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Yoon Sim Yap


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116-Jul-2021Complementary Sequential Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) and Cell-Free Tumor DNA (ctDNA) Profiling Reveals Metastatic Heterogeneity and Genomic Changes in Lung Cancer and Breast CancerKong, Say Li; Liu, Xingliang; Tan, Swee Jin; Tai, Joyce A; Phua, Ler Yee; Poh, Huay Mei ; Yeo, Trifanny; Chua, Yong Wei; Haw, Yu Xuan; Ling, Wen Huan ; Ng, Raymond Chee Hui ; Tan, Tira J ; Loh, Kiley Wei Jen ; Tan, Daniel Shao-Weng ; Ng, Quan Sing ; Ang, Mei Kim ; Toh, Chee Keong; Lee, Yi Fang; Lim, Chwee Teck ; Lim, Tony Kiat Hon; Hillmer, Axel M; Yap, Yoon Sim ; Lim, Wan-Teck 
22020Detection of genomic alterations in breast cancer with circulating tumour DNA sequencingKleftogiannis, D.; Ho, D.; Liew, J.X.; Poon, P.S.Y.; Gan, A.; Ng, R.C.-H.; Tan, B.K.-T.; Tay, K.H.; Lim, S.H.; Tan, G.S.; Shih, C.C.; Lim, T.K.-H.; Lee, A.S.-G. ; Tan, I.B. ; Yap, Y.-S. ; Ng, S.B.
32016Inherited breast cancer predisposition in Asians: Multigene panel testing outcomes from SingaporeWong, E.S.Y; Shekar, S; Met-Domestici, M; Chan, C; Sze, M; Yap, Y.S ; Rozen, S.G ; Tan, M.-H; Ang, P; Ngeow, J ; Lee, A.S.G 
419-Feb-2019Low-dose anti-inflammatory combinatorial therapy reduced cancer stem cell formation in patient-derived preclinical models for tumour relapse preventionKhoo, Bee Luan; Grenci, Gianluca ; Lim, Joey Sze Yun; Lim, Yan Ping ; Fong, July; Yeap, Wei Hseun; Lim, Su Bin; Chua, Song Lin; Wong, Siew Cheng ; Yap, Yoon-Sim ; Lee, Soo Chin ; Lim, Chwee Teck ; Han, Jongyoon
52015Predictive factors for BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing in an asian clinic-based populationWong E.S.Y.; Shekar S.; Chan C.H.T.; Hong L.Z.; Poon S.-Y.; Silla T. ; Lin C.; Kumar V. ; Davila S. ; Voorhoeve M. ; Thike A.A. ; Ho G.H. ; Yap Y.S. ; Tan P.H. ; Tan M.-H. ; Ang P.; Lee A.S.G. 
62014The NF1 gene revisited -from bench to bedsideYap, Y.-S ; McPherson, J.R ; Ong, C.-K ; Rozen, S.G ; Teh, B.-T ; Lee, A.S.G ; Callen, D.F
72015Whole-exome sequencing of breast cancer, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor and neurofibroma from a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1McPherson, J.R ; Ong, C.-K; Ng, C.C.-Y; Rajasegaran, V; Heng, H.-L; Yu, W.S.-S; Tan, B.K.-T ; Madhukumar, P ; Teo, M.C.-C ; Ngeow, J ; Thike, A.-A; Rozen, S.G ; Tan, P.-H; Lee, A.-G ; Teh, B.-T ; Yap, Y.-S