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Lee Ming Chong, Ivor Russel
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127-Jan-2021Cefazolin versus ceftriaxone as definitive treatment for Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteraemia: a retrospective multicentre study in SingaporeLee, I Russel ; Tun-Linn, Thein; Ang, Li Wei; Ding, Ying ; Lim, Jonathan J; Bok, Chwee Fang; Mukherjee, Shilpa; Titin, Christina; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Lye, David C 
22012Characterization of an Nmr homolog that modulates gata factor-mediated nitrogen metabolite repression in cryptococcus neoformansLee I.R. ; Lim J.W.C.; Ormerod K.L.; Morrow C.A.; Fraser J.A.
32013Characterization of the Complete Uric Acid Degradation Pathway in the Fungal Pathogen Cryptococcus neoformansLee I.R. ; Yang L.; Sebetso G.; Allen R.; Doan T.H.N.; Blundell R.; Lui E.Y.L.; Morrow C.A.; Fraser J.A.
42017Comparison of diabetic and non-diabetic human leukocytic responses to different capsule types of Klebsiella pneumoniae responsible for causing pyogenic liver abscessLee, I.R ; Sng, E ; Lee, K.-O ; Molton, J.S ; Chan, M; Kalimuddin, S ; Izharuddin, E; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Gan, Y.-H 
52016Differential host susceptibility and bacterial virulence factors driving Klebsiella liver abscess in an ethnically diverse populationLee, I.R ; Molton, J.S ; Wyres, K.L; Gorrie, C; Wong, J ; Hoh, C.H ; Teo, J; Kalimuddin, S ; Lye, D.C ; Archuleta, S ; Holt, K.E; Gan, Y.-H 
619-Jul-2022Early oral stepdown antibiotic therapy versus continuing intravenous therapy for uncomplicated Gram-negative bacteraemia (the INVEST trial): study protocol for a multicentre, randomised controlled, open-label, phase III, non-inferiority trialLee, I Russel ; Tong, Steven YC; Davis, Joshua S; Paterson, David L; Syed-Omar, Sharifah F; Peck, Kwong Ran; Chung, Doo Ryeon; Cooke, Graham S; Libau, Eshele Anak ; Rahman, Siti-Nabilah BA ; Gandhi, Mihir P ; Shi, Luming ; Zheng, Shuwei ; Chaung, Jenna; Tan, Seow Yen; Kalimuddin, Shirin ; Archuleta, Sophia ; Lye, David C 
71-Sep-2020Metagenome-wide association analysis identifies microbial determinants of post-antibiotic ecological recovery in the gutChng, KR; Ghosh, TS; Tan, YH ; Nandi, T; Lee, IR ; Ng, AHQ; Li, C; Ravikrishnan, A; Lim, KM; Lye, D ; Barkham, T ; Raman, K; Chen, SL ; Chai, L ; Young, B; Gan, YH ; Nagarajan, N