Full Name
Gijsbert Marnix Grotenbreg
(not current staff)
Grotenbreg, Gijsbert M.
Grotenbreg, G.M.
Grotenbreg, Gijsbert Marnix
Grotenbreg G.M.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Brain microvessel cross-presentation is a hallmark of experimental cerebral malariaHowland, S.W; Poh, C.M; Gun, S.Y; Claser, C; Malleret, B; Shastri, N; Ginhoux, F ; Grotenbreg, G.M ; Rénia, L 
22015Clonal deletion prunes but does not eliminate self-specific ?? CD8+ T lymphocytesYu, W.; Jiang, N.; Ebert, P.J.R.; Kidd, B.A.; Muller, S.; Lund, P.J.; Juang, J.; Adachi, K.; Tse, T.; Birnbaum, M.E.; Newell, E.W. ; Wilson, D.M.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Valitutti, S.; Quake, S.R.; Davis, M.M.
311-Mar-2012Design, synthesis and structural analysis of mixed α/β-peptides that adopt stable cyclic hairpin-like conformationsVan Der Knaap, M.; Otero, J.M.; Llamas-Saiz, A.; Van Raaij, M.J.; Lageveen, L.I.; Busscher, H.J.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Van Der Marel, G.A.; Overkleeft, H.S.; Overhand, M.
42010Differential regulation of effector- and central-memory responses to Toxoplasma gondii infection by IL-12 revealed by tracking of Tgd057-specific CD8+ T cellsWilson, D.C.; Liu, K.; Zhao, Y.; Yap, G.S.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Frickel, E.-M.; Ploegh, H.L.; Gubbels, M.-J.
52015Effect of physical activity assessment on prognostication for peripheral artery disease and mortalityJensen K.D.C.; Camejo A.; Melo M.B.; Cordeiro C.; Julien L.; Grotenbreg G.M. ; Frickel E.-M.; Ploegh H.L.; Young L.; Saeij J.P.J.
6Oct-2011Engineering T Cells Specific for a Dominant Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus CD8 T Cell EpitopeOh, Hsueh-Ling Janice; Chia, Adeline; Chang, Cynthia Xin Lei; Leong, Hoe Nam ; Ling, Khoon Lin ; Grotenbreg, Gijsbert M. ; Gehring, Adam J.; Tan, Yee Joo ; Bertoletti, Antonio 
721-Aug-2012IgG1 + ovalbumin-specific B-cell transnuclear mice show class switch recombination in rare allelically included B cellsDougan, S.K.; Ogata, S.; Hu, C.-C.A.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Guillen, E.; Jaenisch, R.; Ploegh, H.L.
82008Parasite stage-specific recognition of endogenous Toxoplasma gondii-derived CD8+T cell epitopesFrickel, E.-M.; Ploegh, H.L.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Sahoo, N.; Hopp, J.; Gubbels, M.-J.; Craver, M.P.J.; Knoll, L.J.
97-Dec-2009Ring-extended derivatives of gramicidin S with furanoid sugar amino acids in the turn region have enhanced antimicrobial activityKnijnenburg, A.D.; Spalburg, E.; De Neeling, A.J.; Mars-Groenendijk, R.H.; Noort, D.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Van Der Marel, G.A.; Overkleeft, H.S.; Overhand, M.
102009Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel gramicidin s analoguesTuin, A.W.; Palachanis, D.K.; Buizert, A.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Van, Der Marel G.A.; Overkleeft, H.S.; Overhand, M.; Spalburg, E.; De, Neeling A.J.; Mars-Groenendijk, R.H.; Noort, D.
112008The CD8 T-cell response against murine gammaherpesvirus 68 is directed toward a broad repertoire of epitopes from both early and late antigensGredmark-Russ, S.; Cheung, E.J.; Isaacson, M.K.; Ploegh, H.L.; Grotenbreg, G.M. 
1224-Feb-2015Toxoplasma gondii superinfection and virulence during secondary infection correlate with the exact ROP5/ROP18 allelic combinationJensen, Kirk D.C.; Camejo, Ana; Melo, Mariane B.; Cordeiro, Cynthia; Julien, Lindsay; Grotenbreg, Gijsbert Marnix ; Frickel, Eva-Maria; Ploegh, Hidde L.; Young, Lucy; Saeij, Jeroen P.J.
132010Transnuclear mice with predefined T cell receptor specificities against toxoplasma gondii obtained via SCNTKirak, O.; Frickel, E.-M.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Suh, H.; Jaenisch, R.; Ploegh, H.L.