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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
126-Jan-2021A Cyclopenta-fused Dibenzo[b,d]thiophene-co-Phenanthrene Macrocyclic TetraradicaloidX. Lu; D. An; Y. Han ; Y. Zou ; Y. Qiao; N. Zhang; D. Chang; J. Wu ; Y. Liu
217-Jul-2020A sulfur-containing hetero-octulene: synthesis, host–guest properties, and transistor applicationsL. Yang; N. Z.; Y. Han ; Y. Zou ; Y. Qiao; D. Chang; Y. Zhao; X. Lu; J. Wu ; Y. Liu
36-Mar-2023CircumcoronenesY. Zou ; X. Hou ; H. Wei ; J. Shao; Q. Jiang ; L. Ren ; J. Wu 
410-Feb-2021Fused Quinoidal Dithiophene-Based Helicenes: Synthesis by Intramolecular Radical-Radical Coupling Reactions and Dynamics of Interconversion of EnantiomersG. Li ; T. Matsuno; Y. Han ; S. Wu ; Y. Zou ; Q. Jiang ; H. Isobe; J. Wu 
510-Jun-2021Highly Strained 1,8-Naphthalene-Bridged Cyclic Oligophenylenes and Their Open-Shell Diradical DicationsC. Liu ; G. Li ; H. Phan; Y. Zou ; X. Lu ; J. Wu 
625-Jun-2020Perylene-fused, Aggregation-free Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Solution-processed Distributed Feedback LasersY. Zou ; V. Bonal; S. M. Quintero; P. G. Boj; J. M. Villalvilla; J. A. Quintana; G. Li ; S. Wu ; Q. Jiang ; Y. Ni ; J. Casado; M. A. Díaz-García; J. Wu 
72-Aug-2021Scholl Reaction of Perylene-Based Polyphenylene Precursors under Different Conditions: Formation of Hexagon or Octagon?Y. Zou ; Y. Han ; S. Wu ; X. Hou; C. H. E. Chow ; J. Wu
85-Sep-2022Solution-Phase Synthesis and Isolation of An Aza-Triangulene and Its Cation in Crystalline FormH. Wei ; X. Hou ; T. Xu ; Y. Zou ; G. Li ; S. Wu ; Y. Geng; J. Wu