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Viasnoff,Virgile Nicolas Robert
Viasnoff, Virgile Nicolas Robert
Viasnoff, V.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A novel method to couple electrophysiological measurements and fluorescence imaging of suspended lipid membranes: The example of T5 bacteriophage DNA ejectionChiaruttini N.; Letellier L.; Viasnoff V. 
219-Jun-2012Biomimetic emulsions reveal the effect of mechanical forces on cell-cell adhesionPontani, L.-L.; Jorjadze, I.; Viasnoff, V. ; Brujic, J.
327-Apr-2020Biomimetic niches reveal the minimal cues to trigger apical lumen formation in single hepatocytesZhang, Yue; De Mets, Richard; Monzel, Cornelia; Acharya, Vidhyalakshmi; Toh, Pearlyn; Chin, Jasmine Fei Li; Van Hul, Noemi; Ng, Inn Chuan; Yu, Hanry; Ng, Soon Seng; Rashid, S Tamir; Viasnoff,Virgile Nicolas Robert 
42012Easy Fabrication of Thin Membranes with Through Holes. Application to Protein PatterningMasters T.; Engl W.; Weng Z.L.; Arasi B.; Gauthier N.; Viasnoff V. 
52015High-resolution imaging of cellular processes across textured surfaces using an indexed-matched elastomerAndrea Ravasio ; Sree Vaishnavi Sundararajan ; Ladoux, Beno�t ; Viasnoff, Virgile Nicolas Robert 
616-Jul-2013Plasma membrane tension orchestrates membrane trafficking, cytoskeletal remodeling, and biochemical signaling during phagocytosisMasters, T.A.; Pontes, B.; Viasnoff, V. ; Li, Y.; Gauthier, N.C. 
72014Zero-mode waveguide detection of flow-driven DNA translocation through nanoporesAuger, T; Mathé, J; Viasnoff, V ; Charron, G; Di Meglio, J.-M; Auvray, L; Montel, F