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12015Derivation and validation of an accurate estimation of CD4 counts from the absolute lymphocyte count in virologically suppressed and immunologically reconstituted HIV infected adultsYoung, B; Ng, O.T ; Lye, D.C ; Leo, Y.S 
22013Draft genome sequence of a multidrug-resistant New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 (NDM-1)-producing Escherichia coli isolate obtained in SingaporeXia, E ; Khong, W.X; Marimuthu, K ; Xu, W ; Ong, R.T.-H ; Tan, E.L ; Krishnan, P.U; Peng Ang, B.S; Lye, D.C ; Chow, A.L.P ; Teo, Y.-Y ; Ng, O.T 
32016Elevated CD8 T-cell counts and virological failure in HIV-infected patients after combination antiretroviral therapyKu, N.S; Jiamsakul, A; Ng, O.T ; Yunihastuti, E; Cuong, D.D; Lee, M.P; Sim, B.L.H; Phanuphak, P; Wong, W.-W; Kamarulzaman, A; Zhang, F; Pujari, S; Chaiwarith, R; Oka, S; Mustafa, M; Kumarasamy, N; Van Nguyen, K; Ditangco, R; Kiertiburanakul, S; Merati, T.P; Durier, N; Choi, J.Y; TREAT Asia HIV Observational Databases (TAHO
42018Environmental colonization and onward clonal transmission of carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB) in a medical intensive care unit: The case for environmental hygieneNg, D.H.L; Marimuthu, K ; Lee, J.J; Khong, W.X; Ng, O.T ; Zhang, W; Poh, B.F; Rao, P; Raj, M.D.R; Ang, B; De, P.P
52013High prevalence of CXCR4 usage among treatment-naive CRF01_AE and CRF51_01B-infected HIV-1 subjects in SingaporeNg, K.Y; Chew, K.K; Kaur, P; Kwan, J.Y; Khong, W.X; Lin, L; Chua, A; Tan, M.T; Quinn, T.C; Laeyendecker, O; Leo, Y.S ; Ng, O.T 
62011Increased rate of CD4+ T-Cell decline and faster time to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1 subtype CRF01_AE infected seroconverters in singaporeNg O.T. ; Lin L.; Laeyendecker O.; Quinn T.C.; Sun Y.J.; Lee C.C. ; Leo Y.S. 
72016Local transmission and global dissemination of New Delhi Metallo-Beta-Lactamase (NDM): A whole genome analysisKhong W.X.; Xia E. ; Marimuthu K. ; Xu W. ; Teo Y.-Y. ; Tan E.L.; Neo S.; Krishnan P.U.; Ang B.S.P.; Lye D.C.B. ; Chow A.L.P. ; Ong R.T.-H. ; Ng O.T. 
82008Naturally acquired human Plasmodium knowlesi infection, SingaporeNg, O.T ; Eng, E.O; Cheng, C.L; Piao, J.L; Lee, C.N; Pei, S.W; Tian, M.T; Jin, P.L; Yee, S.L
92012Opt-out of voluntary HIV testing: A singapore hospital's experienceChua A.C.; Leo Y.S. ; Cavailler P.; Chu C.; Ng A.; Ng O.T. ; Krishnan P.
102013Phylodynamic profile of HIV-1 subtype B, CRF01-AE and the recently emerging CRF51-01B among men who have sex with men (MSM) in SingaporeNg K.T.; Ng K.Y.; Khong W.X.; Chew K.K.; Singh P.K.; Yap J.K.; Tan M.T.; Leo Y.S. ; Laeyendecker O.; Quinn T.C.; Kamarulzaman A.; Tee K.K.; Ng O.T. 
112015Reducing hypersensitivity reactions with HLA-B∗5701 genotyping before abacavir prescription: Clinically useful but is it cost-effective in Singapore?Kapoor R.; Martinez-Vega R.; Dong D.; Tan S.Y.; Leo Y.-S.; Lee C.-C.; Sung C. ; Ng O.-T. ; Archuleta S. ; Teo Y.-Y. 
