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Tan Choon Hong
(not current staff)
Tan, C.H.
Tan, C.-H.
Hong, Tan C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-20051,5,7-Triazabicyclo[4.4.0]dec-5-ene (TBD) catalyzed Michael reactionsYe, W.; Xu, J.; Tan, C.-T.; Tan, C.-H. 
22008A gel-free 3D microfluidic cell culture systemOng, S.-M.; Zhang, C.; Toh, Y.-C.; Foo, H.L.; van, Noort D.; Yu, H. ; Tan, C.H. ; Kim, S.H.; Park, S.
32010A Novel heteroleptic paddlewheel diruthenium bicyclic guanidinate complex: Synthesis, structure, and scopeLee, R.; Yang, Y.; Tan, G.K.; Tan, C.-H. ; Huang, K.-W. 
415-Aug-2011Air oxidation of HS - catalyzed by an mixed-valence diruthenium complex, an near-IR probe for HS - detectionQuek, Y.-L.; Tan, C.-H. ; Bian, J.; Huang, D. 
527-May-2009Amino-lndanol catalyzed enantioselective reactions of 3-hydroxy-2-pyridonesJulian, Y.-T.S.; Tan, C.-H. 
62008Anthrone-derived NHPI analogues as catalysts in reactions using oxygen as an oxidantShen, J.; Tan, C.-H. 
72006Asymmetric Baylis-Hillman reactions promoted by chiral imidazolinesXu, J.; Guan, Y. ; Yang, S.; Ng, Y.; Peh, G.; Tan, C.-H. 
84-Jun-2012Asymmetric H-D exchange reactions of fluorinated aromatic ketonesZhao, Y. ; Lim, X.; Pan, Y.; Zong, L.; Feng, W.; Tan, C.-H. ; Huang, K.-W.
925-May-2012Bicyclic guanidine-catalyzed asymmetric Michael additions of 3-benzyl-substituted oxindoles to N-maleimidesLi, L.; Chen, W.; Yang, W.; Pan, Y.; Liu, H.; Tan, C.-H. ; Jiang, Z.
108-Nov-2010Bicyclic guanidine-catalyzed direct asymmetric allylic addition of N-aryl alkylidene-succinimidesWang, J.; Liu, H.; Fan, Y.; Yang, Y.; Jiang, Z.; Tan, C.-H. 
112007Bicyclic guanidine-catalyzed enantioselective phospha-Michael reaction: Synthesis of chiral β-aminophosphine oxides and β-aminophosphinesFu, X. ; Jiang, Z. ; Tan, C.-H. 
1217-Dec-2010Brønsted base-catalyzed tandem isomerization-Michael reactions of alkynes: Synthesis of oxacycles and azacyclesLiu, H.; Feng, W.; Kee, C.W.; Leow, D.; Loh, W.-T.; Tan, C.-H. 
132008Brønsted-acid and Brønsted-base catalyzed Diels-Alder reactionsShen, J.; Tan, C.-H. 
1415-Jun-2008C3-Spacer-containing circular oligonucleotides as inhibitors of human topoisomerase IWang, Y.; Ng, M.T.T.; Zhou, T.; Li, X.; Tan, C.H. ; Li, T. 
152011Catalytic decarboxylative reactions: Biomimetic approaches inspired by polyketide biosynthesisPan, Y.; Tan, C.-H. 
16Apr-2012Catalytic diastereoselective tandem conjugate addition-elimination reaction of Morita-Baylis-Hillman C adducts by C-C bond cleavageYang, W.; Tan, D.; Lee, R.; Li, L.; Pan, Y.; Huang, K.-W.; Tan, C.-H. ; Jiang, Z.
172010Catalytic reactions of chiral guanidines and guanidinium saltsLeow, D.; Tan, C.-H. 
18May-2008Characterization of a novel, water-soluble hydrogen sulfide-releasing molecule (GYY4137): New insights into the biology of hydrogen sulfideLi, L. ; Whiteman, M.; Guan, Y.Y. ; Neo, K.L.; Cheng, Y. ; Lee, S.W. ; Zhao, Y. ; Baskar, R.; Tan, C.-H. ; Moore, P.K. 
19Nov-2007Chiral bicyclic guanidine as a versatile brønsted base catalyst for the enantioselective michael reactions of dithiomalonates and β-keto thioestersYe, W.; Jiang, Z. ; Zhao, Y. ; Goh, S.L.M.; Leow, D.; Soh, Y.-T.; Tan, C.-H. 
2025-Oct-2006Chiral bicyclic guanidine-catalyzed enantioselective reactions of anthronesShen, J.; Nguyen, T.T.; Goh, Y.-P.; Ye, W.; Fu, X. ; Xu, J.; Tan, C.-H.