Full Name
Zhu Yi Zhun
(not current staff)
Zhu Y.Z.
Zhu, Yi Zhun
Zhu, Z.Y.
Zhu, Y.Z.
Zhu Y.
Yi, Z.Z.
Zhu, Y.-Z.
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A comparison study of cerebral protection using Ginkgo biloba extract and Losartan on stroked ratsLoh, K.P. ; Low, L.S. ; Wong, W.H. ; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Zhou, S. ; Huang, S.H. ; Duan, W. ; De, Silva R.; Chou, W.H.
22006Analysis of cardioprotective effects using purified Salvia miltiorrhiza extract on isolated rat heartsPiek, N.C.; Ning, L. ; Zhong, J.W.; On, T.; Yi, Z.Z. ; Jian, C.M.; Shan, H.H.; Duan, W. 
32004Analysis of strain difference in behavior to Cholecystokinin (CCK) receptor mediated drugs in PVG hooded and Sprague-Dawley rats using elevated plus-maze test apparatusFarook, J.M.; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Wang, Q.; Wong, P.T.-H. ; Moochhala, S.M. ; Lee, L.
42007Angiotensin receptor blockers in chronic heart failure: Clinical implications and molecular mechanismsLim, H.; Zhu, Z.Y. 
52000Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition after myocardial infarctionZhu, Y.Z. ; Lee, H.S. 
62005Anti-oxidative stress effects of Herba leonuri on ischemic rat heartsSun, J.; Tan, B.K.-H.; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Huang, S.H. ; Whiteman, M. ; Zhu, Y.C.; Wang, M.J.
72004Antioxidants in Chinese herbal medicines: A biochemical perspectiveZhu, Y.Z. ; Tan, B.K.H.; Sun, J.; Huang, S.H. ; Whitman, M.; Zhu, Y.-C.
82005Bioactive S-alk(en)yl cysteine sulfoxide metabolites in the genus Allium: The chemistry of potential therapeutic agentsRose, P. ; Whiteman, M. ; Moore, P.K. ; Yi, Z.Z. 
92007Cardioprotective effects of nitric oxide-aspirin in myocardial ischemia-reperfused ratsFu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Chen, W.L.; Moore, P.K. ; Zhu, Y.Z. 
102006Cardioprotective effects of nitroparacetamol and paracetamol in acute phase of myocardial infarction in experimental ratsZhu, Y.Z. ; Shin, C.C.; Huey, S.N.; How, T.T.; Moore, P.K. ; Chew, L.C.; Shan, H.H.; Whiteman, M.
112003cDNA microarray analysis of gene expression in anxious PVG and SD rats after cat-freezing testWang, H.; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Wong, P.T.-H. ; Farook, J.M.; Teo, A.L.; Lee, L.K.H.; Moochhala, S.
12Dec-2004Cellular distribution of GPR14 and the positive inotropic role of urotensin II in the myocardium in adult ratGong, H.; Wang, Y.-X.; Zhu, Y.-Z. ; Wang, W.-W.; Wang, M.-J.; Yao, T.; Zhu, Y.-C.
132009Cerebral protection of purified Herba Leonuri extract on middle cerebral artery occluded ratsLoh, K.P.; Tan, B.K.H. ; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Huang, S.H. 
142005Cholecystokinin-2 (CCK2) receptor-mediated anxiety-like behaviors in ratsWang, H.; Wong, P.T.-H. ; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Spiess, J.
152004Cholecystokinin-B receptor gene expression in cerebellum, pre-frontal cortex and cingulate gyrus and its association with suicideSherrin, T.; Heng, K.Y.C.; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Tan, C.H. ; Tang, Y.M.; Lau, G.
161-Oct-2003Chronic all-trans retinoic acid treatment prevents medial thickening of intramyocardial and intrarenal arteries in spontaneously hypertensive ratsLü, L.; Yao, T.; Zhu, Y.-Z. ; Huang, G.-Y.; Cao, Y.-X.; Zhu, Y.-C.
172007Chronic sodium hydrosulfide treatment decreases medial thickening of intramyocardial coronary arterioles, interstitial fibrosis, and ROS production in spontaneously hypertensive ratsShi, Y.-X.; Chen, Y.; Yao, T.; Zhu, Y.-C.; Zhu, Y.-Z. ; Huang, G.-Y.; Moore, P.K. ; Huang, S.-H. 
182003Comparison of cardioprotective effects using ramipril and DanShen for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction in ratsJi, X.; Tan, B.K.-H. ; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Linz, W.; Zhu, Y.C.
192000Effects of losartan on haemodynamic parameters and angiotensin receptor mRNA levels in rat heart after myocardial infarctionZhu, Y.Z. ; Zhu, Y.-C.; Li, J.; Unger, T.; Yao, T.; Schafer, H.; Schmidt, W.
202002Effects of natural products on ischemic heart diseases and cardiovascular systemSun, J.; Kh, Tan B.; Zhu, Y.-Z. ; Huang, S.-H.; Whiteman, M.