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Balram Chowbay
Chowbay, B.


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11-Dec-2016A Single Dose-Escalation Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Orally Administered Des-Aspartate Angiotensin I in Healthy SubjectsLee, KO ; Khoo, CM ; Chowbay, B ; Chan, YH ; Sim, MK
22015Association of ABCB1 and FLT3 polymorphisms with toxicities and survival in asian patients receiving sunitinib for renal cell carcinomaChu Y.-H.; Li H. ; Tan H.S.; Koh V.; Lai J.; Phyo W.M.; Choudhury Y.; Kanesvaran R. ; Chau N.M.; Toh C.K.; Ng Q.S.; Tan P.H.; Chowbay B. ; Tan M.-H. 
32008Capecitabine-induced oromandibular dystonia: A case report and literature reviewNgeow J.Y.Y. ; Prakash K.M. ; Chowbay B. ; Quek S.T. ; Choo S.-P.
41-Sep-2016Genetic risk of extranodal natural killer T-cell lymphoma: a genome-wide association studyLi, Zheng; Xia, Yi; Feng, Li-Na; Chen, Jie-Rong; Li, Hong-Min; Cui, Jing; Cai, Qing-Qing; Sim, Kar Seng; Nairismagi, Maarja-Liisa; Laurensia, Yurike; Meah, Wee Yang; Liu, Wen-Sheng; Guo, Yun-Miao; Chen, Li-Zhen; Feng, Qi-Sheng; Pang, Chi Pui; Chen, Li Jia; Chew, Soo Hong ; Ebstein, Richard P; Foo, Jia Nee; Liu, Jianjun; Ha, Jeslin; Khoo, Lay Poh; Chin, Suk Teng; Zeng, Yi-Xin; Aung, Tin; Chowbay, Balram ; Diong, Colin Phipps; Zhang, Fen; Liu, Yan-Hui; Tang, Tiffany; Tao, Miriam; Quek, Richard; Mohamad, Farid; Tan, Soo Yong ; Teh, Bin Tean ; Ng, Siok Bian ; Chng, Wee Joo ; Ong, Choon Kiat ; Okada, Yukinori; Raychaudhuri, Soumya; Lim, Soon Thye; Tan, Wen; Peng, Rou-Jun; Khor, Chiea Chuen; Bei, Jin-Xin
52017Hydration effects on the efficacy of the Epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitor afatinibKannan, S; Pradhan, M.R; Tiwari, G; Tan, W.-C; Chowbay, B ; Tan, E.H ; Tan, D.S.-W; Verma, C 
62015Impact of smoking and brain metastasis on outcomes of advanced EGFR mutation lung adenocarcinoma patients treated with first line epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitorsJain A.; Lim C. ; Gan E.M.; Ng D.Z.; Ng Q.S.; Ang M.K. ; Takano A. ; Chan K.S. ; Tan W.M.; Kanesvaran R. ; Toh C.K. ; Loo C.M. ; Hsu A.A.L. ; Devanand A. ; Lim C.H. ; Koong H.N. ; Koh T. ; Fong K.W. ; Yap S.P.; Kim S.W.; Chowbay B. ; Oon L. ; Lim K.H. ; Lim W.T. ; Tan E.H. ; Tan D.S.W. 
72017Improved prediction of endoxifen metabolism by cyp2d6 genotype in breast cancer patients treated with tamoxifenSchroth, W; Winter, S; Mürdter, T; Schaeffeler, E; Eccles, D; Eccles, B; Chowbay, B ; Khor, C.C ; Tfayli, A; Zgheib, N.K; Eichelbaum, M; Schwab, M; Brauch, H
82013Pharmacogenetics and its relevance to clinical practiceSutiman, N.; Chowbay, B. 
92016Phase I study of oral vinorelbine in combination with erlotinib in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) using two different schedulesSutiman N.; Zhang Z.; Ang M.K. ; Tan S.-W.D.; Toh C.K.; Ng Q.S.; Chowbay B. ; Lim W.-T. 
101-Nov-2008PXR pharmacogenetics: Association of haplotypes with hepatic CYP3A4 and ABCB1 messenger RNA expression and doxorubicin clearance in Asian breast cancer patientsSandanaraj, E.; Lal, S.; Selvarajan, V. ; Ooi, L.L. ; Zee, W.W.; Nan, S.W.; Ang, P.C.S.; Lee, E.J.D. ; Chowbay, B. 
112012SLC22A1-ABCB1 Haplotype Profiles Predict Imatinib Pharmacokinetics in Asian Patients with Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaSingh O.; Chan J.Y.; Lin K.; Heng C.C.T.; Chowbay B. 
12May-2003The modulation of irinotecan-induced diarrhoea and pharmacokinetics by three different classes of pharmacologic agentsChowbay, B. ; Sharma, A.; Zhou, Q.-Y.; Cheung, Y.B. ; Lee, E.J.D. 
132010VKORC1 pharmacogenetics and pharmacoproteomics in patients on warfarin anticoagulant therapy: Transthyretin precursor as a potential biomarkerSaminathan R.; Bai J.; Sadrolodabaee L.; Karthik G.M.; Singh O.; Subramaniyan K.; Ching C.B. ; Chen W.N.; Chowbay B.