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Hongxia, F.
Fu, H.X.
Fu, H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2011Atomic force microscope imaging of chromatin assembled in Xenopus laevis egg extractFu, H. ; Freedman, B.S.; Lim, C.T. ; Heald, R.; Yan, J. 
218-Jun-2013Dynamics and Regulation of RecA Polymerization and De-Polymerization on Double-Stranded DNAFu, H. ; Le, S.; Muniyappa, K.; Yan, J. 
3May-2009Effects of magnesium salt concentrations on B-DNA overstretching transitionFu, H. ; Chen, H. ; Koh, C.G. ; Lim, C.T. 
42007Experimental and numerical studies on B-DNA overstretching transition in presence of sodium ions at physiological temperatureHongxia, F. ; Chan, G.K. ; Hu, C. ; Chwee, T.L. 
5Sep-2006Experimental techniques for single cell and single molecule biomechanicsLim, C.T. ; Zhou, E.H.; Li, A. ; Vedula, S.R.K. ; Fu, H.X. 
6Jan-2013Force and ATP hydrolysis dependent regulation of RecA nucleoprotein filament by single-stranded DNA binding proteinFu, H. ; Le, S.; Chen, H. ; Muniyappa, K.; Yan, J. 
719-Jan-2011Improved high-force magnetic tweezers for stretching and refolding of proteins and short DNAChen, H. ; Fu, H. ; Zhu, X. ; Cong, P.; Nakamura, F.; Yan, J. 
8Jun-2005Ionic effects on overstretching transition of B-DNAFu, H. ; Koh, C.G. ; Chen, H. 
910-Nov-2010Non-harmonic DNA bending elasticity is revealed by statistics of DNA minicircle shapesChen, H. ; Fu, H. ; Zhou, Z.; Yan, J. 
102010Rapid construction of mechanically- confined multi- cellular structures using dendrimeric intercellular linkerMo, X.; Hong, Tan C. ; Li, Q.; Zheng, B.; Kang, C.H.; Nugraha, B.; Yue, Z.; Choudhury, D.; Arooz, T.; Yu, H. ; Lim, C.T. ; Yi, Lui L.W.; Jia, R.R. ; Shen, S. ; Fu, H.X. ; Yan, J. 
11Jul-2010Salt solution effects on overstretching transitions of DNA MoleculesFu, H. ; Chen, H. ; Yan, J. ; Lim, C.T. 
12Jul-2008Sequence-dependent unpeeling dynamics of stretched DNA double helixChen, H. ; Fu, H. ; Koh, C.G. 
13Apr-2011Transition dynamics and selection of the distinct S-DNA and strand unpeeling modes of double helix overstretchingFu, H. ; Chen, H. ; Zhang, X.; Qu, Y.; Marko, J.F.; Yan, J. 
1430-Apr-2010Two distinct overstretched DNA statesFu, H. ; Chen, H. ; Marko, J.F.; Yan, J. 
1522-May-2012Two distinct overstretched DNA structures revealed by single-molecule thermodynamics measurementsZhang, X.; Chen, H. ; Fu, H. ; Doyle, P.S.; Yan, J.