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Sze Huey Tan
Tan, S.H.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2020A Prospective 10-year Observational Study of Reduction of Radiotherapy Clinical Target Volume and Dose in Early-stage Nasopharyngeal CarcinomaJingjing Miao; Muping Di; Boyu Chen; Lin Wang; Yanqing Cao; Weiwei Xiao; Kah Hie Wong; Luo Huang; Manyi Zhu; Huageng Huang; Shaomin Huang; Fei Han; Xiaowu Deng; Yanqun Xiang; Xing Lv; Weixiong Xia; Sze Huey Tan ; Joseph T.S. Wee ; Xiang Guo; Melvin L.K. Chua ; Chong Zhao
21-Aug-2017Aberrant activation of the GIMAP enhancer by oncogenic transcription factors in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaLiau, W-S ; Tan, SH ; Ngoc, PCT ; Wang, CQ; Tergaonkar, V ; Feng, H; Gong, Z ; Osato, M ; Look, AT; Sanda, T 
32019Association of clinical factors with survival outcomes in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC).Fong, Pei Yuan; Tan, Sze Huey ; Lim, Darren Wan Teck ; Tan, Eng Huat ; Ng, Quan Sing ; Sommat, Kiattisa ; Tan, Daniel Shao Weng ; Ang, Mei Kim 
4Sep-2013Combined temozolomide and radiation as an initial treatment for anaplastic gliomaTham, C.K.; See, S.J. ; Tan, S.H. ; Lim, K.H.C. ; Ng, W.H. ; Thomas, J. ; Chong, D.Q.; Chua, E.T. 
51-Feb-2022Impact of cancer diagnoses on the outcomes of patients with COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysisHan, Shuting; Zhuang, Qingyuan ; Chiang, Jianbang ; Tan, Sze Huey ; Chua, Gail Wan Ying ; Xie, Conghua; Chua, Melvin LK ; Soon, Yu Yang ; Yang, Valerie Shiwen 
626-Oct-2021Impact of Immune-Related Adverse Events on Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular CarcinomaNg K.Y.Y.; Tan S.H. ; Tan J.J.E.; Tay D.S.H.; Lee A.W.X.; Ang A.J.S.; Wong L.W.J.; Choo S.P.; Tai D.W.-M. ; Lee J.J.X. 
72018Intra-patient and inter-patient comparisons of DNA damage response biomarkers in Nasopharynx Cancer (NPC): Analysis of NCC0901 randomised controlled trial of induction chemotherapy in locally advanced NPCChua K.L.M. ; Yeo E.L.L. ; Shihabudeen W.A.; Tan S.H. ; Shwe T.T.; Ong E.H.W.; Lam P.Y.P. ; Soo K.C. ; Soong Y.L. ; Fong K.W. ; Tan T.W.K. ; Wee J.T.S. ; Chua M.L.K. 
8Jul-2012Phase I pharmacokinetic study of chronomodulated dose-intensified combination of capecitabine and oxaliplatin (XELOX) in metastatic colorectal cancerFarid, M.; Chowbay, B.; Chen, X.; Tan, S.H. ; Ramasamy, S.; Koo, W.H.; Toh, H.C.; Choo, S.P.; Ong, S.Y.K.