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Huang Kuo-Wei
Huang, K.-W.
Huang, Kuo-Wei
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010A Novel heteroleptic paddlewheel diruthenium bicyclic guanidinate complex: Synthesis, structure, and scopeLee, R.; Yang, Y.; Tan, G.K.; Tan, C.-H. ; Huang, K.-W. 
25-Nov-2009A soluble and stable quinoidal bisanthene with nir absorption and amphoteric redox behaviorZhang, K. ; Huang, K.-W. ; Li, J.; Luo, J. ; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
325-May-2009Ancillary ligand and ketone substituent effects on the rate of ketone insertion into Zr-C bonds of zirconocene-l-Aza-l,3-diene complexesZhang, J.; Krause, J.A.; Huang, K.-W. ; Guan, H.
428-Sep-2009Asymmetric mannich reaction of fluorinated ketoesters with a tryptophan-derived bifunctional thiourea catalystHan, X.; Kwiatkowski, J.; Xue, T.; Huang, K.-W. ; Lu, Y. 
515-Oct-2009Bis-N-annulated quaterrylenebis(dicarboximide) as a new soluble and stable near-infrared dyeJiao, C.; Huang, K.-W. ; Luo, J. ; Zhang, K.; Chi, C. ; Wu, J. 
62014Dianthraceno[a,e]pentalenes: Synthesis, crystallographic structures and applications in organic field-effect transistorsDai, Gaole ; Chang, Jinging ; Zhang, Wenhua ; Bai, Shiqiang ; Huang, Kuo-Wei ; Xu, Jianwei ; Chi, Chunyan 
727-Nov-2010Electronic effects of ruthenium-catalyzed [3+2]-cycloaddition of alkynes and azidesHou, D.-R.; Kuan, T.-C.; Li, Y.-K.; Lee, R.; Huang, K.-W. 
82-Nov-2009Enantioselective protonation of itaconimides with thiols and the rotational kinetics of the axially chiral C-N bondLin, S.; Leow, D.; Huang, K.-W. ; Tan, C.-H. 
93-Jun-2009Enantioselective synthesis of chiral allenoates by guanidine-catalyzed isomerization of 3-alkynoatesLiu, H.; Leow, D.; Huang, K.-W. ; Tan, C.-H. 
102013Kinetic evidence of an apparent negative activation enthalpy in an organocatalytic processHan, X.; Lee, R.; Chen, T.; Luo, J.; Lu, Y. ; Huang, K.-W. 
118-Apr-2009Selective formation of bicyclic guanidinium chloride complexes: implication of the bifunctionality of guanidinesLee, R.; Lim, X.; Chen, T.; Tan, G.K.; Tan, C.-H. ; Huang, K.-W. 
124-May-2009Synthesis of a chiral quaternary carbon center bearing a fluorine atom: Enantio- and diastereoselective guanidine-catalyzed addition of fluorocarbon nucleophilesJiang, Z. ; Pan, Y.; Zhao, Y. ; Ma, T.; Lee, R.; Yang, Y.; Huang, K.-W. ; Wong, M.W. ; Tan, C.-H. 
132009π-Conjugated oligothiophene-anthracene co-oligomers: Synthesis, physical properties, and self-assemblyLuo, J. ; Qu, H.; Yin, J. ; Zhang, X. ; Huang, K.-W. ; Chi, C.