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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Annotated bacterial chromosomes from frame-shift-corrected long-read metagenomic dataArumugam, K.; Ba?cl, C.; Bessarab, I. ; Beier, S.; Buchfink, B.; Górska, A.; Qiu, G.; Huson, D.H. ; Williams, R.B.H. 
210-Sep-2021Dynamics of the fecal microbiome and antimicrobial resistome in commercial piglets during the weaning periodSuriyaphol, Prapat; Chiu, Jimmy Ka Ho; Yimpring, Nathamon; Tunsagool, Paiboon; Mhuantong, Wuttichai; Chuanchuen, Rungtip; Bessarab, Irina ; Williams, Rohan B. H. ; Ong, Rick Twee-Hee ; Suriyaphol, Gunnaporn
322-Jun-2021Genome analysis of Pseudomonas sp. OF001 and Rubrivivax sp. A210 suggests multicopper oxidases catalyze manganese oxidation required for cylindrospermopsin transformationMartínez-Ruiz, Erika Berenice; Cooper, Myriel; Barrero-Canosa, Jimena; Haryono, Mindia A. S. ; Bessarab, Irina ; Williams, Rohan B. H. ; Szewzyk, Ulrich
42018MEGAN-LR: New algorithms allow accurate binning and easy interactive exploration of metagenomic long reads and contigsHuson, D.H. ; Albrecht, B.; Bağcı, C.; Bessarab, I. ; Górska, A.; Jolic, D; Williams, R.B.H. 
52020Phase transitions by an abundant protein in the anammox extracellular matrix mediate cell-to-cell aggregation and biofilm formationSeviour, T.; Wong, L.L.; Lu, Y.; Mugunthan, S.; Yang, Q.; Segaran, U.S.D.C.; Bessarab, I. ; Liebl, D.; Williams, R.B.H. ; Law, Y.; Kjelleberg, S.
616-Mar-2021Recovery of complete genomes and non-chromosomal replicons from activated sludge enrichment microbial communities with long read metagenome sequencingArumugam, Krithika; Bessarab, Irina ; Haryono, Mindia A. S. ; Liu, Xianghui; Zuniga–Montanez, Rogelio E.; Roy, Samarpita; Qiu, Guanglei; Drautz–Moses, Daniela I.; Law, Ying Yu; Wuertz, Stefan; Lauro, Federico M.; Huson, Daniel H. ; Williams, Rohan B. H. 
714-Jan-2021The Isolate Caproiciproducens sp. 7D4C2 Produces n-Caproate at Mildly Acidic Conditions From Hexoses: Genome and rBOX Comparison With Related Strains and Chain-Elongating BacteriaEsquivel-Elizondo, Sofia; Bağcı, C.; Temovska, Monika; Jeon, Byoung Seung; Bessarab, Irina ; Williams, Rohan B. H. ; Huson, Daniel H. ; Angenent, Largus T.