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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016A metagenomic-based survey of microbial (de)halogenation potential in a German forest soilWeigold, P; El-Hadidi, M; Ruecker, A; Huson, D.H ; Scholten, T; Jochmann, M; Kappler, A; Behrens, S
22011Analysis of 16S rRNA environmental sequences using MEGANMitra, S; Stärk, M; Huson, D.H 
32016Analysis of domain architecture and phylogenetics of family 2 glycoside hydrolases (GH2)Talens-Perales D.; Górska A.; Huson D.H. ; Polaina J.; Marín-Navarro J.
42013Analysis of the intestinal microbiota using SOLiD 16S rRNA gene sequencing and SOLiD shotgun sequencingMitra, S; Förster-Fromme, K; Damms-Machado, A; Scheurenbrand, T; Biskup, S; Huson, D.H ; Bischoff, S.C
52019Annotated bacterial chromosomes from frame-shift-corrected long-read metagenomic dataArumugam, K.; Ba?cl, C.; Bessarab, I. ; Beier, S.; Buchfink, B.; Górska, A.; Qiu, G.; Huson, D.H. ; Williams, R.B.H. 
62016Characterization of the gut microbial community of obese patients following a weight-loss intervention using whole metagenome shotgun sequencingLouis S.; Tappu R.-M.; Damms-Machado A.; Huson D.H. ; Bischoff S.C.
72012CREST - Classification Resources for Environmental Sequence TagsLanzén A.; Jørgensen S.L.; Huson D.H. ; Gorfer M.; Grindhaug S.H.; Jonassen I.; Øvreås L.; Urich T.
82007Dendroscope: An interactive viewer for large phylogenetic treesHuson, D.H ; Richter, D.C; Rausch, C; Dezulian, T; Franz, M; Rupp, R
92008Drawing explicit phylogenetic networks and their integration into SplitsTreeKloepper, T.H; Huson, D.H 
102015Effects of surgical and dietary weight loss therapy for obesity on gut microbiota composition and nutrient absorptionDamms-Machado, A; Mitra, S; Schollenberger, A.E; Kramer, K.M; Meile, T; Königsrainer, A; Huson, D.H ; Bischoff, S.C
112017Fast and simple protein-alignment-guided assembly of orthologous gene families from microbiome sequencing readsHuson, D.H ; Tappu, R; Bazinet, A.L; Xie, C; Cummings, M.P; Nieselt, K; Williams, R 
122011Functional analysis of metagenomes and metatranscriptomes using SEED and KEGGMitra, S; Rupek, P; Richter, D.C; Urich, T; Gilbert, J.A; Meyer, F; Wilke, A; Huson, D.H 
132018Genome sequence of Galleria mellonella (greater wax moth)Lange, A; Beier, S; Huson, D.H ; Parusel, R; Iglauer, F; Frick, J.-S
142011Locas - A low coverage assembly tool for resequencing projectsKlein J.D.; Ossowski S.; Schneeberger K.; Weigel D.; Huson D.H. 
152016MEGAN Community Edition - Interactive Exploration and Analysis of Large-Scale Microbiome Sequencing DataHuson D.H. ; Beier S.; Flade I.; G�rska A.; El-Hadidi M.; Mitra S.; Ruscheweyh H.-J.; Tappu R.
162018MEGAN-LR: New algorithms allow accurate binning and easy interactive exploration of metagenomic long reads and contigsHuson, D.H. ; Albrecht, B.; Bağcı, C.; Bessarab, I. ; Górska, A.; Jolic, D; Williams, R.B.H. 
172008MetaSim - A sequencing simulator for genomics and metagenomicsRichter D.C.; Ott F.; Auch A.F.; Schmid R.; Huson D.H. 
182009Methods for comparative metagenomicsHuson, D.H ; Richter, D.C; Mitra, S; Auch, A.F; Schuster, S.C
192007Phylogenetic analysis of condensation domains in NRPS sheds light on their functional evolutionRausch, C; Hoof, I; Weber, T; Wohlleben, W; Huson, D.H 
2016-Mar-2021Recovery of complete genomes and non-chromosomal replicons from activated sludge enrichment microbial communities with long read metagenome sequencingArumugam, Krithika; Bessarab, Irina ; Haryono, Mindia A. S. ; Liu, Xianghui; Zuniga–Montanez, Rogelio E.; Roy, Samarpita; Qiu, Guanglei; Drautz–Moses, Daniela I.; Law, Ying Yu; Wuertz, Stefan; Lauro, Federico M.; Huson, Daniel H. ; Williams, Rohan B. H.