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Renia Laurent
Rénia, L.
Renia, L.
Renia, Laurent Claude Stephane


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A pre-emptive strike against malaria's stealthy hepatic formsMazier, D.; Rénia, L. ; Snounou, G. 
22012A simplified, sensitive phagocytic assay for malaria cultures facilitated by flow cytometry of differentially-stained cell populationsChan C.L. ; Rénia L. ; Tan K.S.W. 
32015Activated Brain Endothelial Cells Cross-Present Malaria AntigenHowland S.W.; Poh C.M.; Rénia L. 
42013Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of Plasmodium vivax Merozoite Surface Protein-3Bitencourt A.R.; Vicentin E.C.; Jimenez M.C.; Ricci R.; Leite J.A.; Costa F.T.; Ferreira L.C.; Russell B. ; Nosten F.; Rénia L. ; Galinski M.R.; Barnwell J.W.; Rodrigues M.M.; Soares I.S.
5Jun-2010Cerebral malaria: in praise of epistemesRénia, L. ; Grüner, A.C.; Snounou, G. 
62018Doxycycline inhibits experimental cerebral malaria by reducing inflammatory immune reactions and tissue-degrading mediatorsSchmidt K.E.; Kuepper J.M.; Schumak B.; Alferink J.; Hofmann A.; Howland S.W.; Rénia L. ; Limmer A.; Specht S.; Hoerauf A.
71-Jan-2018Dual modal ultra-bright nanodots with aggregation-induced emission and gadolinium-chelation for vascular integrity and leakage detectionFeng, Guangxue ; Li, Jackson Liang Yao; Claser, Carla; Balachander, Akhila; Tan, Yingrou; Goh, Chi Ching ; Kwok, Immanuel Weng Han; Renia, Laurent ; Tang, Ben Zhong; Ng, Lai Guan ; Liu, Bin 
82017Four human Plasmodium species quantification using droplet digital PCRSrisutham S.; Saralamba N.; Malleret B. ; Rénia L. ; Dondorp A.M.; Imwong M.
92013Giemsa-Stained Wet Mount Based Method for Reticulocyte Quantification: A Viable Alternative in Resource Limited or Malaria Endemic SettingsLee W.-C.; Russell B. ; Lau Y.-L.; Fong M.-Y.; Chu C.; Sriprawat K.; Suwanarusk R.; Nosten F.; Renia L. 
101-Sep-2019Hepatic spheroids used as an in vitro model to study malaria relapseChua, Adeline CY ; Ananthanarayanan, Abhishek; Ong, Jessica Jie Ying; Wong, Jen Yi; Yip, Andy; Singh, Nisha Hari; Qu, Yinghua ; Dembele, Laurent; McMillian, Michael ; Ubalee, Ratawan; Davidson, Silas; Tungtaeng, Anchalee; Imerbsin, Rawiwan; Gupta, Kapish ; Andolina, Chiara; Lee, Fan; Tan, Kevin S-W ; Nosten, Francois; Russell, Bruce ; Lange, Amber; Diagana, Thierry T ; Renia, Laurent ; Yeung, Bryan KS; Yu, Hanry ; Bifani, Pablo 
112009High deformability of Plasmodium vivax-infected red blood cells under microfluidic conditionsHandayani, S.; Tjitra, E.; Lampah, D.; Kenangalem, E.; Renia, L. ; Russell, B. ; Snounou, G. ; Price, R.N.; Anstey, N.M.; Chiu, D.T.; Kuo, J.S.
122008IFN-γ mediates the rejection of haematopoietic stem cells in IFN-γR1-deficient hostsRottman M.; Soudais C.; Vogt G.; Renia L. ; Emile J.-F.; Decaluwe H.; Gaillard J.-L.; Casanova J.-L.
132014Interferons and interferon regulatory factors in malariaGun, Sin Yee; Claser, Carla; Tan, Kevin Shyong Wei ; Renia, Laurent Claude Stephane 
142015Methylene blue inhibits the asexual development of vivax malaria parasites from a region of increasing chloroquine resistanceSuwanarusk, R.; Russell, B. ; Ong, A.; Sriprawat, K.; Chu, C.S.; Pyaephyo, A.; Malleret, B. ; Nosten, F.; Renia, L. 
15Feb-2010On the diversity of malaria parasites in African apes and the origin of Plasmodium falciparum from bonobosKrief, S.; Escalante, A.A.; Pacheco, M.A.; Mugisha, L.; André, C.; Halbwax, M.; Fischer, A.; Krief, J.-M.; Kasenene, J.M.; Crandfield, M.; Cornejo, O.E.; Chavatte, J.-M.; Lin, C.; Letourneur, F.; Grüner, A.C.; McCutchan, T.F.; Rénia, L. ; Snounou, G. 
162016Rheopathologic Consequence of Plasmodium vivax Rosette FormationZhang R. ; Lee W.-C.; Lau Y.-L.; Albrecht L.; Lopes S.C.P.; Costa F.T.M.; Suwanarusk R.; Nosten F.; Cooke B.M.; Rénia L. ; Russell B. 
172015Spatiotemporal requirements for IRF7 in mediating type I IFN-dependent susceptibility to blood-stage Plasmodium infectionEdwards C.L.; Best S.E.; Gun, S.Y.; Claser C.; James K.R.; de Oca M.M.; Sebina I.; Rivera F.D.L.; Amante F.H.; Hertzog P.J.; Engwerda C.R.; Renia Laurent ; Haque A.
182012The CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-l1 inhibitory pathways independently regulate host resistance to Plasmodium-induced acute immune pathologyHafalla J.C.R.; Claser C.; Couper K.N.; Grau G.E.; Renia L. ; de Souza J.B.; Riley E.M.