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12018A merged lung cancer transcriptome dataset for clinical predictive modelingLim, S.B; Tan, S.J; Lim, W.-T ; Lim, C.T 
2Sep-2012A multiinstitutional phase 2 trial of pazopanib monotherapy in advanced anaplastic thyroid cancerBible, K.C.; Suman, V.J.; Menefee, M.E.; Smallridge, R.C.; Molina, J.R.; Maples, W.J.; Karlin, N.J.; Traynor, A.M.; Kumar, P.; Goh, B.C.; Lim, W.-T. ; Bossou, A.R.; Isham, C.R.; Webster, K.P.; Kukla, A.K.; Bieber, C.; Burton, J.K.; Harris, P.; Erlichman, C.
315-Aug-2011A phase II study of pazopanib in asian patients with recurrent/metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinomaLim, W.-T. ; Ng, Q.-S.; Ivy, P.; Leong, S.-S.; Singh, O.; Chowbay, B.; Gao, F.; Thng, C.H.; Goh, B.-C. ; Tan, D.S.-W.; Koh, T.S.; Toh, C.-K.; Tan, E.-H. 
42017A systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data on the impact of the BIM deletion polymorphism on treatment outcomes in epidermal growth factor receptor mutant lung cancerSoh, S.X; Siddiqui, F.J ; Allen, J.C ; Kim, G.W; Lee, J.C; Yatabe, Y; Soda, M; Mano, H; Soo, R.A ; Chin, T.-M ; Ebi, H; Yano, S; Matsuo, K; Niu, X; Lu, S; Isobe, K; Lee, J.-H; Yang, J.C; Zhao, M; Zhou, C; Lee, J.-K; Lee, S.-H; Lee, J.Y; Ahn, M.-J; Tan, T.J; Tan, D.S ; Tan, E.-H; Ong, S.T ; Lim, W.-T 
52017An extracellular matrix-related prognostic and predictive indicator for early-stage non-small cell lung cancerLim, S.B; Tan, S.J; Lim, W.-T ; Lim, C.T 
62014Bosutinib inhibits migration and invasion via ack1 in kras mutant non-small cell lung cancerTan, D.S.W; Haaland, B ; Gan, J.M; Tham, S.C; Sinha, I; Tan, E.H; Lim, K.H ; Takano, A ; Krisna, S.S; Thu, M.M.M; Liew, H.P; Ullrich, A; Lim, W.-T ; Chua, B.T
72018Cost effectiveness analysis of afatinib versus pemetrexed-cisplatin for first-line treatment of locally advanced or metastatic EGFR mutation positive non-small-cell lung cancer from the Singapore healthcare payer's perspectiveTan, P.-T; Aziz, M.I.A; Pearce, F; Lim, W.-T ; Wu, D.B.-C; Ng, K
82018Elucidating the genomic architecture of Asian EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinoma through multi-region exome sequencingNahar, R; Zhai, W; Zhang, T; Takano, A; Khng, A.J; Lee, Y.Y; Liu, X; Lim, C.H; Koh, T.P.T; Aung, Z.W; Lim, T.K.H ; Veeravalli, L; Yuan, J; Teo, A.S.M; Chan, C.X; Poh, H.M; Chua, I.M.L; Liew, A.A; Lau, D.P.X; Kwang, X.L; Toh, C.K; Lim, W.-T ; Lim, B; Tam, W.L ; Tan, E.-H ; Hillmer, A.M; Tan, D.S.W
91-Jan-2020First-in-Human, Healthy Volunteers Integrated Protocol of ETC-206, an Oral Mnk 1/2 Kinase Inhibitor Oncology DrugTeneggi, V; Novotny-Diermayr, V; Lee, LH; Yasin, M; Yeo, P; Ethirajulu, K; Gan, SBH; Blanchard, SE; Nellore, R; Umrani, DN; Gomeni, R; Teck, DLW ; Li, G; Lu, QS; Cao, Y; Matter, A 
102015Impact of smoking and brain metastasis on outcomes of advanced EGFR mutation lung adenocarcinoma patients treated with first line epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitorsJain A.; Lim C. ; Gan E.M.; Ng D.Z.; Ng Q.S.; Ang M.K. ; Takano A. ; Chan K.S. ; Tan W.M.; Kanesvaran R. ; Toh C.K. ; Loo C.M. ; Hsu A.A.L. ; Devanand A. ; Lim C.H. ; Koong H.N. ; Koh T. ; Fong K.W. ; Yap S.P.; Kim S.W.; Chowbay B. ; Oon L. ; Lim K.H. ; Lim W.T. ; Tan E.H. ; Tan D.S.W. 
112016Phase I study of oral vinorelbine in combination with erlotinib in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) using two different schedulesSutiman N.; Zhang Z.; Ang M.K. ; Tan S.-W.D.; Toh C.K.; Ng Q.S.; Chowbay B. ; Lim W.-T. 
122011'Prechronous' metastasis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma: A case reportPoon, E; Ong, S.J ; Chuang, X.E; Lim, W.T ; Mohd Zam, N.A ; Chong, T.W ; Al Jajeh, I; Mancer, K; Tan, M.-H