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Philip Keith Moore
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Moore, P.K.

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12008A nociceptive-intensity-dependent role for hydrogen sulphide in the formalin model of persistent inflammatory painLee, A.T.-H.; Jitendrakumar, Shah J.; Khanna, S. ; Li, L. ; Cheng, Y. ; Moore, P.K. 
22008A nociceptive-intensity-dependent role for hydrogen sulphide in the formalin model of persistent inflammatory painLee, A.T.-H.; Jitendrakumar, Shah J.; Khanna, S. ; Li, L. ; Cheng, Y. ; Moore, P.K. 
32019An appraisal of developments in Allium sulfur chemistry: Expanding the pharmacopeia of garlicRose, P.; Moore, P.K. ; Whiteman, M.; Zhu, Y.-Z.
42007An overview of the biological significance of endogenous gases: New roles for old moleculesLi, L. ; Moore, P.K. 
52007Anti-inflammatory and gastrointestinal effects of a novel diclofenac derivativeLi, L. ; fLee, L.C.; Moore, P.K. ; Rossoni, G.; Sparatore, A.; Del, Soldato P.
62005Bioactive S-alk(en)yl cysteine sulfoxide metabolites in the genus Allium: The chemistry of potential therapeutic agentsRose, P. ; Whiteman, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; Yi, Z.Z. 
710-Jan-2020Biological Effects of Morpholin-4-Ium 4 Methoxyphenyl (Morpholino) Phosphinodithioate and Other Phosphorothioate-Based Hydrogen Sulfide DonorsNin, DS ; Idres, SB ; Song, ZJ; Moore, PK ; Deng, LW 
82013C. elegans aging is modulated by hydrogen sulfide and the sulfhydrylase/cysteine synthase cysl-2Qabazard B.; Ahmed S.; Li N.; Arlt V.M.; Moore P.K. ; St�rzenbaum S.R.
92008Cardioprotection induced by hydrogen sulfide preconditioning involves activation of ERK and PI3K/Akt pathwaysHu, Y.; Chen, X.; Pan, T.-T.; Neo, K.L.; Lee, S.W. ; Khin, E.S.W.; Moore, P.K. ; Bian, J.-S. 
102007Cardioprotective effects of nitric oxide-aspirin in myocardial ischemia-reperfused ratsFu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Chen, W.L.; Moore, P.K. ; Zhu, Y.Z. 
112006Cardioprotective effects of nitroparacetamol and paracetamol in acute phase of myocardial infarction in experimental ratsZhu, Y.Z. ; Shin, C.C.; Huey, S.N.; How, T.T.; Moore, P.K. ; Chew, L.C.; Shan, H.H.; Whiteman, M.
122008Characterization of a novel, water-soluble hydrogen sulfide-releasing molecule (GYY4137): New insights into the biology of hydrogen sulfideLi, L. ; Neo, K.L.; Cheng, Y. ; Lee, S.W. ; Baskar, R. ; Moore, P.K. ; Guan, Y.Y.; Zhao, Y. ; Tan, C.-H. ; Whiteman, M.
132007Chronic sodium hydrosulfide treatment decreases medial thickening of intramyocardial coronary arterioles, interstitial fibrosis, and ROS production in spontaneously hypertensive ratsShi, Y.-X.; Chen, Y.; Yao, T.; Zhu, Y.-C.; Zhu, Y.-Z. ; Huang, G.-Y.; Moore, P.K. ; Huang, S.-H. 
142008Contractile and vasorelaxant effects of hydrogen sulfide and its biosynthesis in the human internal mammary arteryWebb, G.D.; Oh, V.M.S. ; Soh, B.Y.; Taylor, E.A.; Lay, H.L. ; Yoke, P.C.; Ali, M.Y.; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; El, Oakley R. ; Chuen, N.L. ; Poo, S.W. ; Caleb, M.G. ; Salto-Tellez, M. ; Chan, E.S.Y.
152006Effect of a nitric oxide releasing derivative of paracetamol in a rat model of endotoxaemiaMarshall, M.; Keeble, J.; Moore, P.K. 
1612-Jan-2004Effect of nitric oxide releasing paracetamol and flurbiprofen on cytokine production in human bloodMarshall, M.; Moore, P.K. 
172007Effect of S-diclofenac, a novel hydrogen sulfide releasing derivative, on carrageenan-induced hindpaw oedema formation in the ratSidhapuriwala, J. ; Li, L. ; Bhatia, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; Sparatore, A.
182006Endogenous hydrogen sulfide contributes to the cardioprotection by metabolic inhibition preconditioning in the rat ventricular myocytesPan, T.-T.; Feng, Z.-N.; Lee, S.W. ; Moore, P.K. ; Bian, J.-S. 
192007Endogenous hydrogen sulfide regulates leukocyte trafficking in cecal ligation and puncture-induced sepsisZhang, H. ; Zhi, L. ; Moore, P.K. ; Bhatia, M. ; Moochhala, S.M. 
202006Evidence for the formation of a novel nitrosothiol from the gaseous mediators nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphideWhiteman, M. ; Chu, S.H.; Siau, J.L.; Li, L. ; Bhatia, M.; Moore, P.K. ; Kostetski, I.