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12017Accelerated human liver progenitor generation from pluripotent stem cells by inhibiting formation of unwanted lineagesLay Teng Ang; Antson Kiat Yee Tan; Matias Ilmari Autio ; Joanne Su-Hua Goh; Siew Hua Choo ; Kian Leong Lee ; Jianmin Tan; Bangfen Pan ; Jane Jia Hui Lee; Isabelle Kai Xin Yeo; Chloe Jin Yee Wong; Jen Jen Lum; Chet Hong Loh; Ying Yan Lim; Jueween Ling Li Oh; Cheryl Pei Lynn Chia; Angela Chen; Qing Feng Chen ; Irving L. Weissman; Kyle M. Loh; Bing Lim
22015Denovo generated human red blood cells in humanized mice support Plasmodium falciparum infectionAmaladoss A.; Chen Q. ; Liu M.; Dummler S.K.; Dao M.; Suresh S.; Chen J.; Preiser P.R.
32018Development of a new patient-derived xenograft humanised mouse model to study human-specific tumour microenvironment and immunotherapyZhao Y.; Shuen T.W.H.; Toh T.B.; Chan X.Y.; Liu M.; Tan S.Y.; Fan Y.; Yang H.; Lyer S.G.; Bonney G.K.; Loh E.; Chang K.T.E.; Tan T.C.; Zhai W.; Chan J.K.Y. ; Chow E.K.-H.; Chee C.E.; Lee G.H.; Dan Y.Y.; Chow P.K.-H. ; Toh H.C.; Lim S.G.; Chen Q. 
42017Hepatitis C virus mediated chronic inflammation and tumorigenesis in the humanised immune system and liver mouse modelZheng Z. ; Sze C.W. ; Keng C.T.; Al-Haddawi M.; Liu M.; Tan S.Y.; Kwek H.L.; Her Z.; Chan X.Y.; Barnwal B.; Loh E.; Chang K.T.E. ; Tan T.C. ; Tan Y.-J. ; Chen Q. 
52018Microvesicles from malaria-infected red blood cells activate natural killer cells via MDA5 pathwayYe W.; Chew M.; Hou J.; Lai F. ; Leopold S.J.; Loo H.L.; Ghose A.; Dutta A.K.; Chen Q. ; Ooi E.E. ; White N.J.; Dondorp A.M.; Preiser P.; Chen J.