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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
122-Nov-20211,6-Anthrazoline-linked π-Conjugated Macrocycles and Two-dimensional Polymer via Friedländer SynthesisJ. Zhu; S. Wu ; X. Hou; J. Wu 
225-Aug-2022“[8]Cyclo-para-phenylmethine as A Super-Cyclooctatetraene: Dynamic Behavior, Global Aromaticity, and Open-Shell Diradical Character in The Neutral and Dicationic StatesZ. Li ; X. Hou ; Y. Han ; W. Fan ; Y. Ni ; Q. Zhou; J. Zhu; S. Wu ; K.-W. Huang ; J. Wu 
326-Jun-2021A Chichibabin’s Hydrocarbon Based Molecular Cage: The Impact of Structural Rigidity on Dynamics, Stability, and Electronic PropertiesNI YONG ; Z. Li ; S. Wu ; Y. Han ; J. Wu 
429-Aug-2022A Graphyne Spoked WheelB. Zhang; S. Wu ; X. Hou ; G. Li ; Y. Ni ; Q. Zhang; J. Zhu; P. Wang; Z. Sun; J. Wu 
57-Dec-2022Aromaticity in 3D Fully π-Conjugated Open-Cage MoleculesS. Wu ; Y. Ni ; Y. Han ; S. Xin; X. Hou ; J. Zhu; Z. Li ; J. Wu 
621-Sep-2021Benzo[1,2-c;4,5-c’]bis[1,2,5]thiadiazole-Porphyrin Based Near-Infrared DyesY. Liu ; S. Wu ; T. Y. Gopalakrishna ; J. Wu 
717-May-2022Dibenzylidene-s-indacenetetraone Linked n-Type Semiconducting Covalent Organic Framework via Aldol CondensationX. Hou ; K. Geng ; J. Li ; S. Wu ; J. Wu 
823-Feb-2023Facile Synthesis and Chiral Resolution of Expanded Helicenes with up to 35 cata-Fused Benzene RingsG.-F. Huo; T. M. Fukunaga; X. Hou ; Y. Han ; W. Fan ; S. Wu ; H. Isobe; J. Wu 
929-Aug-2021Facile Synthesis of a Fully Fused, 3D π-Conjugated Archimedean Cage with Magnetically Shielded CavityJ. Zhu; Y. Han ; Y. Ni ; S. Wu ; Q. Zhang; T. Jiao ; Z. Li ; J. Wu 
1010-Feb-2021Fused Quinoidal Dithiophene-Based Helicenes: Synthesis by Intramolecular Radical-Radical Coupling Reactions and Dynamics of Interconversion of EnantiomersG. Li ; T. Matsuno; Y. Han ; S. Wu ; Y. Zou ; Q. Jiang ; H. Isobe; J. Wu 
1121-Feb-2022Hückel- and Baird-type Global Aromaticity in a 3D Fully Conjugated Molecular CageSHAOFEI WU ; Yong Ni ; Yi Han ; X. Hou; C. Wang; W. Hu; JISHAN WU 
124-Apr-2022Peri-acenoacene for Solution Processed Distributed Feedback Laser: The Effect of 1,2-Oxaborine DopingY. Gu ; R. Muñoz-Mármol; W. Fan ; Y. Han; S. Wu ; Z. Li ; V. Bonal; J. M. Villalvilla; J. A. Quintana; P. G. Boj; M. A. Díaz-García; J. Wu 
1325-Jun-2020Perylene-fused, Aggregation-free Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Solution-processed Distributed Feedback LasersY. Zou ; V. Bonal; S. M. Quintero; P. G. Boj; J. M. Villalvilla; J. A. Quintana; G. Li ; S. Wu ; Q. Jiang ; Y. Ni ; J. Casado; M. A. Díaz-García; J. Wu 
142-Aug-2021Scholl Reaction of Perylene-Based Polyphenylene Precursors under Different Conditions: Formation of Hexagon or Octagon?Y. Zou ; Y. Han ; S. Wu ; X. Hou; C. H. E. Chow ; J. Wu
155-Sep-2022Solution-Phase Synthesis and Isolation of An Aza-Triangulene and Its Cation in Crystalline FormH. Wei ; X. Hou ; T. Xu ; Y. Zou ; G. Li ; S. Wu ; Y. Geng; J. Wu 
1623-Mar-2022Stable Triarylmethyl Radicals and Cobalt(II) Ions Based 1D/2D Coordination PolymersX. Hou; G. T. Nguyen; T. Xu; H. Wei ; T. S. Herng ; G. Huo ; D. Wang ; J. Ding ; S. Wu ; L. Ungur ; J. Wu 
1716-Feb-2021Two-dimensional Conjugated Covalent Organic Framework Films via Oxidative C-C Coupling Reaction at a Liquid-liquid InterfaceS. Wu ; H. Phan ; J. Li ; H. Xu; X. Li ; D. Wang ; T. S. Herng ; Y. Han ; A. Wee ; J. Ding ; J. Lu ; J. Wu