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Tan, Yee-Joo
Tan, Yee-Joo
Tan, Yee Joo
Tan, Y.J.
Tan, Y.-J.
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11-Aug-2017A cross-clade H5N1 influenza A virus neutralizing monoclonal antibody binds to a novel epitope within the vestigial esterase domain of hemagglutininPaul, Subha Sankar; MOK CHEE KENG ; Mak, Tze-Minn; Ng Oi Wing ; Aboagye, James Odame; Wohlbold, Teddy John; Krammer, Florian; TAN YEE JOO 
21-Apr-2015A monoclonal antibody binds to threonine 49 in the non-structural 1 protein of influenza A virus and interferes with its ability to modulate viral replicationBarnwal, Bhaskar; Mok, Chee-Keng ; Wu, Jianping; Diwakar, Mandakhalikar Kedar; Gupta, Garvita; Zeng, Qi; Chow, Vincent Tak Kwong; Song, Jianxing ; Yuan, Y Adam; Tan, Yee-Joo 
32010A new panel of NS1 antibodies for easy detection and titration of influenza a virusTan, Z.; Akerstrom, S.; Wee, B.Y.; Lal, S.K.; Mirazimi, A.; Tan, Y.-J. 
46-Mar-2019A NS1-binding monoclonal antibody interacts with two residues that are highly conserved in seasonal as well as newly emerged influenza A virusTeo SHC; Wu JP; Mok CK; Tan Yee Joo 
52-Nov-2015A potent neutralizing IgM mAb targeting the N218 epitope on E2 protein protects against Chikungunya virus pathogenesisLam, Shirley; Nyo, Min ; Phuektes, Patchara; Yew, Chow Wenn ; Tan, Yee Joo ; Chu, Justin Jang Hann 
62011A putative diacidic motif in the SARS-CoV ORF6 protein influences its subcellular localization and suppression of expression of co-transfected expression constructsGunalan, V.; Mirazimi, A.; Tan, Y.-J. 
72013A Simple Methodology for Conversion of Mouse Monoclonal Antibody to Human-Mouse Chimeric FormDang,Vinh T.; Mandakhalikar, Kedar D.; Ng, Oi-Wing; Tan, Yee-Joo 
8Aug-2010An antibody against a novel and conserved epitope in the hemagglutinin 1 subunit neutralizes numerous H5N1 influenza virusesOh, H.-L.J.; Åkerström, S.; Shen, S.; Bereczky, S.; Karlberg, H.; Klingström, J.; Lal, S.K.; Mirazimi, A.; Tan, Y.-J. 
92016Biochemical and structural characterization of the interface mediating interaction between the influenza A virus non-structural protein-1 and a monoclonal antibodyWu, J; Mok, C.-K ; Chow, V.T.K ; Yuan, Y.A ; Tan, Y.-J 
10Jul-2004Characterization of a unique group-specific protein (U122) of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirusFielding, B.C.; Tan, Y.-J. ; Shuo, S. ; Tan, T.H.P.; Ooi, E.-E. ; Lim, S.G. ; Hong, W. ; Goh, P.-Y. 
111-Jun-2021Comparative Transcriptomic and Molecular Pathway Analyses of HL-CZ Human Pro-Monocytic Cells Expressing SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1, S2, NP, NSP15 and NSP16 GenesSharma, Anshika; Ong, Joe W ; Loke, Mun Fai ; Chua, Eng Guan; Lee, Joseph J; Choi, Hyung Won ; Tan, Yee Joo ; Lal, Sunil K; Chow, Vincent T 
12Apr-2013Conditional ligands for Asian HLA variants facilitate the definition of CD8+ T-cell responses in acute and chronic viral diseasesChang, C.X.L.; Tan, A.T.; Or, M.Y.; Toh, K.Y.; Lim, P.Y.; Chia, A.S.E.; Froesig, T.M.; Nadua, K.D.; Oh, H.-L.J.; Leong, H.N.; Hadrup, S.R.; Gehring, A.J.; Tan, Y.-J. ; Bertoletti, A.; Grotenbreg, G.M.
131-Jan-2020Contribution of Fc-dependent cell-mediated activity of a vestigial esterase-targeting antibody against H5N6 virus infectionZheng, Zhiqiang ; Teo, Su Hui Catherine ; Arularasu, Suganya Cheyyatraivendran ; Liu, Zhehao ; Mohd-Ismail, Nur Khairiah ; Mok, Chee Keng ; Ong, Chee Bing; Chu, Justin Jang-hann ; Tan, Yee-Joo 
149-Nov-2021Editorial: Host Innate Immune Response and Its Impact on Pulmonary Pathogenesis During Influenza Virus InfectionTan, Yee-Joo ; Huber, Victor C; Hottz, Eugenio D
15Oct-2011Engineering T Cells Specific for a Dominant Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus CD8 T Cell EpitopeOh, Hsueh-Ling Janice; Chia, Adeline; Chang, Cynthia Xin Lei; Leong, Hoe Nam ; Ling, Khoon Lin ; Grotenbreg, Gijsbert M. ; Gehring, Adam J.; Tan, Yee Joo ; Bertoletti, Antonio 
162010Expression, purification and preliminary crystallographic analysis of recombinant human DEAD-box polypeptide 5Choi, Y.-W.; Dutta, S.; Fielding, B.C.; Tan, Y.-J. 
175-Oct-1999Formation of short-lived protein aggregates directly from the coil in two-state foldingSilow, M.; Tan, Y.-J. ; Fersht, A.R.; Oliveberg, M.
182005Genetic lesions within the 3a gene of SARS-CoVTan T.H.P.; Barkham T.; Fielding B.C.; Chou C.-F.; Shen S.; Seng G.L.; Hong Wan Jin ; Tan Y.-J. 
192017Hepatitis C virus mediated chronic inflammation and tumorigenesis in the humanised immune system and liver mouse modelZheng Z. ; Sze C.W. ; Keng C.T.; Al-Haddawi M.; Liu M.; Tan S.Y.; Kwek H.L.; Her Z.; Chan X.Y.; Barnwal B.; Loh E.; Chang K.T.E. ; Tan T.C. ; Tan Y.-J. ; Chen Q. 
20Oct-2010Inactivated trivalent seasonal influenza vaccine induces limited cross-reactive neutralizing antibody responses against 2009 pandemic and 1934 PR8 H1N1 strainsLee, V.J. ; Tay, J.K.; Chen, M.I.C.; Phoon, M.C.; Xie, M.L.; Wu, Y.; Lee, C.X.X.; Yap, J.; Sakharkar, K.R.; Sakharkar, M.K.; Lin, R.T.; Cui, L.; Kelly, P.M.; Leo, Y.S.; Tan, Y.J. ; Chow, V.T.K.