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Marimuthu, K.
Marimuthu, K.


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12020Detection of air and surface contamination by SARS-CoV-2 in hospital rooms of infected patientsChia, P.Y.; Coleman, K.K. ; Tan, Y.K.; Ong, S.W.X.; Gum, M.; Lau, S.K.; Lim, X.F.; Lim, A.S.; Sutjipto, S.; Lee, P.H.; Son, T.T. ; Young, B.E.; Milton, D.K.; Gray, G.C. ; Schuster, S.; Barkham, T. ; De, P.P.; Vasoo, S.; Chan, M.; Ang, B.S.P.; Tan, B.H.; Leo, Y.-S. ; Ng, O.-T.; Wong, M.S.Y.; Marimuthu, K. ; Lye, D.C. ; Lim, P.L. ; Lee, C.C.; Ling, L.M.; Lee, L.; Lee, T.H.; Wong, C.S.; Sadarangani, S.; Lin, R.J.; Ng, D.H.L.; Sadasiv, M.; Yeo, T.W.; Choy, C.Y.; Tan, G.S.E.; Dimatatac, F.; Santos, I.F.; Go, C.J.; Chan, Y.K.; Tay, J.Y.; Tan, J.Y.-L.; Pandit, N.; Ho, B.C.H.; Mendis, S.; Chen, Y.Y.C.; Abdad, M.Y.; Moses, D.; for the Singapore 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Research Team.
22013Draft genome sequence of a multidrug-resistant New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 (NDM-1)-producing Escherichia coli isolate obtained in SingaporeXia, E ; Khong, W.X; Marimuthu, K ; Xu, W ; Ong, R.T.-H ; Tan, E.L ; Krishnan, P.U; Peng Ang, B.S; Lye, D.C ; Chow, A.L.P ; Teo, Y.-Y ; Ng, O.T 
32020Duration of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae carriage in hospital patientsMo, Y.; Hernandez-Koutoucheva, A.; Musicha, P.; Bertrand, D.; Lye, D. ; Ng, O.; Fenlon, S.N.; Chen, S.L. ; Ling, M.L.; Tang, W.Y.; Barkham, T.; Nagarajan, N. ; Cooper, B.S.; Marimuthu, K. 
42018Environmental colonization and onward clonal transmission of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB) in a medical intensive care unit: The case for environmental hygieneNg, D.H.L; Marimuthu, K ; Lee, J.J; Khong, W.X; Ng, O.T ; Zhang, W; Poh, B.F; Rao, P; Raj, M.D.R; Ang, B; De, P.P
52014First report of emergence of OXA-48 carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Singapore: Proactive or reactive infection control strategy?Marimuthu, K. ; Teo, J.W.P.; Fong, P.B.; Hui Chin, J.O.; Qi, K.J.; Chien Boon, D.L.; Li Ping, A.C.; Krishnan, P.; Sze Peng, B.A.
62020Imported monkeypox, SingaporeYong, S.E.F.; Ng, O.T.; Ho, Z.J.M.; Mak, T.M.; Marimuthu, K. ; Vasoo, S.; Yeo, T.W.; Ng, Y.K.; Cui, L.; Ferdous, Z.; Chia, P.Y.; Aw, B.J.W.; Manauis, C.M.; Low, C.K.K.; Chan, G.; Peh, X.; Lim, P.L. ; Chow, L.P.A.; Chan, M.; Lee, V.J.M.; Lin, R.T.P.; Heng, M.K.D.; Leo, Y.S. 
72016Local transmission and global dissemination of New Delhi Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (NDM): A whole genome analysisKhong W.X.; Xia E. ; Marimuthu K. ; Xu W. ; Teo Y.-Y. ; Tan E.L.; Neo S.; Krishnan P.U.; Ang B.S.P.; Lye D.C.B. ; Chow A.L.P. ; Ong R.T.-H. ; Ng O.T. 
813-May-2020Not sick enough to worry? "Influenza-like" symptoms and work-related behavior among healthcare workers and other professionals: Results of a global surveyTartari, E.; Saris, K.; Kenters, N.; Marimuthu, K. ; Widmer, A.; Collignon, P.; Cheng, V.C.C.; Wong, S.C.; Gottlieb, T.; Tambyah, P.A. ; Perencevich, E.; Allegranzi, B.; Dramowski, A.; Edmond, M.B.; Voss, A.; Alp, E.; Thu, L.T.A.; Balkhy, H.; Schweizer, M.; Damani, N.; Debruyne, L.; El-Sokkary, R.; Ferguson, J.; Gastmeier, P.; Ghafur, A.; Gikas, A.; Guzman, M.; Hopman, J.; Hsueh, P.-R.; Hu, B.; Kaku, M.; van de Belt, T.; on behalf of the International Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Infection and Prevention Control (ISAC-IPC) Working Group.
92014The effect of improved hand hygiene on nosocomial MRSA controlMarimuthu, K ; Pittet, D; Harbarth, S
10Sep-2020The effect of sample site, illness duration, and the presence of pneumonia on the detection of SARS-CoV-2 by real-time reverse transcription PCRSutjipto, S.; Lee, P.H.; Tay, J.Y.; Mendis, S.M.; Abdad, M.Y.; Marimuthu, K. ; Ng, O.T. ; Cui, L.; Chan, M.; Soon, M.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Leo, Y.-S. ; De, P.P.; Barkham, T. ; Vasoo, S.; National Centre for Infectious Diseases COVID-19 Outbreak Research Team.
112020The role of hospital environment in transmissions of multidrug-resistant gram-negative organismsChia, P.Y.; Sengupta, S.; Kukreja, A.; S.l. Ponnampalavanar, S.; Ng, O.T.; Marimuthu, K.