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Kian Leong Lee
Lee K.L.
Lee, K.L.

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125-Feb-2021A KDM6 inhibitor potently induces ATF4 and its target gene expression through HRI activation and by UTX inhibitionKitajima, Shojiro ; Sun, Wendi ; Lee, Kian Leong ; Ho, Jolene Caifeng ; Oyadomari, Seiichi; Okamoto, Takashi; Masai, Hisao; Poellinger, Lorenz ; Kato, Hiroyuki 
22018A Roadmap for Human Liver Differentiation from Pluripotent Stem CellsAng L.T.; Tan A.K.Y.; Autio M.I. ; Goh S.H., Choo S.H.; Lee K.L. ; Tan J.; Pan B. ; Lee J.J.H.; Lum J.J.; Lim C.Y.Y.; Yeo I.K.X.; Wong C.J.Y.; Liu M.; Oh J.L.L.; Chia C.P.L.; Loh C.H.; Chen A.; Chen Q.; Weissman I.L.; Loh K.M.; Lim B.
32017Accelerated human liver progenitor generation from pluripotent stem cells by inhibiting formation of unwanted lineagesLay Teng Ang; Antson Kiat Yee Tan; Matias Ilmari Autio ; Joanne Su-Hua Goh; Siew Hua Choo ; Kian Leong Lee ; Jianmin Tan; Bangfen Pan ; Jane Jia Hui Lee; Isabelle Kai Xin Yeo; Chloe Jin Yee Wong; Jen Jen Lum; Chet Hong Loh; Ying Yan Lim; Jueween Ling Li Oh; Cheryl Pei Lynn Chia; Angela Chen; Qing Feng Chen ; Irving L. Weissman; Kyle M. Loh; Bing Lim
4Mar-2007Arkadia enhances Nodal/TGF-beta signaling by coupling phospho-Smad2/3 activity and turnoverMavrakis, Konstantinos J; Andrew, Rebecca L; Lee Kian Leong ; Petropoulou, Chariklia; Dixon, James E; Navaratnam, Naveenan; Norris, Dominic P; Episkopou, Vasso
52007Arkadia induces degradation of SnoN and c-Ski to enhance transforming growth factor-? signalingNagano Y.; Mavrakis K.J.; Kian L.L. ; Fujii T.; Koinuma D.; Sase H.; Yuki K.; Isogaya K.; Saitoh M.; Imamura T.; Episkopou V.; Miyazono K.; Miyazawa K.
610-Jun-2023Catalytic domain-dependent and -independent transcriptional activities of the tumour suppressor histone H3K27 demethylase UTX/KDM6A in specific cancer typesWendi Sun ; Kian Leong Lee ; Lorenz Poellinger ; Hisao Masai; Hiroyuki Kato 
72018Co-immunoprecipitation assay using endogenous nuclear proteins from cells cultured under hypoxic conditionsZheng X.; Wei Ho C.Q.; Zheng X.; Lee K.L. ; Gradin K.; Pereira T.S.; Berggren P.-O.; Ali Y.
817-Dec-2010Down-regulation of Myc is essential for terminal erythroid maturationJayapal, S.R.; Lee, K.L. ; Ji, P.; Kaldis, P.; Lim, B.; Lodish, H.F.
96-Feb-2014Efficient endoderm induction from human pluripotent stem cells by logically directing signals controlling lineage bifurcationsLoh, K.M.; Ang, L.T.; Zhang, J.; Kumar, V.; Ang, J.; Auyeong, J.Q.; Lee, K.L. ; Choo, S.H.; Lim, C.Y.Y.; Nichane, M.; Tan, J.; Noghabi, M.S.; Azzola, L.; Ng, E.S.; Durruthy-Durruthy, J.; Sebastiano, V.; Poellinger, L. ; Elefanty, A.G.; Stanley, E.G.; Chen, Q.; Prabhakar, S.; Weissman, I.L.; Lim, B.
102018Erratum to: Interaction between von Hippel-Lindau Protein and Fatty Acid Synthase Modulates Hypoxia Target Gene Expression (Scientific Reports, (2017), 7, 1, (7190), 10.1038/s41598-017-05685-3)Sun W. ; Kato H. ; Kitajima S. ; Lee K.L. ; Gradin K.; Okamoto T.; Poellinger L. 
112018Functional genome-wide screening identifies targets and pathways sensitizing pancreatic cancer cells to dasatinibChien W. ; Sudo M. ; Ding L.-W. ; Sun Q.-Y. ; Wuensche P.; Lee K.L. ; Hattori N.; Garg M. ; Xu L. ; Zheng Y.; Gery S.; Wongphayak S. ; Yang H. ; Baloglu E.; Shacham S.; Kauffman M.; Mori S. ; Phillip Koeffler H.
12Dec-2009Generating specificity and diversity in the transcriptional response to hypoxiaLendahl, U.; Lee, K.L. ; Yang, H.; Poellinger, L. 
14Jun-2011Graded Nodal/Activin signaling titrates conversion of quantitative phospho-Smad2 levels into qualitative embryonic stem cell fate decisionsLee, K.L. ; Lim, S.K. ; Orlov, Y.L.; Yit, L.Y.; Yang, H.; Ang, L.T.; Poellinger, L. ; Lim, B.
152009Graded Smad2/3 activation is converted directly into levels of target gene expression in embryonic stem cellsGuzman-Ayala M.; Lee K.L. ; Mavrakis K.J.; Goggolidou P.; Norris D.P.; Episkopou V.
16Feb-2010Heparan sulfation-dependent fibroblast growth factor signaling maintains embryonic stem cells primed for differentiation in a heterogeneous stateLanner, F.; Lee, K.L. ; Sohl, M.; Holmborn, K.; Yang, H.; Wilbertz, J.; Poellinger, L. ; Rossant, J.; Farnebo, F.
172018HIF-dependent and reversible nucleosome disassembly in hypoxia-inducible gene promotersSuzuki N.; Vojnovic N.; Lee K.-L. ; Yang H. ; Gradin K.; Poellinger L. 
182017Hypoxia regulates microRNA expression in the human carotid bodyMkrtchian S.; Lee K.L. ; Kåhlin J.; Ebberyd A.; Poellinger L. ; Fagerlund M.J.; Eriksson L.I.
192018Hypoxia Regulates MicroRNA Expression in the Human Carotid BodyMkrtchian S.; Lee K.L. ; K�hlin J.; Ebberyd A.; Poelllinger L. ; Fagerlund M.J.; Eriksson L.I.
201-May-2013Hypoxia-induced arterial differentiation requires adrenomedullin and notch signalingLanner, F.; Lee, K.L. ; Ortega, G.C.; Sohl, M.; Li, X.; Jin, S.; Hansson, E.M.; Claesson-Welsh, L.; Poellinger, L. ; Lendahl, U.; Farnebo, F.