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12-Jan-2021A novel hospital capacity versus clinical justification triage score (CCTS) for prioritization of spinal surgeries in the "new normal state" of the COVID-19 pandemicLiu, Gabriel; Tan, Jun-Hao ; Hey, Hwee Weng Dennis ; Lau, Leok Lim ; Thambiah, Joseph ; Kumar, Naresh ; Tan, Jonathan; Ruiz, John; Nga, Vincent; Lwin, Sein; Teo, Kejia ; Ning, Chou; Agrawal, Rohit Vijay ; NG, Bryan; Wong, Weng Hoa ; Yeo, Tseng Tsai; Wong, Hee-Kit 
22018A systematic approach to the development of a safe live attenuated Zika vaccineKwek, S.S; Watanabe, S ; Chan, K.R ; Ong, E.Z ; Tan, H.C ; Ng, W.C ; Nguyen, M.T.X ; Gan, E.S ; Zhang, S.L ; Chan, K.W.K ; Tan, J.H ; Sessions, O.M ; Manuel, M; Pompon, J ; Chua, C; Hazirah, S; Tryggvason, K ; Vasudevan, S.G ; Ooi, E.E 
32017A Zika virus from America is more efficiently transmitted than an Asian virus by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes from AsiaPompon, J ; Morales-Vargas, R; Manuel, M; Tan, C.H; Vial, T; Tan, J.H ; Sessions, O.M ; Vasconcelos, P.D.C; Ng, L.C; Missé, D
42014Alterations to DNA methylation and expression of CXCL14 are associated with suboptimal birth outcomesCheong C.Y.; Chng K.; Lim M.K. ; Amrithraj A.I.; Joseph R. ; Sukarieh R.; Chee Tan Y.; Chan L.; Tan J.H. ; Chen L.; Pan H.; Holbrook J.D. ; Meaney M.J. ; Seng Chong Y. ; Gluckman P.D. ; Stünkel W.
52019Application of a targeted-enrichment methodology for full-genome sequencing of Dengue 1-4, Chikungunya and Zika viruses directly from patient samplesKamaraj, U.S.; Tan, J.H. ; Mei, O.X.; Pan, L.; Chawla, T.; Uehara, A.; Wang, L.-F.; Ooi, E.E.; Gubler, D.J.; Tissera, H.; Ng, L.C.; Wilder-Smith, A.; de Sessions, P.F.; Barkham, T.; Anderson, D.E.; Sessions, O.M. 
62018Comparative whole-genome sequence analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from tuberculous meningitis and pulmonary tuberculosis patientsFaksri, K; Xia, E ; Ong, R.T.-H ; Tan, J.H ; Nonghanphithak, D; Makhao, N; Thamnongdee, N; Thanormchat, A; Phurattanakornkul, A; Rattanarangsee, S; Ratanajaraya, C; Suriyaphol, P; Prammananan, T; Teo, Y.-Y ; Chaiprasert, A