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12017Antimicrobial activity and cell selectivity of synthetic and biosynthetic cationic polymersVenkatesh, M; Barathi, V.A ; Goh, E.T.L; Anggara, R; Fazil, M.H.U.T; Ng, A.J.Y; Harini, S; Aung, T.T; Fox, S.J; Liu, S ; Yang, L; Barkham, T.M.S ; Loh, X.J ; Verma, N.K; Beuerman, R.W ; Lakshminarayanan, R 
22017Characterization of metagenomes in urban aquatic compartments reveals high prevalence of clinically relevant antibiotic resistance genes in wastewatersNg C. ; Tay M.; Tan B.; Le T.-H.; Haller L. ; Chen H. ; Koh T.H.; Barkham T.M.S. ; Gin K.Y.-H. 
32010Dengue virus surveillance for early warning, SingaporeLee, K.-S; Lai, Y.-L; Lo, S; Barkham, T ; Aw, P; Ooi, P.-L; Tai, J.-C; Hibberd, M ; Johansson, P; Khoo, S.-P; Ng, L.-C
42016Diarrheagenic pathogens in adults attending a hospital in SingaporeChau M.L.; Hartantyo S.H.P.; Yap M.; Kang J.S.L. ; Aung K.T.; Gutiérrez R.A.; Ng L.C.; Tam C.C. ; Barkham T. 
52017Group B Streptococcus infections caused by improper sourcing and handling of fish for raw consumption, Singapore, 2015–2016Chau, M.L; Chen, S.L ; Yap, M; Hartantyo, S.H.P; Chiew, P.K.T; Fernandez, C.J; Wong, W.K; Fong, R.K; Tan, W.L; Tan, B.Z.Y; Ng, Y; Aung, K.T; Mehershahi, K.S ; Goh, C; Kang, J.S.L; Barkham, T ; Leong, A.O.K; Gutiérrez, R.A; Ng, L.C
62016Group B Streptococcus sequence type 283 disease linked to consumption of raw fish, SingaporeRajendram, P; Kyaw, W.M; Leo, Y.S ; Ho, H; Chen, W.K; Lin, R ; Pratim, D.P; Badaruddin, H; Ang, B; Barkham, T ; Chow, A 
72009Improving the clinical diagnosis of influenza - A comparative analysis of new influenza a (H1N1) casesOng A.K.; Chen M.I. ; Lin L.; Tan A.S.; New N.W.; Barkham T. ; Tay S.Y.; Leo Y.S. 
82008Increasing incidence of Clostridium difficile-associated disease, SingaporeLim, P.L ; Barkham, T.M.S ; Ling, L.M; Dimatatac, F; Alfred, T; Ang, B
92014Latent tuberculosis in patients with diabetes mellitus: prevalence, progression and public health implicationsLeow M.K. ; Dalan R. ; Chee C.B.; Earnest A. ; Chew D.E. ; Tan A.W.; Kon W.Y.; Jong M. ; Barkham T. ; Wang Y.T. 
102007Maculopathy and dengue [6]Laude, A; Chlebicki, M.P ; Ang, B; Barkham, T 
112010Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 surveillance and prevalence of seasonal influenza, SingaporeLeo, Y.-S ; Lye, D.C ; Barkham, T ; Krishnan, P; Seow, E; Chow, A 
122003Persistence of W135 Neisseria meningitidis carriage in returning Hajj pilgrims: Risk for early and late transmission to household contactsWilder-Smith, A; Barkham, T. ; Ravindran, S.; Earnest, A.; Paton, N.I. 
132010Reemergence of dengue in MauritiusIssack, M.I; Pursem, V.N; Barkham, T.M.S ; Ng, L.-C; Inoue, M; Manraj, S.S
142005Retinal hemorrhages in 4 patients with dengue feverChlebicki, M.P ; Ang, B; Barkham, T ; Laude, A
152011Surveillance for Clostridium difficile infection: ICD-9 coding has poor sensitivity compared to laboratory diagnosis in hospital patients, SingaporeChan M.; Lim P.L. ; Chow A. ; Win M.K.; Barkham T.M.