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Lee, K.-O.
Lee, K.O.
Lee, Kok Onn
Kok, O.L.
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11994An index case of adrenomyeloneuropathy in a Chinese man.Ong, B.K. ; Lee, K.O. ; Lee, T. ; Chong, P.N. 
22009An unusual outbreak of hypoglycemiaKao, S.L.; Lee, K.O. ; Chan, C.L. ; Tan, B.; Lim, C.C.T.; Dalan, R.; Gardner, D.; Pratt, E.; Lee, M.
34-Jun-2009An unusual outbreak of hypoglycemia - A correctionShih, L.K.; Cheng, L.C.; Tan, B.; Lim, C.C.T.; Dalan, R.; Gardner, D.; Pratt, E.; Lee, M.; Kok, O.L. 
42004Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma with Destructive Thyrotoxicosis in a Patient with Preexisting Multinodular GoiterVilla, M.L.; Mukherjee, J.J.; Tran, N.Q.; Lee, K.O. ; Cheah, W.K.; Howe, H.S.
51997Can growth hormone treatment improve the growth retardation in children associated with steroid dependent nephrotic syndromeYap, H.K. ; Loke, K.Y. ; Lee, K.O. 
61990Cation transport across lymphocyte plasma membranes in euthyroid and thyrotoxic men with and without hypokalaemic periodic paralysisOh, V.M.S. ; Taylor, E.A.; Yeo, S.-H.; Lee, K.-O. 
71999Comparison of monthly intramuscular injections of Sandostatin LAR with multiple subcutaneous injections of octreotide in the treatment of acromegaly; effects on growth hormone and other markers of growth hormone secretionHunter, S.J.; Atkinson, A.B.; Shaw, J.A.M.; Bevan, J.S.; Lee, K.O. ; Wood, P.J.
82007Des-aspartate-angiotensin I exerts hypoglycemic action via glucose transporter-4 translocation in type 2 diabetic KKAy mice and GK ratsSim, M.-K. ; Xu, X.-G.; Wong, Y.-C.; Sim, S.-Z.; Lee, K.-O. 
9Oct-2011Diabetic dyslipidaemia in Asian populations in the Western Pacific Region: What we know and don't knowChan, J.C.N.; Chan, S.P.; Deerochanawong, C.; Go, R.T.; Lee, K.-O. ; Ma, R.C.W.; Pan, C.-Y.; Sheu, W.H.-H.; Barter, P.
101998Does a positive oestrogen feedback on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis exist concurrently with a defective testosterone feedback in Klinefelter's syndrome?Goh, V.H.H. ; Lee, K.O. 
112004Does growth hormone prevent aging in the healthy elderly with low serum insulin-like growth factor-I?Lee, K.O. ; Liao, L.; Mukherjee, J.J.
121995Effect of growth hormone therapy in men with severe idiopathic oligozoospermiaLee, K.-O. ; Ng, S.-C. ; Lee, P.-S.; Bongso, A.T. ; Taylor, E.A.; Lin, T.-K.; Ratnam, S.S. 
131998Effect of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) and IGF-binding proteins on in vitro sperm motilityMiao, Z.-R.; Zhou, X. ; Lee, K.-O. ; Lin, T.K. ; Bongso, T.A. ; Cohen, P.
141995Effect of lithium and oral thyrotrophin-releasing hormone (TRH) on serum thyrotrophin (TSH) and radioiodine uptake in patients with well differentiated thyroid carcinomaAng, E.S.; Teh, H.S.; Sundram, F.X.; Lee, K.O. 
151997Efficacy and safety of one year of growth hormone therapy in steroid- dependent nephrotic syndromeLoke, K.Y. ; Yap, H.K. ; Zhou, X. ; Tan, S.P.; Chao, S.M.; Lee, K.-O. 
162005Ethanol feeding impairs insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in isolated rat skeletal muscle: Role of Gs α and cAMPWan, Q.; Liu, Y.; Guan, Q.; Gao, L.; Zhao, J.; Lee, K.O. 
172015Fasting plasma insulin at 5 years of age predicted subsequent weight increase in early childhood over a 5-year period-the Da Qing children cohort studyChen Y.Y.; Wang J.P.; Jiang Y.Y.; Li H.; Hu Y.H.; Lee K.O. ; Li G.W.
18Oct-1996Fatal lactic acidosis from imported phenformin - Report of two casesYeoh, K.G. ; Lee, K.O. ; Cheah, J.S. 
191996Fatal lactic acidosis from imported phenformin - Report of two casesYeoh, K.G. ; Lee, K.O. ; Cheah, J.S. 
201-Apr-2012Fulminant type 1 diabetes mellitus: A study of nine casesSu, X.-F.; Fu, L.-Y.; Wu, J.-D.; Xu, X.-H.; Li, H.-Q.; Sun, R.; Ye, L.; Lee, K.-O. ; Ma, J.-H.