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Jishan Wu
Wu, J.S.
Wu J.
Wu, Jishan
Wu, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Nov-20211,6-Anthrazoline-linked π-Conjugated Macrocycles and Two-dimensional Polymer via Friedländer SynthesisJ. Zhu; S. Wu ; X. Hou; J. Wu 
221-Jan-20136,13-Dicyano pentacene-2,3:9,10-bis(dicarboximide) for solution-processed air-stable n-channel field effect transistors and complementary circuitChang, J.; Qu, H.; Ooi, Z.-E.; Zhang, J.; Chen, Z.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
320-Sep-20137,14-Diaryl-substituted zethrene diimides as stable far-red dyes with tunable photophysical propertiesSun, Z.; Wu, J. 
425-Aug-2022“[8]Cyclo-para-phenylmethine as A Super-Cyclooctatetraene: Dynamic Behavior, Global Aromaticity, and Open-Shell Diradical Character in The Neutral and Dicationic StatesZ. Li ; X. Hou ; Y. Han ; W. Fan ; Y. Ni ; Q. Zhou; J. Zhu; S. Wu ; K.-W. Huang ; J. Wu 
520159,9′-Anthryl-anthroxyl radicals: Strategic stabilization of highly reactive phenoxyl radicalsAotake T.; Suzuki M.; Aratani N.; Yuasa J.; Kuzuhara D.; Hayashi H.; Nakano H.; Kawai T.; Wu, Jishan ; Yamada H.
62019A BODIPY-bridged bisphenoxyl diradicaloid: Solvent-dependent diradical character and physical propertiesMiao, F.; Phan, H. ; Wu, J. 
711-Jan-2010A cruciform 6, 6′-dipentacenyl: Synthesis, solid-state packing and applications in thin-film transistorsZhang, X. ; Jiang, X.; Luo, J. ; Chi, C. ; Chen, H.; Wu, J. 
829-Aug-2022A Graphyne Spoked WheelB. Zhang; S. Wu ; X. Hou ; G. Li ; Y. Ni ; Q. Zhang; J. Zhu; P. Wang; Z. Sun; J. Wu 
9May-2014A kinetically blocked 1,14:11,12-dibenzopentacene: A persistent triplet diradical of a non-Kekulé polycyclic benzenoid hydrocarbonLi, Y.; Huang, K.-W.; Sun, Z.; Webster, R.D.; Zeng, Z.; Zeng, W.; Chi, C.; Furukawa, K.; Wu, J. 
102019A molecular movie of ultrafast singlet fissionSchnedermann, C.; Alvertis, A.M.; Wende, T.; Lukman, S.; Feng, J.; Schröder, F.A.Y.N.; Turban, D.H.P.; Wu, J. ; Hine, N.D.M.; Greenham, N.C.; Chin, A.W.; Rao, A.; Kukura, P.; Musser, A.J.
112-Dec-2013A p-quinodimethane-bridged porphyrin dimerZeng, W.; Ishida, M.; Lee, S.; Sung, Y.M.; Zeng, Z.; Ni, Y.; Chi, C. ; Kim, D.; Wu, J. 
1221-May-2013A phthalimide-fused naphthalene diimide with high electron affinity for a high performance n-channel field effect transistorChang, J.; Shao, J.; Zhang, J.; Wu, J. ; Chi, C. 
135-Nov-2009A soluble and stable quinoidal bisanthene with nir absorption and amphoteric redox behaviorZhang, K. ; Huang, K.-W. ; Li, J.; Luo, J. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
147-Jun-2014A work-function tunable polyelectrolyte complex (PEI:PSS) as a cathode interfacial layer for inverted organic solar cellsLin, Z.; Chang, J.; Zhang, J.; Jiang, C.; Wu, J. ; Zhu, C. 
159-Dec-2021All are Aromatic: A 3D Globally Aromatic Cage Containing Five Types of 2D Aromatic MacrocyclesREN LONGBIN ; Yi Han ; X. Hou; Yong Ni ; JISHAN WU 
1618-Nov-2011Anthracene-fused BODIPYs as near-infrared dyes with high photostabilityZeng, L.; Jiao, C.; Huang, X.; Huang, K.-W.; Chin, W.-S. ; Wu, J. 
177-Dec-2022Aromaticity in 3D Fully π-Conjugated Open-Cage MoleculesS. Wu ; Y. Ni ; Y. Han ; S. Xin; X. Hou ; J. Zhu; Z. Li ; J. Wu 
182019Atomically precise bottom-up synthesis of -extended [5]trianguleneSu, J. ; Telychko, M. ; Hu, P. ; Macam, G.; Mutombo, P.; Zhang, H.; Bao, Y. ; Cheng, F. ; Huang, Z.-Q.; Qiu, Z. ; Tan, S.J.R.; Lin, H.; Jelínek, P.; Chuang, F.-C.; Wu, J. ; Lu, J. 
1913-Feb-2013Benzene-fused BODIPYs: Synthesis and the impact of fusion modeNi, Y.; Zeng, W.; Huang, K.-W.; Wu, J. 
20Dec-2013Benzenoid polycyclic hydrocarbons with an open-shell biradical ground stateSun, Z.; Zeng, Z.; Wu, J.