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122-Oct-2021Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells with low dose bone morphogenetic protein 2 enhances scaffold-based spinal fusion in a porcine model.Hu, Tao ; Liu, Ling ; Lam, Raymond Wing Moon ; Toh, Soo Yein ; Abbah, Sunny Akogwu ; Wang, Ming ; Ramruttun, Amit Kumarsing ; Bhakoo, Kishore ; Cool, Simon; Li, Jun; Cho-Hong Goh, James ; Wong, Hee-Kit 
215-Aug-2017Dose-dependent Nerve Inflammatory Response to rhBMP-2 in a Rodent Spinal Nerve ModelLiau, ZQG; Lam, RWM ; Hu, T ; Wong, HK 
34-Feb-2020Improving the handling properties and long-term stability of polyelectrolyte complex by freeze-drying technique for low-dose bone morphogenetic protein 2 deliveryLiu, Ling ; Lam, Wing MR ; Yang, Zheng ; Wang, Ming ; Ren, Xiafei ; Hu, Tao; Li, Jun ; Goh, James Cho-Hong ; Wong, Hee-Kit 
41-Jan-2019Locating the Site of Neuropathic Pain In Vivo Using MMP-12-Targeted Magnetic NanoparticlesHusain, Syeda Fabeha; Lam, Raymond WM ; Hu, Tao ; Ng, Michael WF; Liau, ZQG; Nagata, Keiji; SANJAY KHANNA ; Lam, Yulin ; Bhakoo, Kishore ; Ho, Roger CM; Wong, Hee-Kit 
512-Oct-2021Paraspinal Myopathy-Induced Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Thoracolumbar Kyphosis in TSC1mKO Mice Model - A Preliminary Study.Hey, Hwee Weng Dennis ; Lam, Wing Moon Raymond ; Chan, Chloe Xiaoyun; Zhuo, Wen-Hai; Crombie, Elisa Marie; Tan, Tuan Chun; Chen, Way Cherng; Cool, Simon; Tsai, Shih Yin 
61-Dec-2019Synergistic Effect of NELL-1 and an Ultra-Low Dose of BMP-2 on Spinal FusionLiu, L ; Lam, WMR ; Naidu, M ; Yang, Z ; Wang, M ; Ren, X ; Hu, T; Kumarsing, R ; Ting, K; Goh, JCH ; Wong, HK 
71-Jan-2021The Impact of Static Distraction for Disc Regeneration in a Rabbit Model—A Longitudinal MRI StudyLam, WMR ; Ren, XF; Tan, KC ; Bhakoo, KK ; Kumarsing, RA ; Liu, L; Zhuo, WH; Wong, HK ; Hey, HWD