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12-Jan-2021A novel hospital capacity versus clinical justification triage score (CCTS) for prioritization of spinal surgeries in the "new normal state" of the COVID-19 pandemicLiu, Gabriel; Tan, Jun-Hao ; Hey, Hwee Weng Dennis ; Lau, Leok Lim ; Thambiah, Joseph ; Kumar, Naresh ; Tan, Jonathan; Ruiz, John; Nga, Vincent; Lwin, Sein; Teo, Kejia ; Ning, Chou; Agrawal, Rohit Vijay ; NG, Bryan; Wong, Weng Hoa ; Yeo, Tseng Tsai; Wong, Hee-Kit 
22020Cervical spine pathology and treatment: A global overviewWaheed, M.A.-A.; Hasan, S.; Tan, L.A.; Bosco, A.; Reinas, R.; Wengel, P.V.T.; Hey, H.W.D. ; Aleem, I.S.
312-Oct-2021Paraspinal Myopathy-Induced Intervertebral Disc Degeneration and Thoracolumbar Kyphosis in TSC1mKO Mice Model - A Preliminary Study.Hey, Hwee Weng Dennis ; Lam, Wing Moon Raymond ; Chan, Chloe Xiaoyun; Zhuo, Wen-Hai; Crombie, Elisa Marie; Tan, Tuan Chun; Chen, Way Cherng; Cool, Simon; Tsai, Shih Yin 
4Dec-2017Reduced Incision Surgical Fixation of Diaphyseal Forearm Fractures in Adults through a Minimally Invasive Volar ApproachNathaniel, Ng Li Wen; Louis, Lim Zongwei Joel; Weixiang, Xu Roland; Dennis, Hey Hwee Weng 
52018The effectiveness of full-body EOS compared with conventional chest X-ray in preoperative evaluation of the chest for patients undergoing spine operationsHey H.W.D. ; Chan C.X.; Wong Y.M.; Sng J.W.; Ong H.Y.; Tan C.S. ; Liu G.K.-P. ; Wong H.-K. ; Quek S.-T. 
61-Jan-2021The Impact of Static Distraction for Disc Regeneration in a Rabbit Model—A Longitudinal MRI StudyLam, WMR ; Ren, XF; Tan, KC ; Bhakoo, KK ; Kumarsing, RA ; Liu, L; Zhuo, WH; Wong, HK ; Hey, HWD