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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008A contractile DNA machineLubrich, D. ; Lin, J.; Yan, J. 
21-Sep-2008A contractile DNA machineLubrich, D. ; Lin, J.; Yan, J. 
330-Mar-2007A Divalent Metal-mediated Switch Controlling Protein-induced DNA BendingBao, Q.; Chen, H. ; Liu, Y.; Yan, J. ; Dröge, P.; Davey, C.A.
415-Feb-2010A divalent switch drives H-NS/DNA-binding conformations between stiffening and bridging modesLiu, Y.; Chen, H. ; Kenney, L.J.; Yan, J. 
5Sep-2009A solution to a single molecular experiment problemLiu, Y.; Chen, H. ; Hu, L.; Ou-Yang, Z.-C.; Yan, J. 
6Jun-2011Atomic force microscope imaging of chromatin assembled in Xenopus laevis egg extractFu, H. ; Freedman, B.S.; Lim, C.T. ; Heald, R.; Yan, J. 
72015Coil-globule transition of a single semiflexible chain in slitlike confinementDai, L; Renner, C.B; Yan, J ; Doyle, P.S
829-Nov-2006Compaction dynamics of single DNA molecules under tensionFu, W.-B.; Wang, X.-L.; Zhang, X.-H.; Ran, S.-Y.; Yan, J. ; Li, M.
97-Sep-2011Differential mechanical stability of filamin A rod segmentsChen, H. ; Zhu, X. ; Cong, P.; Sheetz, M.P. ; Nakamura, F.; Yan, J. 
102019Direct quantification of the translocation activities of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Pif1 helicaseLu, C. ; Le, S. ; Chen, J. ; Byrd, A.K.; Rhodes, D.; Raney, K.D.; Yan, J. 
11Sep-2010DNA binding by bacterial nucleoid proteins and the DNA overstretching transition. Comment on "Biophysical characterization of DNA binding from single molecule force measurements" by Mark C. Williams et al.Yan, J. 
1220-Dec-2010DNA condensates organized by the capsid protein VP15 in White Spot Syndrome VirusLiu, Y.; Wu, J. ; Chen, H.; Hew, C.L. ; Yan, J. 
1318-Jun-2013Dynamics and Regulation of RecA Polymerization and De-Polymerization on Double-Stranded DNAFu, H. ; Le, S.; Muniyappa, K.; Yan, J. 
142015Dynamics of Equilibrium Folding and Unfolding Transitions of Titin Immunoglobulin Domain under Constant ForcesChen Hu ; Yuan Guohua; RICKSEN SURYA WINARDHI ; Yao Mingxi; Popa Ionel; Fernandez Julio M.; Yan Jie 
1515-Apr-2008Effects of kink and flexible hinge defects on mechanical responses of short double-stranded DNA moleculesChen, H. ; Yan, J. 
16Jan-2013Force and ATP hydrolysis dependent regulation of RecA nucleoprotein filament by single-stranded DNA binding proteinFu, H. ; Le, S.; Chen, H. ; Muniyappa, K.; Yan, J. 
17Apr-2012Gene silencing H-NS paralogue StpA forms a rigid protein filament along DNA that blocks DNA accessibilityLim, C.J.; Whang, Y.R.; Kenney, L.J.; Yan, J. 
18Oct-2012Higher order oligomerization is required for H-NS family member MvaT to form gene-silencing nucleoprotein filamentWinardhi, R.S.; Fu, W. ; Castang, S.; Li, Y.; Dove, S.L.; Yan, J. 
1920-Nov-2012Impact of DNA twist accumulation on progressive helical wrapping of torsionally constrained DNALi, W.; Wang, P.-Y.; Yan, J. ; Li, M.
201-Apr-2020Implementing Optogenetic Modulation in MechanotransductionYU MIAO ; LE SHIMIN ; SAMUEL FARDELL HASTINGS BARNETT ; GUO ZHENHUAN ; Xueying Zhong; KANCHANAWONG,PAKORN ; YAN JIE