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12007A novel use of TAT-EGFP to validate techniques to alter osteosarcoma cell surface glycosaminoglycan expressionKumarasuriyar, A.; Dombrowski, C.; Rider, D.A.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
22008A simple and reliable electroporation method for human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsHelledie, T.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
32006Bone-specific heparan sulfates induce osteoblast growth arrest and downregulation of retinoblastoma proteinManton, K.J.; Sadasivam, M.; Cool, S.M. ; Nurcombe, V. 
42013Complexation and Sequestration of BMP-2 from an ECM Mimetic Hyaluronan Gel for Improved Bone FormationKisiel M.; Klar A.S.; Ventura M.; Buijs J.; Mafina M.-K.; Cool S.M. ; Hilborn J.
52007Concepts of scaffold-based tissue engineering - The rationale to use solid free-form fabrication techniquesHutmacher, D.W.; Cool, S. 
6Mar-2006Controlled release of heparin from poly(ε-caprolactone) electrospun fibersLuong-Van, E.; Grøndahl, L.; Chua, K.N.; Leong, K.W.; Nurcombe, V.; Cool, S.M. 
72006Coordinated fibroblast growth factor and heparan sulfate regulation of osteogenesisJackson, R.A.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
82009De-sulfation of MG-63 cell glycosaminoglycans delays in vitro osteogenesis, up-regulates cholesterol synthesis and disrupts cell cycle and the actin cytoskeletonKumarasuriyar, A.; Lee, I.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
92007Disruption of heparan and chondroitin sulfate signaling enhances mesenchymal stem cell-derived osteogenic differentiation via bone morphogenetic protein signaling pathwaysManton, K.J.; Leong, D.F.M.; Cool, S.M. ; Nurcombe, V. 
102015Establishing criteria for human mesenchymal stem cell potencySamsonraj, R.M; Rai, B; Sathiyanathan, P; Puan, K.J; Rötzschke, O; Hui, J.H ; Raghunath, M; Stanton, L.W ; Nurcombe, V; Cool, S.M 
112007Glycosaminoglycan and growth factor mediated murine calvarial cell proliferationManton, K.J.; Haupt, L.M.; Vengadasalam, K.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. ; Manton, K.J.
122009Glycosaminoglycan composition changes with MG-63 osteosarcoma osteogenesis in vitro and induces human mesenchymal stem cell aggregationKumarasuriyar, A.; Murali, S.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. 
132007Heparan sulfate regulates the anabolic activity of MC3T3-E1 preosteoblast cells by induction of Runx2Jackson, R.A.; Murali, S.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S.M. ; Van, Wijnen A.J.; Stein, G.S.
142006Heparan sulfate regulation of progenitor cell fateCool, S.M. ; Nurcombe, V. 
152015Human mesenchymal stem cells retain multilineage differentiation capacity including neural marker expression after extended in vitro expansionOkolicsanyi R.K.; Camilleri E.T.; Oikari L.E.; Yu C.; Cool S.M. ; Van Wijnen A.J.; Griffiths L.R.; Haupt L.M.
162016Identification and validation of multiple cell surface markers of clinical-grade adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells as novel release criteria for good manufacturing practice-compliant productionCamilleri, E.T; Gustafson, M.P; Dudakovic, A; Riester, S.M; Garces, C.G; Paradise, C.R; Takai, H; Karperien, M; Cool, S ; Sampen, H.-J.I; Larson, A.N; Qu, W; Smith, J; Dietz, A.B; Van Wijnen, A.J
172018Improved recovery from limb ischaemia by delivery of an affinity-isolated heparan sulphatePoon, S; Lu, X; Smith, R.A.A; Ho, P ; Bhakoo, K ; Nurcombe, V; Cool, S.M 
182007In vitro biocompatibility and bioactivity of microencapsulated heparan sulfateLuong-Van, E.; Nurcombe, V. ; Cool, S. ; Grondahl, L.
191-Sep-2007Investigations into poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) surface properties causing delayed osteoblast growthKeen, I.; Raggatt, L.J.; Cool, S.M. ; Nurcombe, V.; Fredericks, P.; Trau, M.; Grøndahl, L.
202007Isolation of a native osteoblast matrix with a specific affinity for BMP2Grunert, M.; Dombrowski, C.; Sadasivam, M.; Manton, K.; Cool, S.M. ; Nurcombe, V.