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Chan Wing Yuen,Eli
(not current staff)
Chan, E.W.Y.
Chan, E.
Chan, E.W.
Chan, W.Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2007A mechanistic study on altered pharmacokinetics of irinotecan by St. John's WortHu, Z.-P.; Yang, X.-X.; Chen, X.; Cao, J.; Chan, E. ; Duan, W.; Huang, M.; Yu, X.-Q.; Wen, J.-Y.; Zhou, S.-F. 
22006A mechanistic study on reduced toxicity of irinotecan by coadministered thalidomide, a tumor necrosis factor-α inhibitorYang, X.-X.; Hu, Z.-P.; Xu, A.-L.; Duan, W.; Zhu, Y.-Z.; Huang, M.; Sheu, F.-S. ; Zhang, Q.; Bian, J.-S.; Chan, E. ; Li, X.; Wang, J.-C.; Zhou, S.-F. 
31991A new method for the determination of steady-state volume of distribution of drugs with rapid distributionChan, E. 
4Dec-2007A pharmacogenetic study of pregnane X receptor (NR112) in Han ChineseWang, X.-D.; Li, J.-L.; Su, Q.-B.; Deng, X.-Y.; Lu, Y.; Chen, J.; Zhang, J.-X.; Zhao, L.-Z.; Zuo, Z.; Chan, E. ; Chen, X.; Chowbay, B.; Xue, C.C.; Huang, M.; Zhou, S.-F.
5Mar-2005A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled study of a Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide extract in neurastheniaTang, W.; Gao, Y.; Chen, G.; Gao, H.; Dai, X.; Ye, J.; Chan, E. ; Huang, M.; Zhou, S. 
61998Accuracy of repeated blood sampling in rats: A new technique applied in pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic studies of the interaction between warfarin and co-enzyme Q10Zhou, Q.; Chan, E. 
72011ADME properties of herbal medicines in humans: Evidence, challenges andstrategiesHe, S.-M.; Chan, E. ; Zhou, S.-F.
8Nov-2005Alteration of the pharmacokinetics of COL-3, a matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, due to acute gastrointestinal toxicity of doxorubicinLi, J.; Zhou, S. ; Huynh, H.; Duan, W.; Chan, E. 
91-Feb-2001An improved method for the measurement of colour uniformity in pellet coatingChan, L.W. ; Chan, W.Y. ; Heng, P.W.S. 
10Apr-2005Antimicrobial activity of the medicinal mushroom GanodermaGao, Y.; Tang, W.; Gao, H.E.; Chan, E. ; Lan, J.; Li, X.; Zhou, S. 
112005Antitumor activity and underlying mechanisms of ganopoly, the refined polysaccharides extracted from ganoderma lucidum, in miceGao, Y.; Gao, H.; Chan, E. ; Tang, W.; Xu, A.; Yang, H.; Huang, M.; Lan, J.; Li, X.; Duan, W.; Xu, C.; Zhou, S. 
12Nov-1999Application of spot colour measurement for the optimisation of colour coatingHeng, P.W.S. ; Chan, L.W. ; Chan, W.Y. 
131-Apr-2002Chiral CE separation of warfarin in albumin containing samplesYau, W.-P. ; Chan, E. 
142008Clinical pharmacogenetics and potential application in personalized medicineZhou, S.-F.; Di, Y.M.; Chan, E. ; Du, Y.-M.; Chow, V.D.-W.; Xue, C.C.; Lai, X.; Wang, J.-C.; Li, C.G.; Tian, M.; Duan, W.
152005Clinical trials for medicinal mushrooms: Experience with Ganoderma lucidum (W.Curt.:Fr.) Lloyd (Lingzhi Mushroom)Zhou, S. ; Gao, Y.; Chan, E. 
161997Determination of phenobarbitone population clearance values for physically and mentally handicapped Chinese children with epilepsyChan, E. ; Chan, K.; Teoh, R.
172005Determination of thalidomide by high performance liquid chromatography: Plasma pharmacokinetic studies in the ratYang, X.; Hu, Z.; Sui, Y.C.; Ho, P.C.; Chan, E. ; Zhou, S. ; Duan, W. ; Boon, C.G.
181-Sep-2005Determination of thalidomide by high performance liquid chromatography: Plasma pharmacokinetic studies in the ratYang, X.; Hu, Z.; Sui, Y.C. ; Ho, P.C. ; Chan, E. ; Duan, W.; Boon, C.G.; Zhou, S. 
19Feb-2013Developing a nomogram for dose individualization of phenytoin in asian pediatric patients derived from population pharmacokinetic modeling of saturable pharmacokinetic profiles of the drugLee, F.X.L.; Kong, S.T.; Chan, D.W.S.; Chan, E. ; Tan, W.W.; Ho, P.C. 
20Dec-2011Development of stealth liposome coencapsulating doxorubicin and fluoxetineOng, J.C.-L.; Sun, F. ; Chan, E.