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Ong R.T.H.
Ong, Rick Twee Hee


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12014Characterizing the genetic differences between two distinct migrant groups from Indo-European and Dravidian speaking populations in IndiaAli M.; Liu X. ; Pillai E.N. ; Chen P. ; Khor C.-C. ; Ong R.T.H. ; Teo Y.-Y. 
22018Comparative whole-genome sequence analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from tuberculous meningitis and pulmonary tuberculosis patientsFaksri, K; Xia, E ; Ong, R.T.-H ; Tan, J.H ; Nonghanphithak, D; Makhao, N; Thamnongdee, N; Thanormchat, A; Phurattanakornkul, A; Rattanarangsee, S; Ratanajaraya, C; Suriyaphol, P; Prammananan, T; Teo, Y.-Y ; Chaiprasert, A
32015Dissecting the genetic structure and admixture of four geographical Malay populationsDeng, L; Hoh, B.-P; Lu, D; Saw, W.-Y ; Twee-Hee Ong, R ; Kasturiratne, A; Janaka De Silva, H; Zilfalil, B.A; Kato, N; Wickremasinghe, A.R; Teo, Y.-Y ; Xu, S
42013Draft genome sequence of a multidrug-resistant New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 (NDM-1)-producing Escherichia coli isolate obtained in SingaporeXia, E ; Khong, W.X; Marimuthu, K ; Xu, W ; Ong, R.T.-H ; Tan, E.L ; Krishnan, P.U; Peng Ang, B.S; Lye, D.C ; Chow, A.L.P ; Teo, Y.-Y ; Ng, O.T 
521-Sep-2017Establishing multiple omics baselines for three Southeast Asian populations in the Singapore Integrative Omics StudySaw, Woei-Yuh ; Tantoso, Erwin; Begum, Husna ; Zhou, Lihan ; Zou, Ruiyang ; He, Cheng; Chan, Sze Ling ; Tan, Linda Wei-Lin ; Wong, Lai-Ping ; Xu, Wenting; Kyin, Don Moong Nwe ; Lim, Yenly; Li, Bowen; Pillai, Nisha Esakimuthu ; Peterson, Trevor A; Bielawny, Tomasz; Meikle, Peter J; Mundra, Piyushkumar A; Lim, Wei-Yen ; Luo, Ma; Chia, Kee-Seng ; Ong, Rick Twee-Hee ; Brunham, Liam R; Khor, Chiea-Chuen ; Too, Heng Phon ; Soong, Richie; Wenk, Markus R ; Little, Peter ; Teo, Yik-Ying 
69-Sep-2014Evaluating the coverage and potential of imputing the exome microarray with next-generation imputation using the 1000 genomes projectTantoso, Erwin; Wong, Lai Ping ; Li, Bowen; Saw, Woei Yuh ; Xu, Wen Ting ; Little, Peter F R ; Ong, Rick Twee Hee ; Teo, Yik Ying 
72016Genetic signatures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Nonthaburi genotype revealed by whole genome analysis of isolates from tuberculous meningitis patients in ThailandCoker, O.O; Chaiprasert, A; Ngamphiw, C; Tongsima, S; Regmi, S.M; Clark, T.G; Ong, R.T.H ; Teo, Y.-Y ; Prammananan, T; Palittapongarnpim, P
82015Genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies novel variants associated with fasting plasma glucose in East AsiansHwang J.-Y.; Sim Xueling ; Wu Y.; Liang J.; Tabara Y.; Hu C.; Hara K.; Tam C.H.T.; Cai Q.; Zhao Q.; Ong, Rick Twee Hee ; Nabika, Toru; Teo, Yik Ying ; Tai, E. Shyong 
915-Dec-2020Genomic evidence supporting the clonal expansion of extensively drug resistant tuberculosis bacteria belonging to a rare Proto-Beijing genotypePrapaporn Srilohasin; Therdsak Prammananan; Kiatichai Faksri; Jody Phelan; Prapat Suriyaphol; Phalin Kamolwat; Saijai Smithtikarn; Areeya Disratthakit; Sanjib Regmi; Manoon Leechawengwongs; Rick Twee-Hee Ong ; Yik-Ying Teo ; Sissades Thongsima; Taane Clark; Angkana Chaiprasert
102012Identification of potential biomarkers of gold nanoparticle toxicity in rat brainsFaksri K.; Xia E.; Tan J.H.; Teo Y.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H. 
112016In silico region of difference (RD) analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex from sequence reads using RD-AnalyzerFaksri K.; Xia E.; Tan J.H.; Teo Y.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H. 
122016Local transmission and global dissemination of New Delhi Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (NDM): A whole genome analysisKhong W.X.; Xia E. ; Marimuthu K. ; Xu W. ; Teo Y.-Y. ; Tan E.L.; Neo S.; Krishnan P.U.; Ang B.S.P.; Lye D.C.B. ; Chow A.L.P. ; Ong R.T.-H. ; Ng O.T. 
132015Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in gaming centers, Singapore, 2012Chee, C.B.E; Gan, S.-H; Ong, R.T ; Sng, L.-H ; Wong, C.W; Cutter, J ; Gong, M; Seah, H.-M; Hsu, L.Y ; Solhan, S; Ooi, P.-L; Xia, E; Lim, J.T; Koh, C.-K; Lim, S.-K; Lim, H.-K; Wang, Y.-T
142017Phylogeography of Y-chromosome haplogroup O3a2b2-N6 reveals patrilineal traces of Austronesian populations on the eastern coastal regions of AsiaWei L.-H.; Yan S.; Teo Y.-Y.; Huang Y.-Z.; Wang L.-X.; Yu G.; Saw W.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H. ; Lu Y.; Zhang C.; Xu S.-H.; Jin L.; Li H.
152016SpoTyping: Fast and accurate in silico Mycobacterium spoligotyping from sequence readsXia E.; Teo Y.-Y. ; Ong R.T.-H.