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Anders Jacobsen Skanderup


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12013Comprehensive analysis of long non-coding RNAS in ovarian cancer reveals global patterns and targeted DNA amplificationAkrami R.; Jacobsen A. ; Hoell J.; Schultz N.; Sander C.; Larsson E.
22013CWords - systematic microRNA regulatory motif discovery from mRNA expression dataRasmussen, S.H; Jacobsen, A ; Krogh, A
32014Down-regulation of miR-129-5p and the let-7 family in neuroendocrine tumors and metastases leads to up-regulation of their targets Egr1, G3bp1, Hmga2 and Bach1Døssing, K.B.V; Binderup, T; Kaczkowski, B; Jacobsen, A ; Rossing, M; Winther, O; Federspiel, B; Knigge, U; Kjær, A; Friis-Hansen, L
42017Genomic differences between black and white patients implicate a distinct immune response to papillary renal cell carcinomaPaulucci, D.J; Sfakianos, J.P; Skanderup, A.J ; Kan, K; Tsao, C.K; Galsky, M.D; Ari Hakimi, A; Badani, K.K
52009Identification and analysis of miRNAs in human breast cancer and teratoma samples using deep sequencingNygaard, S; Jacobsen, A ; Lindow, M; Eriksen, J; Balslev, E; Flyger, H; Tolstrup, N; Møller, S; Krogh, A; Litman, T
62012Integrated analyses of microRNAs demonstrate their widespread influence on gene expression in high-grade serous ovarian carcinomaCreighton C.J.; Hernandez-Herrera A.; Jacobsen A. ; Levine D.A.; Mankoo P.; Schultz N.; Du Y.; Zhang Y.; Larsson E.; Sheridan R.; Xiao W.; Spellman P.T.; Getz G.; Wheeler D.A.; Perou C.M.; Gibbs R.A.; Sander C.; Hayes D.N.; Gunaratne P.H.
72007Intragenomic matching reveals a huge potential for miRNA-mediated regulation in plantsLindow M.; Jacobsen A. ; Nygaard S.; Mang Y.; Krogh A.
82012MicroRNA-143 down-regulates Hexokinase 2 in colon cancer cellsGregersen, L.H; Jacobsen, A ; Frankel, L.B; Wen, J; Krogh, A; Lund, A.H
92010MicroRNA-145 targets YES and STAT1 in colon cancer cellsGregersen L.H.; Jacobsen A.B. ; Frankel L.B.; Wen J.; Krogh A.; Lund A.H.
102012MicroRNA-146a inhibits G protein-coupled receptor-mediated activation of NF-?B by targeting CARD10 and COPS8 in gastric cancerCrone, S.G; Jacobsen, A ; Federspiel, B; Bardram, L; Krogh, A; Lund, A.H; Friis-Hansen, L
112012MiR-34a repression in proneural malignant gliomas upregulates expression of its target PDGFRA and promotes tumorigenesisSilber J.; Jacobsen A. ; Ozawa T.; Harinath G.; Pedraza A.; Sander C.; Holland E.C.; Huse J.T.
122011miR-449 inhibits cell proliferation and is down-regulated in gastric cancerBou Kheir, T; Futoma-Kazmierczak, E; Jacobsen, A ; Krogh, A; Bardram, L; Hother, C; Grønbæk, K; Federspiel, B; Lund, A.H; Friis-Hansen, L
132010MiRMaid: A unified programming interface for microRNA data resourcesJacobsen, A ; Krogh, A; Kauppinen, S; Lindow, M
142016Molecular analysis of aggressive renal cell carcinoma with unclassified histology reveals distinct subsetsChen, Y.-B; Xu, J; Skanderup, A.J ; Dong, Y; Brannon, A.R; Wang, L; Won, H.H; Wang, P.I; Nanjangud, G.J; Jungbluth, A.A; Li, W; Ojeda, V; Hakimi, A.A; Voss, M.H; Schultz, N; Motzer, R.J; Russo, P; Cheng, E.H; Giancotti, F.G; Lee, W; Berger, M.F; Tickoo, S.K; Reuter, V.E; Hsieh, J.J
152018Mutation hotspots at CTCF binding sites coupled to chromosomal instability in gastrointestinal cancersGuo, Y.A; Chang, M.M; Huang, W; Ooi, W.F; Xing, M; Tan, P ; Skanderup, A.J 
1611-Feb-2022Obtaining spatially resolved tumor purity maps using deep multiple instance learning in a pan-cancer studyOner, MU; Chen, J ; Revkov, E; James, A; Heng, SY; Kaya, AN; Alvarez, JJS; Takano, A ; Cheng, XM ; Lim, TKH; Tan, DSW ; Zhai, W; Skanderup, AJ ; Sung, WK ; Lee, HK 
172011Off-target effects dominate a large-scale RNAi screen for modulators of the TGF-? pathway and reveal microRNA regulation of TGFBR2Schultz, N; Marenstein, D.R; De Angelis, D.A; Wang, W.-Q; Nelander, S; Jacobsen, A ; Marks, D.S; Massagué, J; Sander, C