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12019CAV1 - GLUT3 signaling is important for cellular energy and can be targeted by Atorvastatin in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerAli, A. ; Levantini, E.; Fhu, C.W. ; Teo, J.T. ; Clohessy, J.G.; Goggi, J.L.; Wu, C.-S. ; Chen, L. ; Chin, T.M. ; Tenen, D.G. 
22020CSI NGS portal: An online platform for automated NGS data analysis and sharingAn, O.; Tan, K.-T. ; Li, Y. ; Li, J. ; Wu, C.-S. ; Zhang, B. ; Chen, L. ; Yang, H. 
32019DNMT3B shapes the mCA landscape and regulates mCG for promoter bivalency in human embryonic stem cellsTan, H.K. ; Wu, C.-S. ; Li, J. ; Tan, Z.H. ; Hoffman, J.R.; Fry, C.J.; Yang, H. ; Di Ruscio, A.; Tenen, D.G. 
42018Fatty acid synthase mediates EGFR palmitoylation in EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancerAli, A ; Levantini, E; Teo, J.T ; Goggi, J ; Clohessy, J.G; Wu, C.S ; Chen, L ; Yang, H ; Krishnan, I; Kocher, O; Zhang, J; Soo, R.A ; Bhakoo, K ; Chin, T.M ; Tenen, D.G 
52016Purifying selection shapes the coincident SNP distribution of primate coding sequencesChen, C.-Y; Hung, L.-Y; Wu, C.-S ; Chuang, T.-J
61-Jan-2021Zinc Finger Protein SALL4 Functions through an AT-Rich Motif to Regulate Gene ExpressionKong, Nikki R.; Bassal, Mahmoud A. ; Tan, Hong Kee ; Kurland, Jesse, V; Yong, Kol Jia ; Young, John J.; Yang, Yang; Li, Fudong; Lee, Jonathan D.; Liu, Yue; Wu, Chan-Shuo ; Stein, Alicia; Luo, Hongbo R.; Silberstein, Leslie E.; Bulyk, Martha L.; Tenen, Daniel G. ; Chai, Li