122016Renal dysfunction during tenofovir use in a regional cohort of HIV-infected individuals in the Asia-PacificTanuma J.; Jiamsakul A.; Makane A.; Avihingsanon A.; Ng O.T. ; Kiertiburanakul S.; Chaiwarith R.; Kumarasamy N.; Van Nguyen K.; Pham T.T.; Lee M.P.; Ditangco R.; Merati T.P.; Choi J.Y.; Wong W.W.; Kamarulzaman A.; Yunihastuti E.; Sim B.L.; Ratanasuwan W.; Kantipong P.; Zhang F.; Mustafa M.; Saphonn V.; Pujari S.; Sohn A.H.; Mean C.V.; Saphonn V.; Vohith K.; Zhang F.J.; Zhao H.X.; Han N.; Li P.C.K.; Lam W.; Chan Y.T.; Wong K.H.; Saghayam S.; Ezhilarasi C.; Joshi K.; Wirawan D.N.; Yuliana F.; Imran D.; Widhani A.; Oka S.; Nishijima T.; Na S.; Kim J.M.; Gani Y.M.; David R.; Omar S.F.S.; Ponnampalavanar S.; Azwa I.; Huda N.; Ong L.Y.; Uy E.; Bantique R.; Ku W.W.; Wu P.C.; Lim P.L. ; Lee L.S.; Ohnmar P.S.; Phanuphak P.; Ruxrungtham K.; Chusut P.; Sirivichayakul S.; Sungkanuparph S.; Chumla L.; Sanmeema N.; Chaiwarith R.; Sirisanthana T.; Kotarathititum W.; Praparattanapan J.; Kantipong P.; Kambua P.; Sriondee R.; Bui V.H.; Cao T.T.; Cuong D.D.; Ha H.L.; Durier N.; Petersen B.; Singtoroj T.; Cooper D.A.; Law M.G.; Boettiger D.C.
132015Severe pediatric adenovirus 7 disease in singapore linked to recent outbreaks across asiaNg, O.T ; Thoon, K.C ; Chua, H.Y; Tan, N.W.H ; Chong, C.Y ; Tee, N.W.S ; Lin, R.T.P ; Cui, L; Venkatachalam, I; Tambyah, P.A ; Chew, J; Fong, R.K.C; Oh, H.M.L; Krishnan, P.U; Lee, V.J.M ; Tan, B.H; Ng, S.H ; Ting, P.J; Maurer-Stroh, S ; Gunalan, V; Khong, W.X
14Sep-2020The effect of sample site, illness duration, and the presence of pneumonia on the detection of SARS-CoV-2 by real-time reverse transcription PCRSutjipto, S.; Lee, P.H.; Tay, J.Y.; Mendis, S.M.; Abdad, M.Y.; Marimuthu, K. ; Ng, O.T. ; Cui, L.; Chan, M.; Soon, M.; Lin, R.T.P. ; Leo, Y.-S. ; De, P.P.; Barkham, T. ; Vasoo, S.; National Centre for Infectious Diseases COVID-19 Outbreak Research Team.
152014Trends in first-line antiretroviral therapy in Asia: Results from the treat Asia HIV Observational DatabaseBoettiger D.C.; Kerr S.; Ditangco R.; Merati T.P.; Pham T.T.T.; Chaiwarith R.; Kiertiburanakul S.; Li C.K.P.; Kumarasamy N.; Vonthanak S.; Lee C.; Van Kinh N.; Pujari S.; Wong W.W.; Kamarulzaman A.; Zhang F.; Yunihastuti E.; Choi J.Y.; Oka S.; Ng O.T. ; Kantipong P.; Mustafa M.; Ratanasuwan W.; Sohn A.; Law M.
162014Trends of CD4 cell count levels at the initiation of antiretroviral therapy over time and factors associated with late initiation of antiretroviral therapy among Asian HIV-positive patientsKiertiburanakul, S; Boettiger, D; Lee, M.P; Omar, S.F; Tanuma, J; Ng, O.T ; Durier, N; Phanuphak, P; Ditangco, R; Chaiwarith, R; Kantipong, P; Lee, C.K; Mustafa, M; Saphonn, V; Ratanasuwan, W; Merati, T.P; Kumarasamy, N; Wong, W.W; Zhang, F; Pham, T.T; Pujari, S; Choi, J.Y; Yunihastuti, E; Sungkanuparph, S