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Niranjan Nagarajan


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120092009 swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) resembles previous influenza isolatesKingsford C.; Nagarajan N. ; Salzberg S.L.
22010Alignment and clustering of phylogenetic markers - implications for microbial diversity studiesWhite, J.R; Navlakha, S; Nagarajan, N ; Ghodsi, M; Kingsford, C; Pop, M
32019An expectation-maximization algorithm enables accurate ecological modeling using longitudinal microbiome sequencing dataLi, C.; Chng, K.R.; Kwah, J.S.; Av-Shalom, T.V.; Tucker-Kellogg, L.; Nagarajan, N. 
42014BAsE-Seq: a method for obtaining long viral haplotypes from short sequence readsHong, L.Z.; Hong, S.; Wong, H.T.; Aw, P.P.; Cheng, Y.; Wilm, A.; de Sessions, P.F.; Lim, S.G. ; Nagarajan, N. ; Hibberd, M.L. ; Quake, S.R.; Burkholder, W.F.
52019Boosting natural history research via metagenomic clean-up of crowdsourced fecesSrivathsan, A. ; Nagarajan, N. ; Meier, R. 
62017Comparative genomics of Cryptococcus neoformans var. grubii associated with meningitis in HIV infected and uninfected patients in VietnamDay J.N.; Qihui S.; Thanh L.T.; Trieu P.H.; Van A.D.; Thu N.H.; Chau T.T.H.; Lan N.P.H.; Chau N.V.V.; Ashton P.M.; Thwaites G.E.; Boni M.F.; Wolbers M.; Nagarajan N. ; Tan P.B.O. ; Baker S.
72017Development of a genetically programed vanillin-sensing bacterium for high-throughput screening of lignin-degrading enzyme librariesSana, B; Chia, K.H.B; Raghavan, S.S; Ramalingam, B; Nagarajan, N ; Seayad, J; Ghadessy, F.J
82015Direct whole-genome deep-sequencing of human respiratory syncytial virus A and B from Vietnamese children identifies distinct patterns of inter- and intra-host evolutionHa Do, L.A; Wilm, A; Van Doorn, H.R; Lam, H.M; Sim, S; Sukumaran, R; Tran, A.T; Nguyen, B.H; Tran, T.T.L; Tran, Q.H; Vo, Q.B; Tran Dac, N.A; Trinh, H.N; Nguyen, T.T.H; Le Binh, B.T; Le, K; Nguyen, M.T; Thai, Q.T; Vo, T.V; Minh Ngo, N.Q; Dang, T.K.H; Cao, N.H; Van Tran, T; Ho, L.V; Farrar, J; De Jong, M; Chen, S ; Nagarajan, N ; Bryant, J.E; Hibberd, M.L 
92014Draft genome sequence of polychlorinated biphenyl-dechlorinating Dehalococcoides mccartyi strain SG1, which carries a circular putative plasmidWang S. ; Chng K.R. ; Wu C. ; Wilm A.; Nagarajan N. ; He J. 
102020Duration of carbapenemase-producing enterobacteriaceae carriage in hospital patientsMo, Y.; Hernandez-Koutoucheva, A.; Musicha, P.; Bertrand, D.; Lye, D. ; Ng, O.; Fenlon, S.N.; Chen, S.L. ; Ling, M.L.; Tang, W.Y.; Barkham, T.; Nagarajan, N. ; Cooper, B.S.; Marimuthu, K. 
112016Fast and sensitive mapping of nanopore sequencing reads with GraphMapSovi?, I; Šiki?, M; Wilm, A; Fenlon, S.N; Chen, S ; Nagarajan, N 
122010Finishing genomes with limited resources: Lessons from an ensemble of microbial genomesNagarajan, N ; Cook, C; Di Bonaventura, M; Ge, H; Richards, A; Bishop-Lilly, K.A; DeSalle, R; Read, T.D; Pop, M
132013Genome sequencing of four strains of Rickettsia prowazekii, the causative agent of epidemic typhus, including one flying squirrel isolateBishop-Lilly, K.A; Ge, H; Butani, A; Osborne, B; Verratti, K; Mokashi, V; Nagarajan, N ; Pop, M; Read, T.D; Richards, A.L
142018Genome-wide identification of natural RNA aptamers in prokaryotes and eukaryotesTapsin, S; Sun, M; Shen, Y; Zhang, H; Lim, X.N ; Susanto, T.T; Yang, S.L; Zeng, G.S; Lee, J; Lezhava, A; Ang, E.L; Zhang, L.H; Wang, Y ; Zhao, H; Nagarajan, N ; Wan, Y
152010Genomic characterization of the Yersinia genusChen, P.E; Cook, C; Stewart, A.C; Nagarajan, N ; Sommer, D.D; Pop, M; Thomason, B; Kiley Thomason, M.P; Lentz, S; Nolan, N; Sozhamannan, S; Sulakvelidze, A; Mateczun, A; Du, L; Zwick, M.E; Read, T.D
162015Genus-Wide Comparative Genomics of Malassezia Delineates Its Phylogeny, Physiology, and Niche Adaptation on Human SkinWu G.; Zhao H.; Li C.; Rajapakse M.P.; Wong W.C.; Xu J.; Saunders C.W.; Reeder N.L.; Reilman R.A.; Scheynius A.; Sun S.; Billmyre B.R.; Li W.; Averette A.F.; Mieczkowski P.; Heitman J.; Theelen B.; Schr�der M.S.; De Sessions P.F.; Butler G.; Maurer-Stroh S. ; Boekhout T.; Nagarajan N. ; Dawson T.L.
172020Gut microbiota changes in children with autism spectrum disorder: A systematic reviewHo L.K.H.; Tong V.J.W.; Syn N.; Nagarajan N. ; Tham E.H. ; Tay S.K. ; Shorey S. ; Tambyah P.A. ; Law E.C.N. 
182020Human Tumor-Infiltrating MAIT Cells Display Hallmarks of Bacterial Antigen Recognition in Colorectal CancerLi, S.; Simoni, Y.; Becht, E.; Loh, C.Y.; Li, N.; Lachance, D.; Koo, S.-L.; Lim, T.P.; Tan, E.K.W.; Mathew, R.; Nguyen, A.; Golovato, J.; Berkson, J.D.; Prlic, M.; Lee, B.; Minot, S.S.; Nagarajan, N. ; Dey, N.; Tan, D.S.W.; Tan, I.B.; Newell, E.W.
192011Improving the performance of the peer to peer network by introducing an assortment of methodsSadish Sendil, M; Nagarajan, N 
202017Measurement of fetal fraction in cell-free DNA from maternal plasma using a panel of insertion/deletion polymorphismsBarrett A.N. ; Xiong L. ; Tan T.Z. ; Advani H.V.; Hua R. ; Laureano-Asibal C. ; Soong R. ; Biswas A. ; Nagarajan N. ; Choolani M.