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Grenci, G.
Grenci, G.
Grenci, Gianluca
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
121-Jun-2014Apoptotic pathways of U937 leukemic monocytes investigated by infrared microspectroscopy and flow cytometryBirarda, G.; Bedolla, D.E.; Mitri, E.; Pacor, S.; Grenci, G. ; Vaccari, L.
21-Mar-2014Bidimensional focusing of x rays by refraction in an edgeJark, W.; Grenci, G. 
36-Sep-2013Can Hippocampal Neurites and Growth Cones Climb over Obstacles?Lien, T.L.; Ban, J.; Tormen, M.; Migliorini, E.; Grenci, G. ; Pozzato, A.; Torre, V.
419-Dec-2013Continuous adsorption in highly ordered porous matrices made by nanolithographyMistura, G.; Pozzato, A.; Grenci, G. ; Bruschi, L.; Tormen, M.
521-Jul-2013Determination of cell cycle phases in live B16 melanoma cells using IRMSBedolla, D.E.; Kenig, S.; Mitri, E.; Ferraris, P.; Marcello, A.; Grenci, G. ; Vaccari, L.
62013Highly IR-transparent microfluidic chip with surface-modified BaF 2 optical windows for Infrared Microspectroscopy of living cellsMitri, E.; Pozzato, A.; Coceano, G.; Cojoc, D.; Vaccari, L.; Tormen, M.; Grenci, G. 
72020Hyperspectral infrared microscopy with visible lightPaterova, A.V.; Maniam, S.M. ; Yang, H.; Grenci, G. ; Krivitsky, L.A.
82017Low-power, low-pressure reactive-ion etching process for silicon etching with vertical and smooth walls for mechanobiology applicationAshraf, M ; Sundararajan, S.V ; Grenci, G 
9Aug-2013Nanomechanics controls neuronal precursors adhesion and differentiationMigliorini, E.; Ban, J.; Grenci, G. ; Andolfi, L.; Pozzato, A.; Tormen, M.; Torre, V.; Lazzarino, M.
1020-Nov-2013Novel hybrid organic-inorganic spin-on resist for electron- or photon-based nanolithography with outstanding resistance to dry etchingZanchetta, E.; Giustina, G.D.; Grenci, G. ; Pozzato, A.; Tormen, M.; Brusatin, G.
117-Jan-2014SU-8 bonding protocol for the fabrication of microfluidic devices dedicated to FTIR microspectroscopy of live cellsMitri, E.; Birarda, G.; Vaccari, L.; Kenig, S.; Tormen, M.; Grenci, G. 
122013Surface pinning of catalyst nanoparticles for enhanced size and position control of 1D nanostructures growthDal Zilio, S.; Pozzato, A.; Grenci, G. ; Sovernigo, E.; Tormen, M.
132015Time-Resolved FT-IR Microspectroscopy of Protein Aggregation Induced by Heat-Shock in Live CellsMitri, Elisa; Kenig, Sa�a; Coceano, Giovanna; Bedolla, Diana E.; Tormen, Massimo; Grenci, Gianluca ; Vaccari L.