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Newell Evan William
Newell, E.W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013Characterization of Influenza Vaccine Immunogenicity Using Influenza Antigen MicroarraysPrice J.V.; Jarrell J.A.; Furman D.; Kattah N.H.; Newell E. ; Dekker C.L.; Davis M.M.; Utz P.J.
22015Clonal deletion prunes but does not eliminate self-specific ?? CD8+ T lymphocytesYu, W.; Jiang, N.; Ebert, P.J.R.; Kidd, B.A.; Muller, S.; Lund, P.J.; Juang, J.; Adachi, K.; Tse, T.; Birnbaum, M.E.; Newell, E.W. ; Wilson, D.M.; Grotenbreg, G.M. ; Valitutti, S.; Quake, S.R.; Davis, M.M.
32016Cytofkit: A Bioconductor Package for an Integrated Mass Cytometry Data Analysis PipelineChen H.; Lau M.C.; Wong M.T.; Newell E.W. ; Poidinger M. ; Chen J. 
421-May-2020Effects of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen on Virus-specific and Global T Cells in Patients With Chronic HBV infectionNina Le Bert ; Upkar S Gill ; Michelle Hong; Kamini Kunasegaran ; Damien Z M Tan; Raidah Ahmad ; Yang Cheng; Charles-A Dutertre ; Andreas Heinecke ; Laura Rivino ; Anthony Tan ; Navjyot K Hansi; Min Zhang; Sujuan Xi; Yutian Chong; Stefan Pflanz; Evan W Newell ; Patrick T F Kennedy; Antonio Bertoletti 
52014OpenCyto: An Open Source Infrastructure for Scalable, Robust, Reproducible, and Automated, End-to-End Flow Cytometry Data AnalysisFinak G.; Frelinger J.; Jiang W.; Newell E.W. ; Ramey J.; Davis M.M.; Kalams S.A.; De Rosa S.C.; Gottardo R.
62014Regulation of hERG and hEAG channels by Src and by SHP-1 tyrosine phosphatase via an ITIM region in the cyclic nucleotide binding domainSchlichter L.C.; Jiang J.; Wang J.; Newell E.W. ; Tsui F.W.L.; Lam D.