanova; J. Wu 
21-Sep-2018Amide Synthesis via Aminolysis of Ester or Acid with an Intracellular LipaseZeng, Shichao; Liu, Ji ; Anankanbil, Sampson; Chen, Ming ; Guo, Zheng; Adams, Joseph P; Snajdrova, Radka; Li, Zhi 
32009Asymmetric dihydroxylation of aryl olefins by sequential enantioselective epoxidation and regioselective hydrolysis with tandem biocatalystsXu, Y. ; Jia, X.; Panke, S.; Li, Z. 
4Sep-2011Asymmetric trans-dihydroxylation of cyclic olefins by enzymatic or chemo-enzymatic sequential epoxidation and hydrolysis in one-potXu, Y. ; Li, A. ; Jia, X.; Li, Z. 
5Nov-2010Biodegradable shape-memory block co-polymers for fast self-expandable stentsXue, L.; Dai, S. ; Li, Z. 
65-Mar-2013Biological detoxification of furfural and 5-hydroxyl methyl furfural in hydrolysate of oil palm empty fruit bunch by Enterobacter sp. FDS8Zhang, D.; Ong, Y.L.; Li, Z. ; Wu, J.C.
7Feb-2009Bioreduction with efficient recycling of NADPH by coupled permeabilized microorganismsZhang, W. ; O'Connor, K.; Wang, D.I.C.; Li, Z. 
83-May-2013Cascade biotransformations via enantioselective reduction, oxidation, and hydrolysis: Preparation of (R)-δ-lactones from 2-alkylidenecyclopentanonesLiu, J.; Li, Z. 
921-Mar-2011Concurrent oxidations with tandem biocatalysts in one pot: Green, selective and clean oxidations of methylene groups to ketonesZhang, W. ; Tang, W.L.; Wang, D.I.C.; Li, Z. 
107-Aug-2012Conjugated polymer based nanoparticles as dual-modal probes for targeted in vivo fluorescence and magnetic resonance imagingLi, K.; Ding, D. ; Huo, D.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Thao, N.N.P.; Hu, Y.; Li, Z. ; Liu, B. 
11Jun-2013Conversion of acid hydrolysate of oil palm empty fruit bunch to L-lactic acid by newly isolated Bacillus coagulans JI12Ye, L.; Hudari, M.S.B.; Zhou, X.; Zhang, D.; Li, Z. ; Wu, J.C.
122009Efficient epoxidation of alkenes with hydrogen peroxide, lactone, and lipaseXu, Y. ; Khaw, N.R.B.J.; Li, Z. 
13Mar-2006Efficient NADPH recycling in enantioselective bioreduction of a ketone with permeabilized cells of a microorganism containing a ketoreductase and a glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenaseZhang, J.; Witholt, B.; Li, Z. 
14Nov-2012Efficient production of biodiesel from waste grease: One-pot esterification and transesterification with tandem lipasesYan, J.; Li, A. ; Xu, Y. ; Ngo, T.P.N.; Phua, S.; Li, Z. 
15Oct-2013Efficient transformation of grease to biodiesel using highly active and easily recyclable magnetic nanobiocatalyst aggregatesNgo, T.P.N.; Li, A. ; Tiew, K.W.; Li, Z. 
165-Jun-2009Enantioselective benzylic hydroxylation of indan and tetralin with Pseudomonas monteilii TA-5Lie, F. ; Chen, Y. ; Wang, Z. ; Li, Z. 
17Sep-2009Enantioselective benzylic hydroxylation with pseudomonas monteilii TA-5: A simple method for the syntheses of (R)-benzylic alcohols containing reactive functional groupsChen, Y. ; Lie, F. ; Li, Z. 
1811-Nov-2013Enantioselective biooxidation of racemic trans-cyclic vicinal diols: One-pot synthesis of both enantiopure (S,S)-cyclic vicinal diols and (R)-α-hydroxy ketonesZhang, J.; Xu, T.; Li, Z. 
192008Enantioselective bioreduction of ketone with cofactor recycling by the use of coupled permeabilized microorganismsLi, Z. ; Zhang, W. ; O'conner, K.; Wang, D.I.C.
202015Enantioselective Cascade Biocatalysis via Epoxide Hydrolysis and Alcohol Oxidation: One-Pot Synthesis of (R)-?-Hydroxy Ketones from Meso- or Racemic EpoxidesZhang, Jiandong ; Wu, Shuke ; Wu, Jinchuan; Li, Zhi