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12008Assessment of myocardial infarction in mice by Late Gadolinium Enhancement MR imaging using an inversion recovery pulse sequence at 9.4TChapon, C; Herlihy, A.H; Bhakoo, K.K 
222-Oct-2021Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells with low dose bone morphogenetic protein 2 enhances scaffold-based spinal fusion in a porcine model.Hu, Tao ; Liu, Ling ; Lam, Raymond Wing Moon ; Toh, Soo Yein ; Abbah, Sunny Akogwu ; Wang, Ming ; Ramruttun, Amit Kumarsing ; Bhakoo, Kishore ; Cool, Simon; Li, Jun; Cho-Hong Goh, James ; Wong, Hee-Kit 
32018Fatty acid synthase mediates EGFR palmitoylation in EGFR mutated non-small cell lung cancerAli, A ; Levantini, E; Teo, J.T ; Goggi, J ; Clohessy, J.G; Wu, C.S ; Chen, L ; Yang, H ; Krishnan, I; Kocher, O; Zhang, J; Soo, R.A ; Bhakoo, K ; Chin, T.M ; Tenen, D.G 
42010Homing of stem cells to sites of inflammatory brain injury after intracerebral and intravenous administration: A longitudinal imaging studyJackson, J.S; Golding, J.P; Chapon, C; Jones, W.A; Bhakoo, K.K 
52018Improved recovery from limb ischaemia by delivery of an affinity-isolated heparan sulphatePoon, S; Lu, X; Smith, R.A.A; Ho, P ; Bhakoo, K ; Nurcombe, V; Cool, S.M 
61-Jan-2019Locating the Site of Neuropathic Pain In Vivo Using MMP-12-Targeted Magnetic NanoparticlesHusain, Syeda Fabeha; Lam, Raymond WM ; Hu, Tao ; Ng, Michael WF; Liau, ZQG; Nagata, Keiji; SANJAY KHANNA ; Lam, Yulin ; Bhakoo, Kishore ; Ho, Roger CM; Wong, Hee-Kit 
72019Non-Invasive Multimodality Imaging Directly Shows TRPM4 Inhibition Ameliorates Stroke Reperfusion InjuryChen B. ; Ng G.; Gao Y.; Low S.W.; Sandanaraj E.; Ramasamy B.; Sekar S.; Bhakoo K. ; Soong T.W. ; Nilius B.; Tang C. ; Robins E.G.; Goggi J. ; Liao P. 
82013Optimal labeling dose, labeling time, and magnetic resonance imaging detection limits of ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron-oxide nanoparticle labeled mesenchymal stromal cellsMathiasen, A.B; Hansen, L; Friis, T; Thomsen, C; Bhakoo, K ; Kastrup, J
92016Segmentation and characterization of interscapular brown adipose tissue in rats by multi-parametric magnetic resonance imagingBhanu Prakash K.N.; Verma S.K.; Yaligar J.; Goggi J. ; Gopalan V.; Lee S.S.; Tian X. ; Sugii S. ; Leow M.K.S. ; Bhakoo K. ; Velan S.S. 
101-Jan-2021The Impact of Static Distraction for Disc Regeneration in a Rabbit Model—A Longitudinal MRI StudyLam, WMR ; Ren, XF; Tan, KC ; Bhakoo, KK ; Kumarsing, RA ; Liu, L; Zhuo, WH; Wong, HK ; Hey, HWD