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Pu Kanyi
Pu, K.-Y.
Pu, K.Y.
Pu, K.


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111-Oct-2011A graphene-conjugated oligomer hybrid probe for light-up sensing of lectin and Escherichia coliWang, L.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Li, J.; Qi, X.; Li, H.; Zhang, H.; Fan, C.; Liu, B. 
29-Sep-2010A molecular brush approach to enhance quantum yield and suppress nonspecific interactions of conjugated polyelectrolyte for targeted far-red/near-infrared fluorescence cell imagingPu, K.-Y. ; Li, K.; Liu, B. 
323-Sep-2008A multicolor cationic conjugated polymer for naked-eye detection and quantification of heparinPu, K.-Y. ; Liu, B. 
48-Aug-2011Affibody-attached hyperbranched conjugated polyelectrolyte for targeted fluorescence imaging of HER2-positive cancer cellPu, K.-Y. ; Shi, J.; Cai, L. ; Li, K.; Liu, B. 
53-Dec-2010Amphiphilic graphene compositesQi, X.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Li, H.; Zhou, X.; Wu, S.; Fan, Q.-L.; Liu, B. ; Boey, F.; Huang, W.; Zhang, H.
615-Jun-2010Anionic conjugated polymer with aptamer-functionalized silica nanoparticle for label-free naked-eye detection of lysozyme in protein mixturesWang, Y.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Liu, B. 
725-Nov-2008Asymmetric fluorescence quenching of dual-emissive porphyrin-containing conjugated polyelectrolytes for naked-eye mercury ion detectionFang, Z. ; Pu, K.-Y. ; Liu, B. 
815-Oct-2011Butterfly-shaped conjugated oligoelectrolyte/graphene oxide integrated assay for light-up visual detection of heparinCai, L. ; Zhan, R.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Qi, X.; Zhang, H.; Huang, W.; Liu, B. 
96-Aug-2009Cationic conjugated polymer/heparin interpolyelectrolyte complexes for heparin quantificationShi, J. ; Pu, K.-Y. ; Zhan, R.; Liu, B. 
102-Feb-2010Cationic oligofluorene-substituted polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane as light-harvesting unimolecular nanoparticle for fluorescence amplification in cellular imagingPu, K.-Y. ; Li, K.; Liu, B. 
1123-Aug-2010Cationic polyelectrolyte amplified bead array for DNA detection with zeptomole sensitivity and single nucleotide polymorphism selectivityWang, C. ; Zhan, R.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Liu, B. 
121-Oct-2009Combinatorial energy transfer between an end-capped conjugated polyelectrolyte and chromophore-labeled PNA for strand-specific DNA detectionDishari, S.K.; Pu, K.Y. ; Liu, B. 
131-Oct-2010Conjugated oligoelectrolyte harnessed polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane as light-up hybrid nanodot fortwo-photon fluorescence imaging of cellular nucleusPu, K.-Y. ; Li, K.; Zhang, X.; Liu, B. 
1421-Sep-2011Conjugated oligoelectrolyte-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane loaded pH-responsive nanoparticles for targeted fluorescence imaging of cancer cell nucleusDing, D. ; Pu, K.-Y. ; Li, K.; Liu, B. 
152010Conjugated polyelectrolyte blend as perturbable energy donor-acceptor assembly with multicolor fluorescence response to proteinsPu, K.-Y. ; Zhan, R.; Liu, B. 
16May-2011Conjugated polyelectrolyte-cisplatin complex nanoparticles for simultaneous in vivo imaging and drug trackingDing, D. ; Li, K.; Zhu, Z.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Hu, Y.; Jiang, X.; Liu, B. 
1723-Jan-2009Conjugated polyelectrolytes as light-up macromolecular probes for heparin sensingPu, K.-Y. ; Liu, B. 
18Apr-2011Conjugated polyelectrolytes for label-free visual detection of heparinPu, K. ; Zhan, R.; Liang, J.; Liu, B. 
196-Aug-2012Conjugated polymer and gold nanoparticle Co-loaded PLGA nanocomposites with eccentric internal nanostructure for dual-modal targeted cellular imagingGeng, J.; Li, K.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Ding, D. ; Liu, B. 
207-Aug-2012Conjugated polymer based nanoparticles as dual-modal probes for targeted in vivo fluorescence and magnetic resonance imagingLi, K.; Ding, D. ; Huo, D.; Pu, K.-Y. ; Thao, N.N.P.; Hu, Y.; Li, Z. ; Liu, B.