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12017A case of influenza a (H3N2) complicated by community-acquired pneumonia and death in a young healthy adult during the 2013-2014 seasonCollins, L.F; Anderson, B.D; Gray, G.C 
22015A national assessment of the epidemiology of severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, ChinaLiu, K; Zhou, H; Sun, R.-X; Yao, H.-W; Li, Y; Wang, L.-P; Di, M; Li, X.-L; Yang, Y; Gray, G.C ; Cui, N; Yin, W.-W; Fang, L.-Q; Yu, H.-J; Cao, W.-C
32014A prospective study of romanian agriculture workers for zoonotic influenza infectionsComan A.; Maftei D.N.; Krueger W.S.; Heil G.L.; Chereches R.M.; Sirlincan E.; Bria P.; Dragnea C.; Kasler I.; Valentine M.A.; Gray G.C. 
42016A review of evidence that equine influenza viruses are zoonoticXie, T; Anderson, B.D; Daramragchaa, U; Chuluunbaatar, M; Gray, G.C 
52017A system dynamics approach to understanding the One Health conceptXie T.; Liu W.; Anderson B.D.; Liu X.; Gray G.C. 
62018A systematic review of evidence that enteroviruses may be zoonoticFieldhouse, J.K.; Wang, X.; Mallinson, K.A.; Tsao, R.W.; Gray, G.C. 
72017A systematic review of zoonotic enteric parasitic diseases among nomadic and pastoral peopleBarnes A.N.; Davaasuren A.; Baasandagva U.; Gray G.C. 
82014Antibodies against H10N8 avian influenza virus among animal workers in Guangdong Province before November 30, 2013, when the first human H10N8 case was recognizedQi, W; Su, S; Xiao, C; Zhou, P; Li, H; Ke, C; Gray, G.C ; Zhang, G; Liao, M
92006Avian influenza among waterfowl hunters and wildlife professionalsGill, J.S; Webby, R; Gilchrist, M.J.R; Gray, G.C 
102018Bioaerosol Sampling for Respiratory Viruses in Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit NetworkColeman, K.K; Nguyen, T.T; Yadana, S; Hansen-Estruch, C; Lindsley, W.G; Gray, G.C 
112011Capacity-building efforts by the AFHSC-GEIS programSanchez, J.L; Johns, M.C; Burke, R.L; Vest, K.G; Fukuda, M.M; Yoon, I.-K; Lon, C; Quintana, M; Schnabel, D.C; Pimentel, G; Mansour, M; Tobias, S; Montgomery, J.M; Gray, G.C ; Saylors, K; Ndip, L.M; Lewis, S; Blair, P.J; Sjoberg, P.A; Kuschner, R.A; Russell, K.L; Blazes, D.L
122016Characterization of H7N2 Avian Influenza Virus in Wild Birds and Pikas in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau AreaSu, S; Xing, G; Wang, J; Li, Z; Gu, J; Yan, L; Lei, J; Ji, S; Hu, B; Gray, G.C ; Yan, Y; Zhou, J
132007Complementary and alternative medicine use among US Navy and Marine Corps personnelSmith, T.C; Ryan, M.A.K; Smith, B; Reed, R.J; Riddle, J.R; Gumbs, G.R; Gray, G.C 
142007Demographic and occupational predictors of early response to a mailed invitation to enroll in a longitudinal health studyChretien, J.-P; Chu, L.K; Smith, T.C; Smith, B; Ryan, M.A.K; Wells, T.S; Riddle, J.R; Gray, G.C ; Hooper, T; Gackstetter, G.D; Boyko, E.J; Amoroso, P
152020Detection of air and surface contamination by SARS-CoV-2 in hospital rooms of infected patientsChia, P.Y.; Coleman, K.K. ; Tan, Y.K.; Ong, S.W.X.; Gum, M.; Lau, S.K.; Lim, X.F.; Lim, A.S.; Sutjipto, S.; Lee, P.H.; Son, T.T. ; Young, B.E.; Milton, D.K.; Gray, G.C. ; Schuster, S.; Barkham, T. ; De, P.P.; Vasoo, S.; Chan, M.; Ang, B.S.P.; Tan, B.H.; Leo, Y.-S. ; Ng, O.-T.; Wong, M.S.Y.; Marimuthu, K. ; Lye, D.C. ; Lim, P.L. ; Lee, C.C.; Ling, L.M.; Lee, L.; Lee, T.H.; Wong, C.S.; Sadarangani, S.; Lin, R.J.; Ng, D.H.L.; Sadasiv, M.; Yeo, T.W.; Choy, C.Y.; Tan, G.S.E.; Dimatatac, F.; Santos, I.F.; Go, C.J.; Chan, Y.K.; Tay, J.Y.; Tan, J.Y.-L.; Pandit, N.; Ho, B.C.H.; Mendis, S.; Chen, Y.Y.C.; Abdad, M.Y.; Moses, D.; for the Singapore 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Research Team.
162014Detection of antibodies against Turkey astrovirus inMeliopoulos V.A.; Kayali G.; Burnham A.; Oshansky C.M.; Thomas P.G.; Gray G.C. ; Beck M.A.; Schultz-Cherry S.
172017Distribution and molecular characteristics of rickettsiae found in ticks across Central MongoliaBoldbaatar, B; Jiang, R.-R; Von Fricken, M.E; Lkhagvatseren, S; Nymadawa, P; Baigalmaa, B; Wang, Y.-W; Anderson, B.D; Jiang, J.-F; Gray, G.C 
182005Emergent strain of human adenovirus endemic in IowaGray, G.C ; Setterquist, S.F; Jirsa, S.J; DesJardin, L.E; Erdman, D.D
192014Epidemiologic Features and Environmental Risk Factors of Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, Xinyang, ChinaLiu K.; Cui N.; Fang L.-Q.; Wang B.-J.; Lu Q.-B.; Peng W.; Li H.; Wang L.-Y.; Liang S.; Wang H.-Y.; Zhang Y.-Y.; Zhuang L.; Yang H.; Gray G.C. ; de Vlas S.J.; Liu W.; Cao W.-C.
202014Epidemiology of human adenovirus and molecular characterization of human adenovirus 55 in China, 2009-2012Lu, Q.-B; Tong, Y.-G; Wo, Y; Wang, H.-Y; Liu, E.-M; Gray, G.C ; Liu, W; Cao, W.-C