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Kanchanawong, P.


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12017An integrated enhancement and reconstruction strategy for the quantitative extraction of actin stress fibers from fluorescence micrographsZhang, Z ; Xia, S; Kanchanawong, P 
22017Exploiting the protein corona around gold nanorods for low-dose combined photothermal and photodynamic therapyYeo, E.L.L ; Cheah, J.U.-J; Neo, D.J.H ; Goh, W.I; Kanchanawong, P ; Soo, K.C ; Thong, P.S.P ; Kah, J.C.Y 
31-Apr-2020Implementing Optogenetic Modulation in MechanotransductionYU MIAO ; LE SHIMIN ; SAMUEL FARDELL HASTINGS BARNETT ; GUO ZHENHUAN ; Xueying Zhong; KANCHANAWONG,PAKORN ; YAN JIE 
42018mDia1/3 generate cortical F-actin meshwork in Sertoli cells that is continuous with contractile F-actin bundles and indispensable for spermatogenesis and male fertilitySakamoto S.; Thumkeo D.; Ohta H.; Zhang Z. ; Huang S. ; Kanchanawong P. ; Fuu T.; Watanabe S.; Shimada K.; Fujihara Y.; Yoshida S.; Ikawa M.; Watanabe N.; Saitou M.; Narumiya S.
5Dec-2011Microscopy in 3D: A biologist's toolboxFischer, R.S.; Wu, Y.; Kanchanawong, P. ; Shroff, H.; Waterman, C.M.
62013Moesin controls clathrin-mediated S1PR1 internalization in T cellsNomachi A.; Yoshinaga M.; Liu J.; Kanchanawong P. ; Tohyama K.; Thumkeo D.; Watanabe T.; Narumiya S.; Hirata T.
72018Vibrator and PI4KIII? govern neuroblast polarity by anchoring non-muscle myosin IIKoe C.T. ; Tan Y.S. ; Lönnfors M.; Hur S.K.; Low C.S.L. ; Zhang Y. ; Kanchanawong P. ; Bankaitis V.A.; Wang H.