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Jia Li


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
113-Oct-2019A comprehensive expression landscape of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) across 16 human cancer typesBin Zhang ; Kamesh R. Babu ; Chun You Lim ; Zhi Hao Kwok[student]; Jia Li ; Siqin Zhou ; Henry Yang ; Yvonne Tay 
27-Feb-2020Cis- and trans-regulations of pre-mRNA splicing by RNA editing enzymes influence cancer developmentTang, Sze Jing ; Shen, Haoqing; An, Omer ; Hong, HuiQi ; Li, Jia ; Song, Yangyang ; Han, Jian ; Tay, Daryl Jin Tai ; Ng, Vanessa Hui En ; Bellido Molias, Fernando ; Leong, Ka Wai ; Pitcheshwar, Priyankaa; Yang, Henry ; Chen, Leilei 
32020CSI NGS portal: An online platform for automated NGS data analysis and sharingAn, O.; Tan, K.-T. ; Li, Y. ; Li, J. ; Wu, C.-S. ; Zhang, B. ; Chen, L. ; Yang, H. 
42019DNMT3B shapes the mCA landscape and regulates mCG for promoter bivalency in human embryonic stem cellsTan, H.K. ; Wu, C.-S. ; Li, J. ; Tan, Z.H. ; Hoffman, J.R.; Fry, C.J.; Yang, H. ; Di Ruscio, A.; Tenen, D.G. 
52016A human pluripotent stem cell model of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy-affected skeletal musclesCaron L.; Kher D.; Lee K.L. ; McKernan R.; Dumevska B.; Hidalgo A.; Li J. ; Yang H. ; Main H.; Ferri G.; Petek L.M.; Poellinger L. ; Miller D.G.; Gabellini D.; Schmidt U.
62017Hypoxia is a Key Driver of Alternative Splicing in Human Breast Cancer CellsHan J. ; Li J. ; Ho J.C. ; Chia G.S.; Kato H. ; Jha S. ; Yang H. ; Poellinger L. ; Lee K.L.