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Zhou Shufeng
(not current staff)
Zhou, S.
Zhou, S.F.
Zhu, S.-F.
Zhou, S.-F.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jul-2005A comparison of glutathione S-transferase mutant frequencies in healthy Han and Uygur ChineseShi-Long, Z.; Zhou, S. ; Huang, M.
21-May-2006A comparison study of cerebral protection using Ginkgo biloba extract and Losartan on stroked ratsLoh, K.P.; Low, L.S.; Wong, W.H.; Zhou, S. ; Huang, S.H.; De Silva, R.; Duan, W.; Chou, W.H.; Zhu, Y.Z.
32006A comparison study of cerebral protection using Ginkgo biloba extract and Losartan on stroked ratsLoh, K.P. ; Low, L.S. ; Wong, W.H. ; Zhu, Y.Z. ; Zhou, S. ; Huang, S.H. ; Duan, W. ; De, Silva R.; Chou, W.H.
4Jun-2006A mechanistic study of the intestinal absorption of cryptotanshinone, the major active constituent of Salvia miltiorrhizaZhang, J.; Huang, M.; Guan, S.; Bi, H.-C.; Pan, Y.; Duan, W. ; Sui, Y.C. ; Chen, X.; Hong, Y.-H.; Bian, J.-S.; Yang, H.-Y.; Zhou, S. 
5Feb-2007A mechanistic study on altered pharmacokinetics of irinotecan by St. John's WortHu, Z.-P.; Yang, X.-X.; Chen, X.; Cao, J.; Chan, E. ; Duan, W.; Huang, M.; Yu, X.-Q.; Wen, J.-Y.; Zhou, S.-F. 
62006A mechanistic study on reduced toxicity of irinotecan by coadministered thalidomide, a tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitorYang, X.-X.; Hu, Z.-P.; Xu, A.-L.; Duan, W.; Zhu, Y.-Z.; Huang, M.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Zhang, Q.; Bian, J.-S.; Chan, E. ; Li, X.; Wang, J.-C.; Zhou, S.-F. 
7Mar-2005A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study of a Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide extract in neurastheniaTang, W.; Gao, Y.; Chen, G.; Gao, H.; Dai, X.; Ye, J.; Chan, E. ; Huang, M.; Zhou, S. 
8Nov-2005Alteration of the pharmacokinetics of COL-3, a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, due to acute gastrointestinal toxicity of doxorubicinLi, J.; Zhou, S. ; Huynh, H.; Duan, W.; Chan, E. 
920-Jun-2006Altered Bcl-2 and Bax expression is associated with cultured first trimester human cytotrophoblasts apoptosis induced by hypoxiaHu, R.; Zhou, S. ; Li, X.
102005An interethnic comparison of polymorphisms of the genes encoding drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters: Experience in SingaporeChowbay, B.; Zhou, S. ; Lee, E.J.D.
11Apr-2005Antimicrobial activity of the medicinal mushroom GanodermaGao, Y.; Tang, W.; Gao, H.E.; Chan, E. ; Lan, J.; Li, X.; Zhou, S. 
122005Antitumor activity and underlying mechanisms of ganopoly, the refined polysaccharides extracted from ganoderma lucidum, in miceGao, Y.; Gao, H.; Chan, E. ; Tang, W.; Xu, A.; Yang, H.; Huang, M.; Lan, J.; Li, X.; Duan, W.; Xu, C.; Zhou, S. 
131-May-2005Antitumor and neurotoxic effects of novel harmine derivatives and structure-activity relationship analysisChen, Q.; Chao, R.; Chen, H.; Hou, X.; Yan, H.; Zhou, S. ; Peng, W.; Xu, A.
14Sep-2005Approximate entropy of fetal heart rate variability as a predictor of fetal distress in women at term pregnancyLi, X.; Zheng, D.; Zhou, S. ; Tang, D.; Wang, C.; Wu, G.
15Oct-2006Bioactivation and hepatotoxicity of nitroaromatic drugsBoelsterli, U.A. ; Ho, H.K. ; Zhou, S. ; Leow, K.Y.
162005Bioequivalence evaluation of two tablet formulations of carbocysteine in healthy Chinese menBi, H.-C.; Zhong, G.-P.; Huang, M.; Zhou, S. ; Huang, L.-H.; Zeng, G.-X.; Liao, X.-X.; Chen, X.; Pang, Y.
172003Cancer prevention and treatment by Ganoderma, a mushroom with medicinal propertiesGao, Y.; Zhou, S. 
18Jan-2006Clinical pharmacogenomics of thiopurine S-methyltransferase.Zhou, S. 
192005Clinical trials for medicinal mushrooms: Experience with Ganoderma lucidum (W.Curt.:Fr.) Lloyd (Lingzhi Mushroom)Zhou, S. ; Gao, Y.; Chan, E. 
201-Nov-2003Correspondence re: J. Lu et al., Thalidomide Metabolites in Mice and Patients with Multiple Myeloma. Clin. Cancer Res., 9: 1680-1688, 2003 [1] (multiple letters)Zhou, S. ; Ching, L.-M.; Baguley, B.C.; Kestell, P.; Palmer, B.D.; Lu, J.