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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120-Jan-20203D Global Aromaticity in A Fully Conjugated Diradicaloid Cage at Different Oxidation StatesNI YONG ; YADAGIRI GOPALAKRISHNA TULLIMILLI ; PHAN VAN HOA ; Taeyeon Kim; HERNG TUN SENG ; Yi Han; Tao Tao; DING JUN ; Dongho Kim; Wu Jishan 
225-Aug-2022“[8]Cyclo-para-phenylmethine as A Super-Cyclooctatetraene: Dynamic Behavior, Global Aromaticity, and Open-Shell Diradical Character in The Neutral and Dicationic StatesZ. Li ; X. Hou ; Y. Han ; W. Fan ; Y. Ni ; Q. Zhou; J. Zhu; S. Wu ; K.-W. Huang ; J. Wu 
326-Jun-2021A Chichibabin’s Hydrocarbon Based Molecular Cage: The Impact of Structural Rigidity on Dynamics, Stability, and Electronic PropertiesNI YONG ; Z. Li ; S. Wu ; Y. Han ; J. Wu 
45-Jun-2023A Fused [5]Helicene Dimer with a Figure-Eight Topology: Synthesis, Chiral Resolution, and Electronic PropertiesQ. Zhou ; X. Hou ; J. Wang ; Y. Ni ; W. Fan ; Z. Li ; X. Wei; K. Li; W. Yuan; Z. Xu; M. Zhu; Y. Zhao; Z. Sun; J. Wu 
529-Aug-2022A Graphyne Spoked WheelB. Zhang; S. Wu ; X. Hou ; G. Li ; Y. Ni ; Q. Zhang; J. Zhu; P. Wang; Z. Sun; J. Wu 
613-Feb-2020A Stable All‐thiophene‐based Core‐modified [38]Octaphyrin Diradicaloid: Conformation and Aromaticity Switch at Different Oxidation StatesNI YONG ; YADAGIRI GOPALAKRISHNA TULLIMILLI ; Wu, S.; Wu Jishan 
727-Nov-2017A Three-Dimensionally π-Conjugated Diradical Molecular CageGu, Xiao ; Gopalakrishna, Tullimilli Y ; Phan, Hoa ; Ni, Yong ; Herng, Tun Seng ; Ding, Jun ; Wu, Jishan 
89-Dec-2021All are Aromatic: A 3D Globally Aromatic Cage Containing Five Types of 2D Aromatic MacrocyclesREN LONGBIN ; Yi Han ; X. Hou; Yong Ni ; JISHAN WU 
97-Dec-2022Aromaticity in 3D Fully π-Conjugated Open-Cage MoleculesS. Wu ; Y. Ni ; Y. Han ; S. Xin; X. Hou ; J. Zhu; Z. Li ; J. Wu 
103-Feb-2020Cove‐Edged Nanographenes with Localized Double BondsGU YANWEI ; Muñoz-Mármol, R; Wu, S.; Han, Y.; NI YONG ; Díaz-García, M.A.; Casado, J.; Wu Jishan 
111-Oct-2019Dearomatization Approach Toward Superbenzoquinone Based Diradicaloid, Tetraradicaloid, and HexaradicaloidLI GUANGWU ; Han, Y.; Zou, Y.; Lee, J.J.C.; NI YONG ; Wu Jishan 
1219-Aug-2022Enhanced Aromaticity and Open-shell Diradical Character in The Dianions of 9-Fluorenylidene Substituted Expanded RadialenesS. Xin; Y. Han ; W. Fan ; X. Wang; Y. Ni ; J. Wu 
1329-Aug-2021Facile Synthesis of a Fully Fused, 3D π-Conjugated Archimedean Cage with Magnetically Shielded CavityJ. Zhu; Y. Han ; Y. Ni ; S. Wu ; Q. Zhang; T. Jiao ; Z. Li ; J. Wu 
1410-Feb-2021Facile Synthesis of Nitrogen-doped [(6.)m8]nCyclacene Carbon Nanobelts by a One-pot Self-condensation ReactionJ. Zhu; Y. Han; NI YONG ; G. Li ; J. Wu 
1520-Jul-2019Global Aromaticity in Macrocyclic Polyradicaloids: Hückel’s Rule or Baird’s Rule?LIU CHUNCHEN ; NI YONG ; LU XUEFENG ; LI GUANGWU ; Wu Jishan 
1621-Feb-2022Hückel- and Baird-type Global Aromaticity in a 3D Fully Conjugated Molecular CageSHAOFEI WU ; Yong Ni ; Yi Han ; X. Hou; C. Wang; W. Hu; JISHAN WU